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Chapter 293 Mutated Brain (2)

It was almost the end of the year.

By the time they got back, it was almost the first day of the New Year.

Most importantly, his granddaughter was afraid of the cold, and the winter in Japan was not warm.

He felt sorry for his granddaughter, so he did not want to torment her.

However, after Elder Liu heard his granddaughter, Chen Mengers words, he changed his mind.

“Okay.” Chen Menger Thought for a moment and nodded in agreement.

Although she wanted to stay in the warm blanket in this cold weather, when she thought about the stock market and the matter that she had promised Jin Minzhu before, she nodded and said, “Okay, Grandpa.

Ill go with you to Japan to attend Uncle Biao and Auntie Minzhus wedding.”

“Okay, Skinny, go book the tickets.” Elder Liu had confirmed the itinerary.

Zhuge Yu and the others still had things to deal with, so when Elder Liu asked Skinny to book the tickets, they also left together.

Only Chen Menger and Elder Liu were left in the front hall.

The heating in the room made Chen Menger completely recover.

She was finally willing to take off her thick cotton-padded coat.

“Ah, Grandpa, Uncle Biao and Auntie Minzhu are getting married.

I have to give them a gift.” Chen Menger said that she seemed to have forgotten something.

“Its okay.

Its your gift.

Grandpa will help you prepare it.” Elder Liu thought that his little granddaughter was shocked because of something.

He did not expect it to be such a small matter.

“No, this is my wedding gift for Uncle Biao and Auntie Jin Zhu.

I Cant let Grandpa prepare it.

If thats the case, it would be disingenuous.

Let me think about what gift I want to give them,” Chen Menger said, giving gifts was really annoying.

“Its fine.

Take your time to think about it.

Theres still some time before they get married.” Elder Liu looked at his little granddaughters conflicted look and was full of love.

With this kind of attitude, there was no way that people would not love and dote on her sincerely.

Fortunately, Chen Menger did not struggle with this problem for long.

Soon, she thought of the gift she wanted to give.

The gift that Chen Menger thought of for Ah Biao and Jin Minzhu was a wedding dress that she personally designed.

Chen Menger could think of this gift, and it was the expert in making clothes that Elder Liu mentioned.

If it was not for this expert in making clothes, Chen Menger would not have dared to think of giving this gift.

With her current small body, she could not make a wedding dress.

After Chen Menger told her grandfather about this proposal, her grandfather agreed immediately.

He said that as long as she handed over the designer, he would let that expert in making clothes work overtime to make the clothes that she drew.

At night, after everyone fell asleep, Chen Menger wore her pajamas and flashed into her space.

This space of hers.

It wasnt as magical as the others and could be upgraded.

However, Chen Mengers space had changed a lot from when she first discovered it.

The land that had previously been planted with herbs had also been reborn and planted with new herbs by Chen Menger.

The empty and abandoned land beside the herb was also cultivated by Chen Menger and planted with all kinds of fruit trees.

There were Japanese authentic Red Fuji trees, date trees, pear trees, and so on, and it was precisely because of the magic of space that these fruit trees, which were difficult to grow in the same place, grew in the same place.

Not only that, but they all grew very well.

In addition to all kinds of fruit trees, Chen Menger also planted all kinds of vegetables.

When these vegetables were ripe, Chen Menger would often secretly smuggle these vegetables out of her space and mix them with their vegetables.

Unexpectedly, she had not been discovered once…

This time, when Chen Menger entered her space, it was unusual that she did not go to these vegetables and fruits, nor did she go to the pharmacy.

Instead, she went straight to the tall building, the Qus shopping mall.

Chen Menger had not come to the Qus shopping mall for some time.

Now, she did not have to worry about food and clothing, so she did not need to come to the Qus shopping mall to pick up things.

However, Chen Menger felt that in the future, she would use the things inside… when the things here were all on the market, she would have no qualms about using these things openly.

After all, Chen Menger was not a person who liked to waste things.

After Chen Menger entered the Qus shopping mall, she went straight to the bookstore in the shopping mall.

She needed to find some information about design to look at.

Although she had many classic and beautiful wedding dress styles in her mind, and her drawing skills were not bad… however, drawing a design drawing was different from drawing,

Therefore, Chen Menger intended to find some books on fashion design to look at.

Fortunately, Qus shopping mall was high-end and elegant.

The things inside were very gorgeous, and they were all exquisite, including these books.

Chen Menger quickly found the books on fashion design that she needed.

Then, she moved these books to her study.

Chen Menger spent an entire night studying the books on fashion design that she found.

If it was someone else, they would probably spend a month studying these books.

Chen Menger spent these years slowly understanding the function of her mutated brain.

And the more Chen Menger understood her mutated brain, the more shocked she was.

This was too powerful, too heaven-defying.

As long as Chen Menger started to learn a certain type of knowledge about this mutated brain, when Chen Menger started to come into contact with this type of knowledge, her mutated brain would also be updated from God knows where.

The knowledge about any subject would appear in her mutated brain bit by bit.

Then, as Chen Menger started to delve deeper into that type of knowledge bit by bit, the knowledge in the mutated brain… Would become Chen Mengers own knowledge.

She could use it freely as if she had learned it herself.

Well, that was the current situation of Chen Menger.

After Chen Menger finished reading the book on fashion design, Chen Menger was no longer in a rudimentary state.

Instead, she was a person who had a deep understanding of fashion design.

It was not an exaggeration to say that she was a fashion designer.

As long as she was thinking about fashion design, her mutated brain was like a computer, automatically searching for the knowledge she wanted, and then presenting it in her brain.


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