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“You didnt hear wrong.

I kidnapped Han Ying.” Chen Menger put down the coffee cup and looked up at Yi Jianwang.

“You said you kidnapped Han Ying.

How is that possible I sent you back here yesterday.

It was already midnight.

How could you kidnap Han Ying” Yi Jianwang looked at Chen Menger with an incredulous expression.

Moreover, Yi Jianwang looked at the expressions on Zhou Yunjie and the others.

It didnt seem like they knew either.

“So what if it was midnight I want to take someone away quietly.

Thats a matter of minutes.” Chen Menger said as she raised her wrist and looked at her watch.

“At this time, the effects of the medicine should have worn off.

Dudu, carry her over.”

As soon as Chen Menger finished speaking, Dudu carried someone on his back and swaggered out from the side door, appearing in front of everyone.

“Menger, you brought him along Why didnt I see him before” Yi Jianwang subconsciously took a few steps back when he saw Dudu.

Yi Jianwang had a shadow in his heart when it came to Dudu.

He and his people from his gang had suffered a lot under Dudus paws.

“I asked my grandfather to send him to me on his private jet,” said Chen Menger.

“No wonder.”

When he heard Yi Jianwangs voice, Dudu lazily raised his eyes and rolled his eyes at Yi Jianwang.

Yi Jianwang was nothing to him.

He had fought with Yi Jianwang before, and he felt that Yi Jianwang was rather useless.

If Yi Jianwang knew what Dudu thought of him, he would cry in anger.

“Chen Menger! You vicious girl! What medicine did you give me Im in so much pain that I cant even move.” Just as Chen Menger and the others were making small talk, Han Ying finally woke up.

As soon as she woke up, she felt like her whole body was in pain.

It was as if her bones were broken.

The pain was so great that her teeth couldnt help but tremble.

“I dont think I need to report to you what I gave you.

However, the pain all over your body has nothing to do with me.” Chen Menger said without even looking at Han Ying.

“It really is Han Ying,” Yi Jianwang took a closer look.

Han Ying ignored Yi Jianwang.

She was lying behind Dudu.

It was difficult for her to even look up at Chen Menger.

“Chen Menger, why did you tie me up here What do you want If Haoqiang knew that you treated me like this, he would definitely not let you off.” Han Ying brought out her son, Qu Haoqiang.

Han Yings words made everyone in the room roll their eyes.

Han Ying really thought that Chen Menger was afraid of her son, so she would let her off again and again.

However, Han Ying would treat Chen Menger brazenly again and again because of this reason.

“What a joke.

When has my little miss ever been afraid of anyone” Zhou Yunbo could not help but roll his eyes ask Han Ying with a straight face.

“Han Ying, do you really think that I will let you go because Im afraid of your son” Chen Menger asked with a smile.

“Why not” Han Ying asked back.

Chen Menger did not answer Han Yings question.

She said to Su Jin, “Su Jin, go and play the last recording for Han Ying to listen to.

Also, let her die in peace.”


Hearing Chen Mengers words, Han Ying could not help but have a bad feeling in her heart.

“I dont want to hear it.” Han Ying gritted her teeth and endured the pain in her body.

“This is not up to you.

Han Ying, dont get it wrong.

You are no longer someone from the Qu family, and you are no longer someone who is useful.

I have never been a merciful person.

You have repeatedly crossed my bottom line.

You will have to pay the price of trying to hurt my family.” Chen Menger stopped smiling.

“Little Miss, the things are here.” Su Jin was not slow in picking up the things.

In a moment, she walked in with a small recorder.

“Play it.

Then she can give up.”


The thing that Chen Menger asked Su Jin to bring was the conversation she had with Qu Haoqiang before she came to Country Y.

After the recording was played, Han Yings face had lost all color.

Her last hope was gone just like that.

Only then did she know fear.

She wanted to open her mouth and beg Chen Menger for mercy, but she couldnt say anything.

In the end, Yi Jianwang asked, “Menger, how are you going to deal with her” Yi Jianwang pointed at Han Ying and asked.

“Of course, Im going to make her disappear from my sight forever,” Chen Menger said with a smile.

When Yi Jianwang heard that, he made a throat-slicing gesture at Chen Menger.

“Like this”

“Im not as bloody as you.” Chen Menger shook her head and then said to Zhou Yunjie, “Yunjie, get someone to take Han Ying away and send her to where she belongs.”

“Yes, Little Miss.”

Zhou Yunjie did not want to touch Han Yings body.

He looked at Han Ying and thought of what Han Ying had done to his little miss.

He was afraid that he would accidentally hit her too hard and kill her.

Yi Jianwang looked at Han Ying who was taken away by Zhou Yunjie and suddenly became interested.

He asked, “Menger, where will Han Ying go Tell me.”

“Ha! Youre not a member of the Green Gang.

Why should we tell you How annoying.” Once Zhou Yunjie left, Zhou Yunbo could not help but attack Yi Jianwang.

Chen Menger ignored Yi Jianwang.

She said to Su Jin, “Su Jin, help me call the mafia.”

“Why are you calling the mafia” Yi Jianwang was once again ignored by Chen Menger.

“Yes, Little Miss.” Su Jin helped Chen Menger call the mafia, then handed the phone to Chen Menger.

“Hello, who is this” From the other end of the phone came the familiar voice of the Python.

“You dont even know who I am, why do you keep thinking of making me disappear” Chen Menger asked with a slight smile.

“Chen Menger.” The man on the other end of the phone blurted out Chen Mengers name.

“It seems that your reaction is not bad.”

Hearing Chen Mengers words, the Pythons nerves suddenly tensed up.

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