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How many people in the capital were waiting to see the Murong family disappear Moreover, everyone was already certain of the outcome of the Murong family.

There was only one outcome, and that was to disappear.

After offending the Qu family, without the help of the Qu family, the Murong family was dead meat.

However, just when everyone felt that the Murong family was about to be finished, the wealthy families received news that the Murong family had been revived from the ashes.

Instantly, those families couldnt sit still any longer and each of them sent their right-hand men to investigate what was going on! How could the Murong family have been suddenly revived

Chen Menger deliberately didnt let Zhou Yunjie seal off the news.

So, very quickly, the heads of the top families in the capital received a piece of information that helped them solve the mystery in their hearts.

“I knew it.

Why would the Qu family let the Murong family off this time So thats how it is.”

“It looks like were still a step too late.

The Murong family has long been a fish on the chopping board of the Qu family.

Weve long lost our share.”

“I didnt expect that this little grandson of the Qu family would actually have such a relationship with the Green Gang.

We have to reconsider the Qu family.” Some of them had always been at odds with the Qu family and were prepared to take action against the Qu familys people, but now they were looking at the information placed in front of them with a heavy expression.

If the Qu family were to get under the wing of the Green Gang, it would be even more difficult for them to touch them.

The Qu family was destined to be brightly lit this night.

When Qu Yaobing and Murong Ying returned home, Elder Qu had a straight face as he sat in the living room, waiting for their grand arrival.

When Qu Yaobing and his wife came in, they received a few looks of sympathy from his brothers.


Qu Yaobing realized that when he received the call from his son earlier, he was worried about his daughter and his sons safety and rushed over hurriedly, forgetting to inform his father, Elder Qu.

“Dad,” Qu Yaobing called out.

“Dont call me dad.” Elder Qu was bursting with anger.

The anrgier Elder Qu was, the happier the Qu family was.

Cao Feiyings gloating expression could not be hidden no matter how hard she tried.

“Hubby, speak properly.” Madam Qu came out at the right time and acted as a fire extinguisher.

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“Hmph.” After listening to Madam Qus words, his tone softened a little.

“Tell me, do you think Im your father It was such a big matter and yet, you didnt inform me in advance.”

Qu Yaobing felt that he was wronged.

“Dad, youve really misunderstood me.

If the two of us knew, why would we hide it from you The two of us just received a call from Haoxiang today, asking us to go to the Murong familys mansion.

He said that he and Menger were there.

We rushed over in a hurry.

We didnt even have the time to tell Mom.

Only when we got there did we know what these two children were planning to do.”

When Elder Qu heard Qu Yaobing mention Chen Menger, his anger had mostly subsided.

In fact, he knew in his heart that the matter of his grandson becoming the head of the Murong family was inextricably linked to his precious granddaughter.


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