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When Chen Menger took out a thick folder and handed it to Elder Qu, Elder Qu did not dare accept it.

He looked at Chen Menger in disbelief.

“Girl, are you sure you want to give me all this Did you take it by mistake”

“Do you think Menger is senile like you If Menger gave it to you, just take it.

Take out the things in the folder and youll know what they are,” Elder Liu took a sip of tea and said to Elder Qu rudely.

“Grandpa, take it out and take a look.

Wont you know if I took the wrong one” .

However, Grandpa, before you take a look, I still hope that you are mentally prepared and wont get too excited later.

Although your body has always been very healthy, Im afraid that your emotions will fluctuate too much,” Chen Menger said.

She was already thinking about whether she should take out her set of golden needles to prepare for a rainy day.

“Its alright.

My heart still has the ability to bear it,” Elder Qu said.

However, when he reached out to take the folder in Chen Mengers hand, he subconsciously took a deep breath.

He looked nervous.

“Alright, stop trying to be brave.

If you ask me, its because you think too highly of the Lu family and Lu Zhenkai.

Even though you and Lu Zhenkai have an undying relationship, this was a long time ago.

The current him is no longer the same as he was back then, and you are no longer the same as you were back then.

So, dont be stubborn.

Lu Zhenkai walked on this path today because he wanted to.

No one forced him.” Elder Liu understood better than Elder Qu.

It was also because he understood better than Elder Qu and the others that he didnt stay at the center like Elder Qu and Marquis Yuwen.

Instead, he came back to establish the Green Gang and lived his own life.

Chen Menger nodded in agreement.

“Thats right.

Besides, Lu Zhenkai has never treated you as a good brother.

So, dont take it to heart.”

Elder Qu didnt quite understand what Chen Menger meant when she said that.

When he opened the folder and took out the neatly stacked documents, he flipped through them one by one.

Elder Qu, whose face was frighteningly angry, finally understood the meaning behind Chen Mengers words.

Thats right, this Lu Zhenkai really did not treat him as a brother that they had a relationship with.

He really did not expect that Lu Zhenkai was so capable.

On the surface, he called them brothers, but in the end, he actually used them so thoroughly.

Moreover, they did not notice it at all.

Moreover, when Qu Yaobing and the rest went on missions, they almost lost their lives several times.

Lu Zhenkai was always involved.

He never thought that Lu Zhenkai would actually be so ruthless.

For the sake of their family, for the sake of the development of the Lu familys descendants, he could actually harm others to such an extent.

He was actually able to kill the people who were hindering the development of the Lu family without batting an eye.

“Grandpa, take a deep breath.

Dont be too emotional.

Let me tell you, its not worth it to get sick because of this kind of person.” Chen Menger noticed Elder Qus expression.

She was afraid that if he got emotional, something bad would happen.

Elder Qu raised his head.

When he met his precious granddaughters worried gaze, the anger on his face dissipated a little.

His heart was also warm.

“Lass, dont worry.

Grandpa is fine.

I wont be angered to the point of collapsing.

Its not appropriate for me to be angered to the point of collapsing.

I still have to personally pull Lu Zhenkai down from his high horse.

I want to make his family disappear from the capital.

He really thinks that my family is easy to bully.” After reading this information, the feelings Elder Qu had for Lu Zhenkai had long disappeared.

Right now, he wanted nothing more than to skin Lu Zhenkai alive and drink his blood.

“Girl, I wont talk.

Ill go back now and discuss with your father and the others how to bring Lu Zhenkai down.”


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