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This department store was still a state-owned enterprise.

The people who worked in it were very important.

When people asked you where you worked, you would be very proud, not only was the salary good, but the job was also very decent.

Now, it was a very popular job.

Usually, those who could work here had some manpower on hand.

This was also the reason why the two salespeople were so arrogant.

However, what did the two salespeople just see The manager, who usually kept a straight face and didnt smile, actually had such an expression.

The two salespeople looked at the way their manager hugged the little girl who looked like a doll lovingly.

They knew that they had done something wrong this time.

Zhao Yinghua saw that she had no hope of getting her hands on Menger again today, so she adjusted her expression, put away her previous smile, put on a stern face, and said, “What happened here”

“Manager, we were wrong.

It was us.” The older salesperson knew when to bow his head.

He was a sensible person.

After seeing that Chen Menger had an unusual relationship with Zhao Yinghua, they were afraid.

However, Yinghua spoke.

“Now is not your turn to speak, Menger.” Zhao Yinghua was also a short-sighted person.

Especially when it comes to what she saw.

“Aunt Zhao, its like this.

My uncle and aunt came here to buy clothes.

They just tried on a few clothes and your sales staff scolded them.

We are here to buy things, not to be scolded.

I dont think any customer would be willing to be scolded like this when they are buying things.” Chen Menger paused for a moment, then, she turned to look at the two sales staff and said, “If all the sales staff here were like these two, perhaps at the beginning, because there was only one shop here, everyone had no choice but to come here to buy things.

However, in the future, if there are many stores like the department store, who would come here to buy things” Chen Menger said a lot of things.

Chen Mengers words made the surrounding customers who were watching the show nod their heads.

Of course, most of the customers who nodded their heads were people who had suffered the same fate as Chen Mengers uncle and aunt.

As for those rich people, they didnt have any expression on their faces.

In any case, this had nothing to do with them.

They had never suffered such treatment before.

As for the other salespeople who were just there to watch the show, their faces were filled with disapproval.

Their department store was the iconic building of City S.

There were many things that could only be sold in their department store.

It wasnt something that could be built just because someone wanted to.

If Chen Menger knew what these salespeople were thinking, she would definitely say with disdain, “No wonder you guys are only salespeople.

Youre so short-sighted.”

Zhao Yinghua took Chen Mengers words to heart.

She had received higher education and had been abroad, so her knowledge was not inferior to anyone.

She knew what it was like abroad and knew that China would definitely have such a day.

Therefore, she agreed with Chen Mengers words in her heart.

Chen Mengers words made Zhao Yinghua look at Chen Menger differently.

She originally thought that her fathers words were too exaggerated.

Even if a childs IQ was high, it was impossible for it to be so high.

However, today.

She had witnessed it with her own eyes.

She had witnessed how amazing her fathers words were.

“Mm, Menger is right.

I have heard everything.

I know what to do.” Zhao Yinghua said and couldnt help but want to reach out to rub Chen Mengers hair.

However, before she could reach out, she was stopped by Chen Mengers two big brothers who looked like two guards.

“Ah, they are really unlikable little guys.”

However, no matter what Zhao Yinghua said, Chen Haoguo and Chen Haoxuan did not want to move.

Zhao Yinghua had given them a really bad impression last night.

Zhao Yinghua was a little regretful now.

She regretted that she had spoken without restraint yesterday.

If she had not spoken yesterday, Chen Mengers two brothers would not have been so wary of her.

However, there was no medicine for regret in this world.

Therefore, Zhao Yinghua could only pretend to be wronged and cast a comforting look at Chen Menger.

However, she was ignored by Chen Menger.

“You two, pack up your things.

You dont have to come to work tomorrow.” Zhao Yinghua put away the ever-changing expression when she faced Chen Menger.

In an instant, her expression turned into that of an iron-faced and ruthless department store manager.

“Manager, you cant do this.

You cant fire us just because of this.” The sharp voice of the younger salesperson rang in Chen Menger and the others ears.

Chen Menger couldnt stand it and covered her ears.

“You did something wrong.

As a manager, why dont I have the right to fire you” Zhao Yinghuas face also darkened.

“Manager, I dont agree with what you said about what we did wrong.

Im not the only salesperson in the entire department store talking about customers like this.

To be honest, which salesperson in this department store has never scolded a customer.

Yesterday, Jin Lihua, who was next door, almost got into a fight with a customer.

Why didnt you fire her as a manager Its because we are unlucky.

We ran into someone you know.” The young salesperson had a desperate look on her face,

However, Chen Menger didnt know whether to say that the young salesperson was too stupid or too foolish.

wasnt she trying to gain hatred for no reason Just now, when the salespeople heard Zhao Yinghuas decision, they showed disapproval and sympathy.

Now, as soon as the young salesperson said that, the sympathy of the other salespeople around had long disappeared.

And Chen Menger clearly felt a gaze of hatred directed at the young salesperson.

Chen Menger followed that gaze and saw a woman who was about the same age as the young salesperson, but much more beautiful than the woman.

Chen Menger guessed that this should be Jin Lihua.

The older salesperson was smarter than the younger salesperson.

She pulled the young salesperson and signaled for her to stop talking.

However, the young salesperson did not appreciate it at all.

She pushed her arm back and said, “Xie, dont pull me.

Youre always bullied because youre too nice.

If you werent too old, would your husbands family treat you like this”

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Fine, a salesperson of this age directly brought up the family matters of others.

The face of the older salesperson darkened..

She didnt try to persuade the younger salesperson and directly took a few steps back, widening the distance between her and the younger salesperson.


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