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After Jin Minhua left, Elder Liu remembered that he had made a decision for his little granddaughter and accepted a job.

“Menger, havent you been saying that youre bored lately Ive found something for you to do,” Elder Liu said, he had asked his little granddaughter, Chen Menger, to participate in the wedding planning of Ah Biao and Jin Minzhu because he didnt want those scheming old fellows in Japan to see his precious granddaughter.

Actually, Elder Liu had his own plans.

He felt that his little granddaughter was still too young and hadnt fully grown her wings yet.

If she was pushed to the front of the stage now, it might not be a good thing for her, it was very likely that it would be a result that he didnt want to see.

The incident with Liu Xiguo in the capital city was an example.

Therefore, when those big shots in Japan learned that Elder Liu had brought his granddaughter to Japan, they all asked their trusted aides to send Elder Liu an invitation letter and invite them as guests.

Initially, Elder Liu had not found a suitable reason to refuse, but now, Jin Minhua had delivered this reason to his doorstep.

“Youve found something for me What is it” Chen Menger could not think of anything in Japan that she could interfere with.

Although her ability was not inferior to Zhuge Yu and the others, with her current age and body, there really were not many things that she could interfere with.

“Isnt your uncle Ah Biao getting married The wedding banquet was not ready yet.

The Green Gang had a lot of things to do recently, and your uncle Ah Biao had no time to do these things.

So, he wanted to ask for your help.

How is it Girl, you dont have any objections, right” Elder Liu dragged Ah Biao into the water unethically.

Ah Biaos expression did not change, but his heart was already in chaos.

“Sir, the Green Gang has a lot of things going on.

Now that youre here, those small gangs that are causing trouble are all scared to stop.

I dont want to be too idle these days.”

“Is that so” Chen Menger asked suspiciously.

She did not believe her grandfathers words.

Not to mention how peaceful the streets were now, even if the streets were in chaos, Chen Menger believed that Ah Biao would not be so busy that he would not have time to mess around with his own wedding banquet.

However, Chen Menger thought about it.

If she were to use the current aesthetic standards of people to host this wedding banquet, she would really be unable to accept it.

“Alright, since grandfather has already helped me to accept this mission, then I will definitely guarantee that I will successfully complete this mission.”

Elder Liu had already prepared an excuse to convince Chen Menger, but he did not expect that this matter would actually take a 90-degree turn.

He could only swallow the words that he had prepared.

How could Chen Menger not realize her grandfathers intention Therefore, she covered her mouth and snickered on the side.

Chen Menger was a person who pursued perfection.

Since she had agreed to this matter, she would definitely complete it perfectly.

The next day, after Chen Menger finished her breakfast, she got into the special car that Ah Biao had specially arranged for her and went to the Jin family.

After Chen Menger set off, Elder Liu asked Ah Biao to call his future father-in-law and tell him that the young lady of the Green Gang would be visiting the Jin family in a while.

Elder Liu was becoming more and more childish.

When he said those words, Ah Biaos heart was filled with tears.

His boss must have done it on purpose.


When Ah Biao called his future father-in-law, his father-in-law was in a meeting at the company.

It was fated that Ah Biaos call would not be received by his father-in-law.

When Ah Biao hung up the phone and saw his bosss wicked smile, he really wanted to cry.

“Minzhu, these wedding gowns are all the latest styles.

They all look pretty good.

You can choose again.” Jin Minzhus mother could be said to be painstakingly convincing.

There was only a week left until the wedding, her daughter had not even chosen the wedding gown.

Not to mention the wedding banquet, there was still a lot of unfinished business.


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