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“Little Miss, youre the best.

You can predict everything.” Su Jin, who had gone out to help arrange the menu for tonight, said as soon as she entered.

She looked at Chen Menger with admiration.

“Whats wrong” Fatty looked at Su Jin with interest, waiting for Su Jin to answer him.

The rest of the people in the room also turned to look at Su Jin, waiting for Su Jin to continue.

Chen Menger, on the other hand, seemed to have known the answer for a long time.

She smiled and asked, “Did Chen Ming leave”

“Yes, Little Miss, youre really amazing.

Chen Ming just entered the private room not long ago.

I guess he left without even sitting down.” Su Jins admiration for Chen Menger went up another level.

“Eh Didnt Chen Ming want to have a meal with Jiang Guoqiang to discuss something Why did he leave without even sitting down” The moment Fatty asked this question, the back of his head was fiercely hit by Skinny.

“If the discussion broke down, why would he still sit down”

“Skinny, dont think that I dont dare fight back.

Let me tell you, if you hit me again next time, see how Ill beat you up.” Chen Menger and the rest of the people in the private room were in a harmonious mood as they laughed incessantly.

in Jiang Guoqiangs private room, the atmosphere was frozen solid.

Jiang Guoqiangs assistant looked at Jiang Guoqiang, who had been maintaining the same posture.

He felt very uneasy.

He would rather Jiang Guoqiang be the same as usual.

He would fly into a rage whenever something went wrong, even if he had to smash the things in the room into pieces.

He even knew how to clean up the mess.

“Chief.” Jiang Guoqiangs assistant looked at the time on his watch.

Many minutes passed, but Jiang Guoqiang didnt move at all.

He could only open his mouth and call out tentatively.

“Lets go back.” Jiang Guoqiang didnt give his assistant a chance to comfort him.

He stood up and walked out of the private room.

His assistant quickly followed.

Once Jiang Guoqiang left, Chen Menger received the news.

Chen Menger and the others heard that Jiang Guoqiang had left, so they didnt take it to heart.

They still talked about their own topics.

“Little Miss, if we come out to eat, what will happen to Yuwen Jing” Fatty asked.

Hearing Fatty bring it up so casually, Chen Mengers hand that was holding the chopsticks froze.

“He will solve it himself.”

“Oh, thats true.

His two assistants are here.

Then, Little Miss, how long do you plan to let him stay in the Green Gang” Fatty was a person who did not have the slightest inkling of social cues.

Skinny sitting next to him coughed to remind him.

Ah Biao touched his hand and told him not to say anything.

He did not even feel it.

It was not until Elder Liu personally said, “Fatty, if you feel that todays dishes are not to your liking, you can go back first.” Elder Liu knew that Yuwen Jing was recuperating in the Green Gang, Chen Menger had also told Elder Liu about it.

Elder Liu wasnt very willing to let Yuwen Jing recuperate in the Green Gang.

He was now turning a blind eye.

If he didnt know that Yuwen Jings injuries were really not suitable for him to move, he would have long called Yuwen Hou and asked him to bring his grandson home.

It had to be said that Elder Lius suggestion to come out for a meal today was also because he was holding back his anger.

But now, Fatty had completely brought up the wrong topic.

Only then did Fatty realize that he had once again bumped into the muzzle of a gun.

If it had been someone else, Fatty would still be able to keep his mouth shut.

But when he met Elder Liu, he could only lower his head and pretend to eat.


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