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Gu Qinyang was an ordinary civil servant, not an important official.

He couldnt compare with Gu Qinxiang.

Although Gu Man was afraid of Gu Qinxiang, she would never yield once Gu Ning was involved.

She retorted, “Ningning hit Xiaoxiao only because Xiaoxiao humiliated Ningning first.”

“So what She hasnt be hurt physically anyway.

She shouldnt slap my daughter.” Gu Qinxiang didnt think it was wrong that Gu Xiaoxiao had humiliated Gu Ning.

“You…” Gu Man was so mad that she almost fainted all of a sudden.

She almost fell.

Gu Ning immediately supported her mother and poured some power into her body.

Although there wasnt much power in Gu Nings Jade Eyes, it was enough to help Gu Man stabilize her breathing.

Gu Man suddenly felt a cool air flow inside.

Her breathing was immediately stabilized at once.

Gu Man thought that it was strange, but didnt think about it any further because Gu Ning soon stopped.

Gu Man believed that it was an illusion.

“How could you say that! Why should Ningning be treated in that way” Gu Qing was also mad.

Even though she knew Gu Qinxiang was selfish, she didnt know that he could be so shameless.

“It was Xiaoxiaos fault for humiliating others, but Gu Ning should never hit her!” Gu Qinxiang almost lost his patience.

He added, “Besides, our mother told her to apologize.

She refused, and even yelled at our mother.

She is so rude!”

“Gee!” Gu Ning couldnt help sneering.

She stared at Gu Qinxiang and said coldly, “In that case, I can call you a b*st*rd and call your mother a shameless b*tch, and you also cant do anything about it”

“How dare you!” Hearing that, Gu Qinxiang was in a rage.

He screamed at Gu Ning, “How dare you to say that You are so rude!”

The old lady was also very irritated at the same time.

“What How come Im wrong to say that When Gu Xiaoxiao said that to my face, she never thought about respecting my mother.

Isnt she rude” Gu Ning argued.

“You…” Gu Qinxiang suddenly didnt know what to say.

Indeed although Gu Man was senior to Gu Xiaoxiao, Gu Xiaoxiao did not respect Gu Man, but throughout the past 18 years, no one felt that it was wrong.

Even Gu Qinxiang was speechless when Gu Ning said it out loud in public.

The crowd now realized why Gu Ning hit the girl.

All of the onlookers stood by Gu Nings side.

It was so rude to humiliate someone elses family.

Even if her mother did something wrong, the young generation shouldnt humiliate the elder generation.

Now, everyone disliked Gu Xiaoxiao.

“Insane, insane, insane! Your mother has done a shameful thing! Why cant we criticize her You…” the old lady said with rage.

In her eyes, one who made a mistake deserved humiliation.

“Shut up,” Gu Ning snapped at her.

She threw the old lady a cold look.

The old lady felt frightened, and suddenly closed her mouth.

Moreover, the old lady felt great pressure from Gu Ning.

She almost couldnt breathe.

Even those onlookers felt a little stressed from her coldness.

“Youve insulted my mother for 18 years, isnt it enough I really think that my mother is not your daughter.

Otherwise, why do you hate her so much Since youre the mother of my mother, I didnt want to be rude, but now, if you dare to bully my mother, then Ill let you pay for it.

Anyway, you dont admit that Im your granddaughter.

Similarly, I will not admit that youre my grandmother.

Thus its useless to threaten me with morality,” Gu Ning said icily.

She had now put her cards on the table.

Everyone was looking at the old lady with anger.

She had humiliated her own daughter and granddaughter for 18 years! How vicious was she!


The old lady had felt frightened by Gu Ning at first, then she trembled and almost lost her breath.

Gu Qinxiang immediately supported his mother in case she fell down.

Gu Ning even threatened her.

Gu Qinxiang was shocked by Gu Nings attitude.

She was so different from the old self-abased girl.

No, she wasnt.

She was strong and confident enough to threaten the old lady now.

Gu Qinxiang criticized with anger, “Gu Ning, youre so rude! How can you talk to the elderly like that!”

“Rude Its all because of you shameless people! Im a human being with dignity! I was quiet and polite before, but you always humiliated me.

What I am doing now is only to defend my own dignity.

The elderly You dont deserve our respect.

You have humiliated my mother for 18 years and called me a b*st*rd for 18 years.

It is my shame to have you as my family.

If you want to win the respect of people, you must learn how to respect others first.

Treat others the way you want to be treated! From now on, I wont endure your insults anymore!” Gu Ning said with strong hate.

“You…” Gu Qinxiangs face changed quickly.

Gu Nings word made him feel guilty and annoyed at the same time.

He couldnt deny that Gu Nings words were reasonable, but he also felt embarrassed.

“Well put!”

At that time, a delightful female voice sounded.

Gu Ning immediately recognized who she was by her voice.

It must be An Qian.

Seeing An Qian, Gu Ning realized that she had forgotten to pay the admission fee back to her.

Although she knew An Qian wouldnt care, she still felt a little embarrassed.

“Gu Ning, Im with you! Never stay a coward, but stand up for yourself!” An Qian supported Gu Ning.

It was beyond her imagination that Gu Ning had such a complicated and terrible family background.

An Qian felt annoyed for Gu Ning since she believed that they were friends.

“An Qian, what a coincidence!” Gu Ning said.

“Doctor An,” Gu Man and others greeted her politely.

“This is our family issue.

Please stay out of it, miss.”

Gu Qinxiang was even more irritated to see that an outsider had interrupted them.

“Well, I think that Gu Ning doesnt admit that she is a part of your family, right So how come its a family issue Besides, Im talking to Gu Ning, not you.

It has nothing to do with your family,” An Qian retorted.


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