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Chen Menger knew all the tricks that Elder Hill and George would use.

Honestly, there were only a few.

They would just cut off the economy of the Buyano family, which meant that the two families would cancel some business dealings with the Buyano family.

However, just the two families wouldnt be enough, they would also incite those who had always been attached to their family to boycott the Buyano family.

Chen Mengers guess was right.

The moment the Hill family and the Kronbo family announced the marriage between the two families, they had cut off business relations with the Buyano family.

This also meant that this was the first step for them to shed all pretense of cordiality with the Buyano family and become enemies.

After receiving this news, the First Elder and the other elders hurriedly rushed to Yuwen Jings office.

They broke through Mr.

Butlers obstruction and rushed into Yuwen Jings study.

“Family Head.” When the First Elder saw the appearance of the other person sitting in the study, his words were stuck in his throat.

“What made all the elders barge in so early in the morning, regardless of the family rules” Yuwen Jing, who was happy because of the fact that he was alone with Chen Menger, was very unhappy now.

His expression toward the First Elder and the others did not look good either.

Chen Menger, who knew why the First Elders had come, only looked up at him when the First Elder rushed in.

She had been concentrating on tasting the English-style milk tea in her hand.

“Im sorry, Family Head.

We were rash.

However, we really have something urgent to report to you.” For some reason, when the First Elder faced the new family head, his heart was filled with fear, this was something he had never experienced before when facing the previous patriarch.

“I know what youre going to say.

I already know.” Chen Menger had come early in the morning to tell him about the latest movements of the Hill family and the Kronbo family.

“You know Then what should we do now The Hill family and the Kronbo family have joined hands to deal with our Buyano family.

If its one of them, we still have a chance of winning.

However, if the two families join hands, we have no chance of winning.” The relationship between the First Elder and the elder of the Hill family was quite good… the two of them often helped each other.

However, at the critical moment, he still knew which side he was on.

“First Elder, youre wrong.

Xibo has never been alone.” Chen Menger put down the cup in her hand and said.

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“Not alone What do you mean” The First Elder could not react in time.

“The Green Gang has always been Xibos strongest backer.

For this matter, the Green Gang will provide the greatest help.

Today, Ive come to discuss this matter with Xibo.

This Hill family and the Kronbo family think that theyve cut off business with the Buyano family, so the Buyano family will be helpless and beg for mercy from them.

As if.” Chen Mengers lips curled into a cold smile, the Hill family and the Kronbo family were truly too naive.

Did they think that the Green Gang was weak

“Green Gang” The Third Elder, who had been silent all this time, could no longer stand still, he stood up and said, “Miss Menger, I know that your Green Gang has a good relationship with our family head.

Your Green Gang is very strong in Asian countries.

However, your Green Gang is here in the UK.” The Third Elder did not finish his sentence, however, the words that were left unsaid were clear to everyone who was smart.

“Thats right, Miss Menger.

What can you help our Buyano family with” Someone behind whispered.

“I think that the more realistic thing is that you go to the Hill family and apologize to Miss Hill and the others.” Someone among the elders said.


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