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Chapter 246 Meeting the Yuwen Family Again (2)

Chen Menger could see her grandfathers determination to hand over the Green Gang and the Liu family to her.

Her heart was very complicated.

She looked at Elder Liu, with a serious look on her face, she asked, “Grandpa.

Are you sure you want to hand over the Green Gang and the Liu family to me Im only three years old now.

Im still just a child.

I dont know what my achievements and abilities will be when I grow up.

Dont worry, youll make your decision so early.

You wont have to think about it anymore.

In any case, youre still young.”

“Oh, girl.

I have sharp eyes.

You, girl, even without me, youll still have great achievements in the future.

Im very relieved to leave the Green Gang and the Liu family in your hands.

The Green Gang and the Liu family will not decline in your hands.

I see.

Ill be relieved even if I close my eyes in the future.” Elder Liu looked at his precious granddaughter with a conflicted expression, he said in a very good mood, “Girl, you dont have to feel too much pressure.

I can still work for a few more years.

Ill take advantage of these few years to teach you some knowledge.

Its just that girl, youll be a little tired.

How was it Girl, you wont refuse because youre too tired, right” “Grandpa, thats enough.

Dont think that I dont know that youre trying to goad me.

However, since you trust me so much, I wont let you down.” Chen Menger had just… when she heard Zhuge Yu talking about the Liu familys several rooms discussing overnight, why did she suddenly come to a realization The faces of these Liu family members were full of ambition.

If the Liu family and the Green Gang were to be passed on to any one of them, her grandfather… And Zhuge Yu, Fatty, and Skinny would definitely not end up well.

The new person would definitely not let them off.

Chen Menger remembered that when she was reborn in her previous life, the Green Gang and the Liu family were still under Elder Lius control, even though he was close to seventy years old.

He still insisted on holding onto the power of the Liu family and the Green Gang.

This was also because Elder Liu knew that if he let go, the Liu family would take away their power, which was why they would continue to hold on.

As for Chen Menger, she did not want to see this life again.

Her grandfather, Elder Liu, would have to work so hard for the rest of his life.

Since she had already become his granddaughter, as his granddaughter, she should help her grandfather shoulder the heavy burden on his shoulders.

“Girl, in that case, you agreed.

Haha.” When Elder Liu heard the hidden meaning in Chen Mengers words, he immediately smiled happily and asked.


I have agreed.

But Grandpa, I have given you a warning beforehand.

I cannot guarantee that I can do as well as you.

However, I will do my best to protect Grandpas entire life, the heart of the Green Gang and the Liu family.” Chen Menger said seriously.

“Haha, girl, with your words, Grandpa will be relieved.

Haha, Grandpa didnt expect to be able to enjoy his old age in peace.” Elder Liu said as he thought of the past.

He sighed and said, “Girl, its a good thing that you appeared.

Otherwise, I would have thought that I would have toiled my entire life until I closed my eyes forever.”

Chen Menger did not expect that her grandfather, Elder Liu, had already thought of the path that he would take in the future.

Because of Chen Menger, Elder Liu finally agreed to inherit the Green Gang and the Liu family in the future.

These two days, he was in an exceptionally good mood.

Even when he heard that the second branch and the third branch were constantly making moves, he did not lose his temper.

The smile on his face never stopped.

This caused all the actions to be sabotaged for no reason.

Even the second branch, who had suffered heavy losses, and the third branchs people were very puzzled when they saw the expression on Elder Lius face.

Could it be that the person who sabotaged their actions was not the head of the family And when the big branch and the others saw Elder Lius good mood, they all felt relieved.

They thought that Elder Liu had not noticed their secret actions.

When Zhuge Yu, Fatty, and Skinny, who knew the reason, were busy dealing with the actions of the second and third branches, they were as happy as their boss.


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