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However, Yuwen Jing didnt seem to have heard his words at all.

After Mr.

Sun dealt with Liao Yunjin, who had nearly ruined his big matter, he thickened his skin and dragged the somewhat unwilling Sun Miaomiao to Yuwen Jing.

“Master Yuwen, this is my daughter.

Today is her birthday.

Thank you for coming.” His father licked his lips, after he finished speaking to Yuwen Jing with a smile.

He turned to Sun Miaomiao and said, “Miaomiao, accompany Master Yuwen well tonight.”

Chen Menger never expected that Sun Guoqiang would say such a thing in front of everyone.

Her eyelids couldnt help but twitch.

Did Sun Guoqiang know what he meant by this sentence Or could it be that Sun Guoqiangs brain had been messed up by the interests of his family He actually disregarded his daughters interests and said such words.

What did he take his daughter for An escort

Chen Menger was not the only one who had such thoughts.

Xu Zhengle and the others stood not far away from Chen Menger and the others.

They all heard Sun Guoqiangs words.

Xu Zhengle let out a snort after hearing Sun Guoqiangs words, he laughed and said, “Did Sun Guoqiang take the wrong medicine today He actually said such words to his daughter in front of so many of us.

How will his daughter be able to survive in this circle in the future”


Thats not right.

As far as I know, Sun Guoqiang is an old fox.

He wouldnt do such a stupid thing,” Qiu Kaifeng said while stroking his chin.

“Sun Guoqiangs greed is too much.

I think that the position of his children in his heart is inferior to the interests of the family.” Su Jinming looked at Yuwen Jing sitting beside Chen Menger with a complicated gaze, he was extremely concerned about Chen Menger.

“Sun Guoqiangs words really hurt my heart.”

Before Xu Zhengle could finish his sentence, someone cut him off.

“Thats right.

I originally thought that Sun Guoqiang dotes on his daughter and is better than my old man.

But now it seems like thats not the case,” Xu Lele, who had unknowingly stood behind Xu Zhengle, said.

Xu Leles words gave Xu Zhengle a big fright.

Xu Zhengle patted his chest, with an exaggerated expression, he said, “Lele, can you stop standing behind me silently every time Dont you know that you can scare people to death Also, I will tell the old man that you actually spoke ill of him behind his back.” Xu Zhengle finally found something that could be used against Xu Lele in family politics.


“Bah, look at your cowardice.

No wonder Grandpa always says that you dont look like a man.” Xu Lele rolled her eyes at Xu Zhengle impatiently.

“I say, Zhengle, if you hadnt done so many wicked things, would you be so easily frightened Also, if you want to complain to the old man, go ahead.

I want to see if the old man will deal with you first or me first.”

The topic of discussion between Xu Zhengle and Xu Lele suddenly changed.

Su Jinming and Qiu Kaifeng, on the other hand, had long been used to it.

Anyway, every time the Xu siblings quarreled, Xu Zhengle was the one who lost.

When Sun Miaomiao heard her fathers words, her face instantly turned pale.

She never thought that one day, her father would say such words in front of her.

“Dad.” Sun Miaomiaos mouth opened and closed, but in the end, only one word came out.

However, Sun Guoqiang, who was too eager to succeed, did not notice his daughters pale face.

Instead, he saw Sun Miaomiao standing there motionlessly, he lowered his face unhappily.

“Why are you still standing here Come over and accompany Master Yuwen.”

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