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Chapter 257 Axe Gang (1)

When Su Jin heard the driver say that someone was following them, and when the driver was talking to Chen Menger, her expression didnt look too good.

This reminded her of what had happened to her before she went to the Green Gang, her adoptive parents used her.

She thought that this time, she definitely wouldnt be able to escape the fate of being used as a substitute.

Previously, when Su Jin found out that she was going to replace her sister and become a hostage, she sneaked out when her adoptive parents were not paying attention.

Then, she became an orphan and became a person nurtured by the Green Gang.

However, she did not expect that even though she could escape once, she could not escape fate.

She still had to become a substitute hostage.

And this time, Su Jin didnt even have the thought of escaping.

Because even though she wasnt old, she knew clearly in her heart that even if she wanted to escape this time, she wouldnt be able to escape.

So, she even gave up the thought of escaping.

So, when Su Jin heard that her master, Chen Menger, told them to stay in the car and she personally went down, Su Jin didnt let out a sigh of relief.

She had the thought of escaping.

Instead, she was excited and blurted out, “Little Miss, you stay in the car.

If I go down, they definitely wont recognize you, so.” “No need, theres no need for you to go down.

Since the other party is looking for me, Ill go down and meet them.” Chen Menger rejected Su Jins suggestion.

Although Su Jin was her personal bodyguard, Chen Menger had never wanted any of them to pay a painful price.

On the other hand, the drivers eyes lit up when he heard Su Jins words.

He immediately thought that this was a good idea.

However, when he heard that the Little Miss had refused, he wanted to persuade her.

However, he had heard from the gang members that this Little Miss looked young but had an idea.

If she made a decision, it would be difficult for others to change it.

When he thought of this, the driver could only swallow his words of persuasion.

The car drove to the abandoned factory area.

Just as Chen Menger and the others drove to the abandoned factory area, the van that had been following them started to accelerate.

The drivers face was tense.

He noticed the strange behavior of the van from the rearview mirror.

As he prepared to accelerate… he said to Chen Menger, “Little Miss, they are starting to move.

They are speeding up.

Im also speeding up.

I dont believe that my driving skills are inferior to theirs.”

“Uncle Lu, you dont have to speed up.

Just pull over here.” Chen Mengers words were out of everyones expectations.

“Little Miss, this…” the driver hesitated.

He didnt know if he should listen to his Little Miss.

“Pull over.” Chen Menger said again.

Chen Menger had her own considerations.

If it were her grandfather, Elder Liu, or any of Zhuge Yu and the others who were sitting in the car, Chen Menger would not have given such an order.

However, other than the driver, the people in the car were all young children.

She did not think that Zhuge Yu and the others thought that Zhou Yunjie was the best among the other children.

Zhou Yunbo and Su Jin had the ability to deal with the other party.

She also did not think that they were skilled in marksmanship.

And Chen Menger knew that the other party definitely did not come with good intentions.

If they did not stop the car and engage in some kind of life and death speed with them, they might be at a disadvantage.

The driver, Zhou Yunjie, and the others did not know Chen Mengers plan.

However, due to Chen Mengers insistence, the driver still followed Chen Mengers request and stopped the car.

Chen Menger and the others car suddenly stopped.

The van that wanted to speed up and overtake Chen Menger and the others had to stop halfway when it realized that something was wrong.


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