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Chen Menger had a strong premonition that Ah Biaos poisoning should have something to do with Dr.

Lin of the Green Gang.

Even if it wasnt Dr.

Lin who did it, it could be someone close to him.

“Uncle Ah Biao, did you go to see Dr.

Lin the day before yesterday Did you get an injection” Chen Menger looked at Ah Biao, who was still in a confused state, and asked him.

“Thats right.

How did you know” Ah Biaos reaction was slow.

Jin Minzhu rolled her eyes at her husband.

“Ah Biao, think carefully.

Think about the situation at that time,” Jin Minzhu said somewhat anxiously.

She felt that she had to catch the person who injected the poison into her husband as soon as possible.

Otherwise, not only would her husband be in danger of being injected with the poison again, but everyone in the Green Gang would also be in danger.

This time, it just so happened that Chen Menger had the antidote.

What about next time Next time, what if they switched to a different poison What if Chen Menger did not have the antidote to that What would she do then

“Remember what I felt a little sick and had a fever, so I went to look for Dr.


Then, Dr.

Lin took my temperature and it was high, so he said that he wanted to give me an injection.” Ah Biao was still a little confused about the situation, however, he still subconsciously listened to his Little Miss and his wifes words.

He seriously recalled what had happened that time.

“Who gave you the injection” Chen Menger followed Ah Biaos words closely and asked.

“Who gave me the injection Usually Dr.

Lin gives it to me.

However, Dr.

Lin received a call.

It seemed like there was an urgent matter.

Therefore, his assistant gave me the injection,” Ah Biao recalled, “Whats wrong Is there a problem”

“I dont know yet.

Ill only know after I check.” Chen Menger already had a suspect in mind.

She stood up and said to Jin Minzhu, “Auntie Minzhu, take good care of Uncle Ah Biao.

Although Uncle Ah Biao has already woken up, we will still have to wait for a day to see if the poison has been completely flushed out of his system.

Ill only know after I check on him.

However, dont worry.

Since Uncle Ah Biao has already woken up, nothing serious should happen.” Chen Menger still had more important matters to investigate.

Jin Minzhu also knew why Chen Menger was in such a hurry to leave.

Since her husband had already woken up, her heart, which had thumping wildly, was finally at ease.

“Yes, Menger, if you have something to do, go and do it.

Ah Biao has me.”

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When Chen Menger came out of Ah Biaos room, she met Zhuge Yu, Fatty, and Skinny, who were standing in a row outside his room.

When Chen Menger saw the three of them, she couldnt help but say in surprise, “Eh, Uncle Zhuge, Uncle Fatty, Uncle Skinny, didnt you guys go to sleep”

“Little Miss, you didnt even sleep, so why would we go to sleep” Fatty smiled widely.

“We saw that Sir was asleep, so we came over.” Skinny indirectly told Chen Menger that Elder Liu was already asleep.

When they said they were going to sleep just now, they saw that Elder Liu was too tired, so they went along with her suggestion.

Chen Menger nodded, indicating that she understood.

“Hows Ah Biaos situation” Zhuge Yu asked.

“If you want to know about Uncle Ah Biaos situation, why dont you go in yourself” Chen Menger asked with a roll of her eyes.

“Hey, its in the middle of the night, we cant go in like that!” Fatty exclaimed.


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