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Chapter 37: The Saint returns to Clausel (Part two)

“………… show me your hand.”

The voice was faint and feeble.

Ren, who should have been in a coma, spoke.



Responding to their concern, Ren slowly raised his face behind Licia, on who’s back he was on and reached out his hand.

“Show me your hand….!”

“Who are you talking to”

“To your knight……!”

Licia realized his intentions.

Ashamed of her immaturity and lack of composure, she apologized to Ren in a small voice, “I’m sorry,”

Relieved by her appearance, Ren quickly let go of his consciousness.

“Show me the back of your hand.

Your hand should have the scar that Ren and I put on it.”

There was supposed to be no conclusive proof.

But it was born in this moment.

“…… Vi, Viscount.”

Viscount Givens was speechless.

There was no way he could have been cornered.

He wondered how it had come to this.

“Show us.”

Weiss said, approaching Viscount Givens’ knight.

“No, I was in the middle of my duty…..”

“I’ll say it again.

Show us.”

“No! My hand is—-!”

“Show me quickly.

Before I draw my sword.”


The knight of Viscount Givens gave up and removed his cuirass.

Then he shows the back of his hand as he was told.

The back of his hand was covered by a bandage, but Weiss intimidated him into removing it as well.

“Hoho …… it’s as the young lady and the boy said, there’s indeed a scar.”

“These are wounds that I got in the middle of my duty!”

“It’s possible.

But there’s blood on the bandage.

The wound still looks fresh, but it can’t all be a coincidence and those white burns look like they were caused by sacred magic.”

There was too much overlap to be coincidence.

A sense of agitation spread among the people.

The people gathered near the gate and the knights of both camps.

“You didn’t have very good potions.

But did you know For wounds caused by sacred magic, even the most expensive potions, leave marks.”

If that were the case, there would be no more excuses.

However, Viscount Givens was still very determined and eloquent.

“Hahaha! Very well! Then let us set up a new trial to prove the innocence of my knight! In any case, all will be revealed in the imperial capital! Since the first trial is already over, there’s no change in the fact that Baron Clausel will be transferred!”

Viscount Givens starts to move forward in high spirits.

The transferring party also resumed its progress.

“…….what should I do”

Licia shed tears.

This, this is the power of nobility that she detests.

Tears cannot stop streaming down her face at the absurdity of one being allowed to do whatever they please simply because of one’s high rank.

It’s especially painful to feel that all of Ren’s hard work has been denied.

—- but right there and then.

“Wonderful, and how beautiful they are.”

The sound of applause came from the gate.

It was the kind of applause that is inappropriate for this occasion and sounds like the kind of applause one might hear after watching a play.

“The courage and dignity of the young man were admirable.

I have witnessed the most beautiful story and this is exactly how I feel.”

The aged voice reached everyone in the group.

As they wondered who it was, the person who had uttered the voice stepped out of the gate and stepped between Viscount Givens and Licia.

“Thanks to you, I’m now able to interject.

So I’ll lend a small hand in concluding the miracle that the two of you have wrought.”

The man was an old butler-like gentleman in a tailcoat.

“Who are you”

Viscount Givens asked in a hostile voice.

But the old gentleman didn’t answer Viscount Givens, but looked at Licia.


Leave it to me.”

“…You are”

“My name is Edgar.

Please don’t worry.

I’m just here to honor both of you and offer one last little assistance.”


“I just want to help bring down the curtain on the story you two have created.

We’ll not in any way trespass on the miracle of the two of you.”

The old gentleman smiles graciously and immediately looks at Viscount Givens.

“Viscount Givens, this is the first time we’re meeting.

I’ve come to Clausel at the behest of my Lord.”

“Then why don’t you first tell me the name of your Lord”

“I beg your pardon.

My master is…..”

The man, Edgar, had his back to Licia.

So it was difficult to tell what he had taken out of his pocket.

In his hand was a jeweled knife with a certain pattern on it.


“Oh, it seems that you understood without me saying his name.”

“It, it can’t be! What are you scheming.”

“It’s a crime punishable by death to conspire against a nobleman.

I don’t think a man who is even a viscount wouldn’t understand such a thing.”

Behind Edgar, Licia was stunned.

Viscount Givens, who had been pushing with the power of a nobleman, was suddenly flustered and his forehead was covered with sweat.

“Now, the gentleman from the legal affairs bureau.”

The old gentleman, who introduced himself as Edgar, paid no attention to Viscount Givens’ agitated appearance and summoned the civil official from the legal department.

“I’ve been told by the Lord that I’m free to move in his name and to speak in his name if I feel so inclined at this trial.”

“I see…..

and the man whose emblem you have is…..”


There’s only one nobleman who bears this emblem.

By the word of our Lord, I propose that this trial be retried in Clausel, as there are too many puzzling points.”


The civil official of the legal office didn’t respond obediently to the request, perhaps because he was under the influence of the heroic faction.

But Edgar’s continued words forced him to give up.

“The Lord owes the Clausel family a great debt of gratitude for the boy named Ren Ashton.

He’s therefore willing to lend a helping hand to the end of a story such as this.”

Licia and Weiss had no idea what was going on.

But the civil servant gave up with these words, and Viscount Givens also backed down.

Edgar went to Viscount Givens’ side and asked in a faint voice that only he could hear.

“You seem to be wondering why my Lord moved.”

He smiles like a good-natured old man, but speaks in a cold voice.

“The miracle those two have wrought has enabled the Lord to lend a helping hand without reserve.”

“He…… w lent a helping hand for something of this level!” 


In addition, Ren Ashton saved the life of a certain person…..Oh, speaking of which.”

Edgar said as he walked past.

“Did you say earlier that you’ve succeeded—-”

With these words, he stepped into Clausel alone.


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