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Yuwen Jing lowered his head to look at Chen Menger, who was sleeping soundly in his arms.

A hint of indulgence flashed across his cold eyes, but it was immediately drowned by regret.

He regretted that he let Menger accompany him just because he wanted to, he should not have neglected the chaotic internal strife on the British side.

Only then did it involve the girl whom he wanted to protect for the rest of his life.

Yuwen Jing raised his head and looked.

The car in front of their car was no longer the same car.

In other words, his bodyguards had long been shaken off by George Kronbos men.

Yuwen Jing looked at Chen Mengers sleeping face.

He could not help but reach out and gently pinch Chen Mengers face.

A trace of determination flashed in his eyes.

“If you want me to be a guest of your family, thats fine.

However, you have to put her down first.

This is a conflict between us.

It has nothing to do with an outsider like her.”

Yuwen Jing silently said in his heart, “Menger, I will protect you.

I wont let you be dragged into this.”

However, Yuwen Jings thoughts were a little naive.

The mafia wasnt kind.

They didnt care whether the other party was innocent or not.

Since this person was already in their car… then they had no reason to let her go.

“Im sorry, Young Master Xibo.

I cant let this young lady go.

She has to come with you to be our guest.”

“Dont worry.

Even if you want to invite me down, Im very happy to visit the Kronbo family.

I really wanted to see what the Kronbo family, who was always the second oldest family in England, looked like.

The second oldest mafia godfather in England, George Kronbo, what does he look like” Chen Menger, who had been pretending to be asleep, finally opened her eyes; there was an inexplicable glint in her eyes.

Her fluent English and authentic pronunciation made the blond foreign man somewhat unable to believe that these words were said by the little girl in front of him.

What surprised him was that the black-haired, black-eyed little girl in front of him actually knew about the Kronbo family and their godfather.

It wasnt just George Kronbo, Yuwen Jing was also quite surprised.

He was surprised that Chen Menger, who had never been to England, knew about George Kronbo.

“Menger, you know George Kronbo” Yuwen Jing asked in Chinese.

“Yes, I dont think we know each other.” Chen Menger wanted to say that she had met him once in her previous life,

“You think we know each other” Yuwen Jing repeated.

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“Alright, Yuwen, now is not the time to dwell on this problem.

We should think about how to escape now.

Otherwise, we will really have to enter George Kronbos territory.

When that time comes, it will be difficult for us to escape.” England was a country, Chen Menger was no stranger to it.

In her previous life, she would come here almost every month to relax.

Chen Menger looked at the familiar yet unfamiliar scenery in front of her and said to Yuwen Jing.

If she remembered correctly, this place was not far from the Kronbo family.

“We wont be able to escape today.

Since George Kronbo dared to directly intercept people from the airport, it means that he has already made a complete plan.

Damn it, I just dont know who leaked the secret.

This time, he actually dragged you into it.” Yuwen Jing gritted his teeth with a look of regret.

As the heir to the Buyano family, he was required from an early age to undergo various self-defense measures, as he was constantly being kidnapped as a bargaining chip to threaten his father.

So, Yuwen Jing was not surprised the Kronbos kidnapped him.

What he worried about most was Chen Menger, who was implicated by him.

“Alright, dont think too much.

Do you think I took the initiative to ask to come to England with you for fun I know about the internal strife in your family.

It should have reached a white-hot state by now.

The reason we were kidnapped this time was because they wanted to snatch the position of family head from your fathers hands, so they joined forces with George Kronbo.

Let me think.

There should be a mole on your side.

And its someone your father trusted with you.

Otherwise, your secret return wouldnt have been so quickly exposed to George Kronbo.” Chen Menger touched her chin.


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