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Chapter 1012 Leng Shaoming“s Dumb Mother and Sister

They were all aware that Gu Ning wasnt a normal kid, and that she didnt need her familys protection.

She also had her own career to build, so it wasnt convenient for her to stay in the Tang familys house.

Nevertheless, even though Gu Ning was very outstanding and successful, her family still cared a lot about her.

Gu Ning along with some other people went back to her house in Huafu Hills.

She went to take a shower once she was in her bedroom, then called Leng Shaoting back.

At this time, Leng Shaoting was chatting with his grandfather in the Leng familys house.

The second he saw Gu Nings call, he stood up and left his grandfather behind, then walked out to answer the call.

“Hey!” Master Leng was a little annoyed after being ignored again.

“Ningning, what are you doing” Leng Shaoting asked.

“I just took a shower and Im in my bedroom now,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting couldnt help but think of Gu Nings sexy body and felt aroused.

However, Gu Ning wasnt by his side now, so he had to control his desire.

Leng Shaoting was going to talk about something important with Master Leng later, so he didnt chat with Gu Ning on the phone for long.

About 10 minutes later, he hung up the call and went back to Master Lengs study.

In the living room, Jiang Shuyuan, Leng Shaoming and Leng Shaojia were watching TV together, but Jiang Shuyuan and Leng Shaojia kept glancing at Master Lengs study with their eyes full of obvious hatred.

Once Leng Shaoting got home, Master Leng called him to have a talk in the study, and they had stayed inside for a long time.

Leng Shaoming also seldom came home, but Master Leng never talked to him alone, which wasnt fair!

Although Leng Shaoming pretended that he didnt care about that, he was actually quite jealous of Leng Shaoting in his heart.

Nevertheless, he understood that he was inferior to Leng Shaoting, so he wouldnt complain about it.

In a dominant and powerful family like the Leng family, ones ability mattered the most.

Leng Shaoming had to work harder to gain his grandfathers attention.

In addition, he clearly knew that his grandfather hated to see siblings competing against each other.

If he brought his complaints to the surface, his grandfather might dislike him, especially when Leng Shaoting kept a distance from the conflicts.

Besides, Leng Shaoting lost his parents when he was just a kid, and he was raised by their grandfather.

It was understandable that their grandfather cared more about him.

Jiang Shuyuan and Leng Shaojia, however, were too dumb to be aware of the above.

Leng Shaoming had reminded them not to pick on Leng Shaoting many times, but they wouldnt listen to him and even criticized him.

He had the intention to compete against Leng Shaoting, but he would do it cleverly.

It was meaningless to argue against your competitors.

Only the most outstanding one could be the heir of the Leng family.

“Why does grandpa always talk to Leng Shaoting in private every time hes home Its so unfair!” Leng Shaojia complained in annoyance.

“Couldnt he care a little about Shaoming Shaoming doesnt often come home either!” Jiang Shuyuan said with dissatisfaction.

“Alright, stop complaining about it.

Grandpa will be mad if he hears.” Leng Shaoming interrupted them with impatience.

“Shaoming, Im defending you!” Jiang Shuyuan argued.

“Mom, Ive told you countless times to stay away from my personal affairs.

Dont you know that grandpa hates to see competition between siblings If you continue to do this, grandpa will only hate us more,” Leng Shaoming said with a resigned look.

Both his mother and younger sister were dumb.

“Shaoming, you cant let Leng Shaoting occupy grandpas full attention!” Leng Shaojia said.

She wasnt ambitious to inherit the Leng familys property, but she hoped that her older brother could do it.

“Enough!” Leng Shaoming snapped at her, then stood up and walked back to his room.

“Mom!” Leng Shaojia turned to her mother for support.

“Let him be! Hes always like this.” Although Jiang Shuyuan disliked Leng Shaomings behavior, she still valued her son above her daughter, so she sided with Leng Shaoming.

Leng Shaojia didnt think further and thought that her mother cared more about her than her older brother.

Right at this moment, Leng Shaojias friend called her and invited her to have a drink.

Leng Shaojia was in a bad mood now, so she agreed so that she could relax a little.

Leng Shaojia wasnt a kid and she had her own circle of friends, so Jiang Shuyuan didnt stop her from going out at night but only reminded her to be careful.

The friend who called Leng Shaojia was her lover, Smith.

Therefore, Leng Shaojia told Jiang Shuyuan that she would stay in her own apartment tonight.

Jiang Shuyuan didnt think further and agreed.

After hanging up the call with Leng Shaoting, Gu Ning suddenly remembered that she should go to Xianghe Antique now, so she changed at once, then left her house.

Gu Qing and her other relatives didnt stop her either, because they knew that Gu Ning could take good care of herself.

It was only a little past nine now, so it wasnt too late.

Young people always gather together at night after all.

In the capital, Leng Shaojia walked into the appointed private room of a club, and only Smith was inside.

The moment Leng Shaojia showed up, Smith walked towards her and kissed her.

At the same time, his hands moved around her body and pinched her ass.

Leng Shaojia was in a very short skirt today, so Smith directly reached his hand to her crotch beneath it.

“Dont, what if a waiter comes in” Leng Shaojia pushed him away.

“Dont worry about that.

The waiter will knock on the door before he comes in,” Smith said, but didnt force her to do what he wanted.

Anyway, he could do whatever he wanted a while later.

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