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Chen Menger had so many things to deal with every day, so it was impossible for her to take care of every single thing.

Before this, whether or not the Murong family had disappeared from the upper-class circle, really did not matter to her.

However, what Matriarch Murong had said today reminded Chen Menger.

The bankruptcy of the Murong family did not affect her much.

However, it had a great impact on her biological mother, Murong Ying, and her brother, Qu Haoxiang.

At least, if the Murong family had not fallen and was still the same as before, the other sisters-in-law of Murong Ying would not dare treat her with such an attitude.

Even if they were really unhappy with Murong Ying, they would have tried to cover it up and wouldnt dare show it.

Qu Haoxiang was the same.

Having a powerful grandmother would be of great help to him in the future.

Therefore, Chen Menger changed her mind.

She decided to let the Murong family continue to exist in this small place.

However, the head of the Murong family and the person in charge of the Murong family would have to change.

As for who was to replace the head, Chen Menger blinked her eyes and had her own thoughts.

Matriarch Murongs face was still filled with disbelief.

“How is that possible Didnt the Qu family buy all the shares of the Murong family”

“Thats right, but Grandpa gave all the shares of the Murong family to me as a greeting gift.

What Matriarch Murong, you dont believe me Then do you want me to show you the evidence now” Chen Menger said arrogantly, “Oh, right, Matriarch Murong, your mansion doesnt belong to you anymore.

So, please move out within three days.

When the time comes, if you still dont leave, I dont mind personally taking you out.

I think that with the two percent of shares you have in the Murong family, if you sell those, you should be able to buy a new apartment.

In that case, it should be enough for you and your family to live in.”Chen Menger did not let anyone think of a way to buy over the remaining shares in the Murong family.

The shares in Murong Di and Murong Qins hands had already been taken over by Chen Menger.

Obviously, Matriarch Murong did not know about this.

She had always thought that her son, Murong Di, and her eldest daughter, Murong Qin, had all the shares in their hands, so when she heard that the Qu family had taken over most of the Murong familys shares, she was only worried that the Qu family would seize control of the Murong Group.

At the very least, when the three of them combined their shares, they would still be able to speak a word or two in the Murong Group.


Not to mention that the Murong familys old mansion had long been under Chen Mengers name.

“Youre talking nonsense.

The Murong familys old mansion has belonged to the Murong family for generations.

Its not something that you can take away just because you want to.” Matriarch Murongs agitated voice was raised by a few notches.

“Matriarch Murong, keep your voice down.

Dont disturb my grandmothers rest.

Besides, my ears really cant stand this sharp sound.” Chen Menger dug her ears and said.

“Chen Menger, although your surname isnt Murong, dont forget that youre my aunts daughter and my grandmother is your grandmother.

Its not right for you to treat your own grandmother like this.

Auntie Ying, take care of Chen Menger.” Murong Qi still had a confused look on her face.

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Murong Qi had not been taught well by Matriarch Murong.

She had not learned Matriarch Murongs shrewdness, but had only learned Matriarch Murongs ambition.

However, Murong Qi was destined to become cannon fodder.


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