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Chen Menger and Yuwen Jing finished taking the list and returned to the Green Gang.

Chen Menger originally wanted to find her grandfather, Elder Liu, to look at the list together, but she was told that he had not returned since he left home.

When Chen Menger heard this, she was deep in thought.

It seemed that her grandfather knew what the reagents that she brought back from Japan were.

It was possible that he knew more than that.

Chen Menger was even more interested in the reagents that she brought back from Japan.

She wanted to see what it was that made her grandfather react like this.

“Yuwen, are you staying for dinner” Chen Menger looked at the time and saw that it was almost time for dinner.

Her grandfather did not show any signs of coming back.

“Okay.” How could Yuwen Jing miss this opportunity to be alone with Chen Menger and develop a relationship After returning from Japan, Yuwen Jing did not know how many times Elder Liu had ruined the opportunity for him to be alone with Chen Menger.

“Then Ill instruct the kitchen to prepare your favorite dishes.

After we finish eating, well study this list properly,” Chen Menger said.

Without waiting for Yuwen Jings reply, she turned around and went to the Green Gangs kitchen to arrange dinner for tonight.

If Elder Liu knew that Yuwen Jing took the opportunity to stick to his precious granddaughter while he was away, he might just have driven back to the Green Gang.

When Yuwen Jing saw that Chen Menger had specially ordered people to prepare his favorite dishes, his heart felt happy.

What made Yuwen Jing even happier was that Chen Menger actually knew what dishes he liked to eat.

This information was enough for Yuwen Jing to be so excited that he wouldnt be able to sleep for an entire night.

What Yuwen Jing liked to eat and what he didnt like to eat was something in her previous life that Chen Menger knew clearly.

Chen Menger seemed to be a cold-hearted person, but whenever she placed someone in her heart, she would pour her heart out to them.

It was very obvious, from her previous life onwards, Yuwen Jing was the person that Chen Menger had placed in her heart.

After a night of eating, Yuwen Jing was in high spirits.

He also ate an extra bowl of rice than usual.

Seeing this, Chen Menger asked Yuwen Jing in surprise, “Yuwen, did you eat enough for lunch today”

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After being asked by Chen Menger, Yuwen Jing realized that he had eaten a little too much for dinner.

He was a little embarrassed, but he still replied as usual, “Yes, I left in a hurry today.

I didnt eat much.”

She really believed Yuwen Jings words when she asked.

She quickly picked up a few more of Yuwen Jings favorite dishes and placed them in his bowl.

“Then, Yuwen, eat more.”

When Chen Menger opened her mouth, Yuwen Jing realized that his stomach was already very full.

He looked at the dishes that Chen Menger had placed in his bowl and unconsciously touched his stomach that was so full that he couldnt fit anything more in.

He was a little embarrassed, he did not know whether he should eat or not.

He did not want to eat more.

His heart ached.

This was the food that his beloved girl had placed in his bowl.

Chen Menger saw Yuwen Jing touching his stomach.

After thinking for a moment, she understood that Yuwen Jings stomach was already so full that he could not eat anymore.

Chen Menger covered her mouth and looked at Yuwen Jing and said, “Yuwen, dont eat if you cant eat anymore.

Your stomach isnt that healthy to begin with.

If you eat too much at once, your stomach wont be able to take it.” Speaking of this, Chen Menger thought for a moment and said, “Yuwen, how long will you stay in the country this time If you have enough time, Ill help you recuperate.

At the very least, you have to nourish your stomach.”


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