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If it had been her previous life, she would have chased Zheng Yanan out of S City long ago.

Chen Menger had a headache.

“Grandpa, I think we should wait until after the birthday banquet to deal with this matter,” Chen Menger said as she looked at the increasing number of people around her.

Just as Elder Liu was about to say the word “good”, a slightly hoarse male voice with a changing tone came from outside.

“Who has the guts to actually bully Menger”

Yuwen Jing, who was dressed in a tailored black suit, slowly walked over from the door.

His powerful aura and the few tall foreign bodyguards behind him made the people surrounding them automatically make way for him.

The guests in the banquet hall were quite curious about this cold, delicate, handsome-looking mixed-race boy who suddenly appeared.

Especially when he appeared in an ostentatious manner with the foreign bodyguards behind him.

Here… how many people could have such pomp

In the banquet hall, those little girls who were about the same age as Yuwen Jing looked at such a handsome mixed-race boy, and their eyes were about to pop out.

“Yuwen Jing, you stinky brat, what are you doing for me Ah, why are you bringing these people behind you” Marquis Yuwen looked at his grandson, he was naturally very happy, but when he saw the foreigners behind his grandson, his face couldnt help but sink.

“Grandfather, you and I are useless.

My father forced them on me.

If I dont bring them, I wont be able to come back.” Yuwen Jing answered his grandfathers words, his footsteps were straight as he walked towards Chen Menger.

“Menger, happy birthday.” The originally cold and expressionless face suddenly became gentler when facing Chen Menger.

Yuwen Jings gaze towards Chen Menger was filled with love.

“Thank you, Yuwen.” Chen Menger didnt expect Yuwen Jing to return.

She knew that the internal strife within the Buyano clan wasnt over yet.

According to Chen Mengers calculations, this period of time should be the most serious period of the internal strife of the Buyano clan.

And when Chen Menger saw Yuwen Jing, she suddenly remembered that she had been feeling that she had forgotten something recently.

Chen Mengers heart sank.

However, she immediately made a decision in her heart.

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“Here, this is my gift to you.” Yuwen Jing took out a small box with exquisite packaging from his pocket.

Then, he opened it and took out a ring with the emblem of the Buyano clan.

Marquis Yuwen moved very quickly.

Before everyone could react, he grabbed Chen Mengers left hand and put the ring on her index finger.

Chen Menger only reacted when the ring was put on her hand.

Chen Menger looked at the ring on her left index finger that she had only heard of in her previous life.

She had seen the ring on her index finger from the information she had read about in her previous life.

Chen Mengers mood… she did not know how to explain it at the moment.

It was very complicated.

She looked at the ring on her finger and then looked at Yuwen Jing.

When Yuwen Hou saw his grandsons action and saw the ring with the emblem of the Buyano family, he laughed heartily.

“Kid, you are more reliable than your father.


Elder Liu, who knew what this ring meant, frowned.

He glared at Yuwen Jing and the smiling Yuwen Hou with an unhappy expression.

“Yuwen Jing, take this ring back.

My Menger doesnt need it.”

“Hey, Liu Bolin, this is Yuwen Jings birthday gift to Menger.

Menger didnt even reject it.

Why are you in such a hurry” Marquis Yuwen was unhappy.

If Chen Menger wore this ring… she would be the Yuwen familys granddaughter-in-law in the future.

He was very satisfied with this granddaughter-in-law.

If Chen Menger knew what Yuwen Hou was thinking, she would be very helpless.

She was only a few years old.

wasnt it a little too early for such a big event in her life.

As soon as Yuwen Hou said this, everyones gaze turned to Chen Menger, waiting for Chen Menger to express her stance.

At this moment, Chen Menger was staring at the ring in a daze.

She vaguely remembered that the Buyano family had a family rule.

When the heir of the Buyano family became the heir, he would receive a ring with the Buyano family emblem.

This ring represented his power, his status.

And if the heir gave this ring to someone else, that person could take the ring and seek the help of the Buyano family for free.

So, in her previous life, many people coveted this ring.

However, Chen Menger remembered that in her previous life, until she had an accident and reincarnated, the ring in Yuwen Jings hand had always been on his hand.

However, in this life, there had been a change.

Chen Menger did not know that she thought she knew what the ring represented.

However, she did not know the deep meaning of the ring.

Only a few people knew the deep meaning of the ring.

Elder Liu was one of the few people.

Yuwen Jing saw that Chen Menger was silent.

He was suddenly afraid that Chen Menger would refuse.

He rolled his eyes and saw that there was jealousy and hatred in the eyes of the person standing opposite him.

He remembered what he had heard when he first arrived.

Yuwen Jing changed the topic from the ring.

“Grandpa Liu, why did I hear that Menger was bullied at school Who has the guts to bully Menger”

Yuwen Jings change of topic was good.

When Elder Liu heard this, he did not dwell on the ring that Yuwen Jing had given him.

He raised his head and looked at Zheng Yuan with a serious expression, “Zheng Yuan, shouldnt you give us an explanation” Elder Liu did not have a smile on his face.

The sharp gaze that he gave Zheng Yuan made Zheng Yuan break out in a cold sweat.

He was rejoicing in his heart just now.

He was rejoicing that everyones attention had shifted away from this matter, but he did not expect it.

In the blink of an eye, the topic shifted back to her.

Zheng Yannans gaze that looked at everyone shifted back to her.

Only then did she realize that she was afraid.

She subconsciously hid her body behind her mother.

“Elder Liu, Im really sorry.

I apologize to you and the little girl for my daughters behavior.” Zheng Yuan wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and apologized to Elder Liu.

“Humph, you bullied my Little Miss.

Can an apology solve it” Fatty said unhappily.


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