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Yuwen Jing wished that he could call Chen Menger several times a day.

He wished that he could be together with Chen Menger every day.

However, with Elder Liu and Elder Qu as the two big barriers, he could only dream.

Every day, Yuwen Jing would call Chen Menger at night before she went to bed.

He would chat with Chen Menger and get in touch with her.

At the same time, he would say good night to Chen Menger.

Every time Yuwen Jing called, it was Elder Liu who answered the phone.

Every time, Elder Liu would chat with Yuwen Jing for a while before he handed the phone to Chen Menger.

Baro and Allen would stand at the side and look at their master like a child who had been reprimanded.

They would lower their heads and listen to Elder Lius scolding on the other end of the phone.

Both of them felt inexplicably comfortable.

However, they also felt secretly happy that Yuwen Jing was suffering.

“Master, we just received news that Elder Whartons private plane is flying directly to the capital tonight.” After Yuwen Jing hung up the phone with Chen Menger, Baro walked over with a serious expression.

It was not only Yuwen Jing who received news that Elder Wharton was going to visit the capital.

Even Elder Liu received the news as well.

“Sir, we just received a call from Elder Whartons butler.

He said that his master is flying to the capital tonight.

Although Elder Whartons butler didnt say it, from his tone, its not hard to deduce that Elder Wharton will probably head straight to the Green Gang after getting off the plane,” Zhuge Yu said.

On the other side, Chen Menger, who had just gotten off the call with Yuwen Jing, saw that the atmosphere in the living room was a little strange.

She looked up at her grandfather, Elder Liu, and then looked at Zhuge Yu.

She was curious.

Why did she feel that there was a story in there that she didnt know about

“Humph, this idiot still has the pride to come to the capital And he still came to find me Hes really courting death.” If Elder Liu had a walking stick in his hand, the marble in the hall would have been cracked open by Elder Liu.

“Sir, if Elder Wharton comes tomorrow, should we let him in or not” Obviously, Chen Menger didnt know about the feud between Elder Liu and Elder Wharton, Zhuge Yu, on the other hand, knew all about it.

“Dont stop him.

If he wants to come, let him come.

Hmph, if I stop him from coming in, hell think that Im afraid of him.

I dont know what his mouth will say about me outside.

Since he ha the audacity to come, I will see him.

Moreover, what happened back then wasnt my fault.

I didnt do anything wrong, so why should I be afraid to see him” Chen Menger looked at her grandfather, then she looked at Zhuge Yu.

For a moment, she didnt know if she should open her mouth and ask what exactly was the grudge between Elder Wharton and her grandfather.

Zhuge Yu saw Chen Menger looking at him inquisitively.

He gestured to Chen Menger that if there was anything, they could talk about it in detail later.

“However, I think that Elder Wharton came to the capital this time because of his grandson, Chen Ming.” Zhuge Yu voiced out his own guess.

“Hmph, his grandson still wants to think about my granddaughter.

What a joke.

Girl, when you see that old fellow later, dont be polite with him.

If he has the audacity to give you a hard time, fight back ruthlessly.”Elder Liu had a good impression of Chen Ming, but when he thought of the relationship between Chen Ming and Elder Wharton, he felt disgusted.

He felt that Yuwen Jing would be much more pleasing to the eye than Chen Ming would throw at him.

At least, Yuwen Jing didnt have a grandfather who made him feel bad just by looking at him.


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