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Chapter 1005 We“re Already a Couple

“Shaoting, go dry yourself too,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure, you can sail the boat now.” Leng Shaoting let Gu Ning take the helm.

Before long, Leng Shaoting dried his own clothing.

Before Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting got back to the shore, the jiao was back, so Gu Ning put it back to the telepathic eye space when Leng Shaoting wasnt paying attention to her.

Although it was better for the jiao to practice its inner discipline in the river, it was running out of magical power, so it needed to absorb more magical power now.

They went ashore a while later, then went to buy new clothing in a shopping mall to make sure that Cao Wenxin and the others werent waiting for them for too long.

It was almost 11 pm, but some stores were still open.

After putting on new clothes, they left for the bar where their friends were at once.

It wasnt far away, and they arrived a few minutes later.

Once they met their friends, they began to drink and chat together.

At the same time, the members of the Tang family already went to bed.

Since Gu Man and Tang Yunfan were married now, Gu Man slept with him in the same bedroom.

Tang Yunfan couldnt wait a second longer to share some private time with Gu Man.

When they were back in the bedroom, Gu Man went to take a shower first.

Thinking of what was going to happen later, Gu Man felt shy and nervous.

She deliberately wasted a lot of time in the bathroom, but had to put on her sleeping gown in the end.

However, the second she saw herself in the mirror, she flushed red in an instant.

The sleeping gown she was wearing was half-transparent, and she looked quite seductive in it.

Gu Man hesitated to leave the bathroom.

Tang Yunfan wasnt dumb.

When Gu Man had stayed in the bathroom for a long time, he understood that she had to be very nervous and probably a little scared.

In fact, he was also nervous.

They had been apart for so many years after all!

Nevertheless, he would still do what he ached to do as a man.

“Man, are you ready” Tang Yunfan walked to the door of the bathroom.

Gu Man panicked a little when she heard Tang Yunfans voice.

“Um, yeah.”

Afterwards, she opened the door slowly.

The moment Tang Yunfan saw Gu Man, he could barely move his eyes away from her body.

“Well, you can go take a shower now.”

Gu Man slipped out of the bathroom.

Tang Yunfan could catch Gu Man right now, but he didnt do that, because he indeed needed a shower to be prepared.

Gu Man got in the bed without delay and covered herself with the quilt.

She still hoped to avoid it, but she knew that it was unavoidable.

In addition, they were a couple now, and it was quite normal for a couple, especially a newly married couple, to have sex with each other.

Compared with Gu Man, Tang Yunfan finished the shower within a few seconds.

He directly walked out in his bathrobe.

Hearing the sound of opening the door, Gu Man got more nervous.

Tang Yunfan, however, felt amused when he saw that Gu Man had hidden herself in the quilt.

The light was very bright in the bedroom, even Tang Yunfan felt a little embarrassed, so he turned the bright light off and only left a night-light which gave off a faint light.

After that, he walked to the bed.

Hearing the footsteps coming closer, Gu Mans heart was pounding.

Tang Yunfan got in the bed, then reached out his arms to pull Gu Man over.

Gu Man trembled a little, but didnt resist it.

She felt aroused when Tang Yunfans palms covered her body.

“Man, were already a couple now, and tonight is the first night of our marriage,” Tang Yunfan said by Gu Mans ears in a low deep voice.

“I…” Gu Man didnt know what to say.

Tang Yunfan turned Gu Mans body and pressed on it, but he didnt put his entire weight on her body, in case she felt uncomfortable.

Gu Man froze and didnt dare to meet his eyes.

Without further ado, Tang Yunfan kissed her.

A passionate kiss couldnt satisfy Tang Yunfans need, so he began to undress Gu Man.

In the beginning, Gu Man was quite reluctant to do it, but she didnt push Tang Yunfan away.

“Man, relax,” Tang Yunfan said.

Gu Man also wanted to relax, but she wasnt able to do that right now.

As time went by, Gu Man gradually opened her arms and legs for her beloved man and husband.

Tang Yunfan was more than thrilled when Gu Man was ready for him.

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