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Princess Mia enjoys school life

Seasons come and go.

Time flew by as I returned to St.

Noel and was able to safely complete the student council work that had accumulated.

That day……, Mia, who appeared in the cafeteria of the student dormitory, felt the arrival of summer while looking at the menu.

“Ah, cold soup has increased.”

By the way, in St.

Noel Academy’s student dormitory, only dinner is fixed, and you can freely choose from the menu for breakfast and lunch.

This is partly because they come from many countries and have a wide variety of food preferences, and partly because it is a good opportunity to learn about the cultures of other countries.

If you want to, this cafeteria is a place where you can learn about the food cultures of other countries in great detail.

……That’s why there are problems like the menu renewal the other day.

“It’s cool this year, so I wasn’t conscious of it at all… it’s almost summer, isn’t it”

At that time, suddenly Mia seems to have forgotten something… I was seized with such a premonition.

“Haha… Summer…

After thinking about it, Mia got an answer.


“Oh, come to think of it, the summer exams are coming up soon… But, well, it’s a little different… Even if it’s a little bad… Worst case, if I can just advance…”

Due to Rafina’s policy, St.

Noel has a strict system for a school attended by aristocratic children.

Poor test results can affect promotion.

There is no mercy there.

No matter how high a person he is, he can’t do it when he can’t advance.

Anyway…that’s when you get a really bad mark.

Mia was never able to study, but if she did her best, she possessed the memorization power to the extent that she could somehow overcome it.

“I can do my best if I have something sweet… and this time, I should do my best with that…”

And so on, I was thinking about something easy, so maybe the drumstick hit me.

Rafina, who I met in the dining room, said something shocking to Mia.

“Oh, come to think of it, Mr.

Mia, the exams before summer are coming soon.”

“It’s already that time.

Time flies so fast.”

It was supposed to be such a casual conversation… but…

“Next time, I’m thinking of bringing it up at the student council, but lately there are a lot of people whose exam results aren’t very good.”

“Well, that’s not good.”

Mia herself, if anything, belongs to the bad side, but that’s it…

Mia replied with a face that seemed to be someone else’s problem.

It was, but…

“So, I know that Mia-san is busy, so I’m very sorry, but… I’m thinking of launching a campaign with the student council.”



The test results of students with good grades are posted in the hallway to motivate everyone.”

“I see, so you do that too…”

Below half, above the lowest layer, that is Mia’s fixed position on the previous time axis.

Therefore, that campaign was originally something that had nothing to do with Mia… but…

“So, it’s fine for ordinary students, but I think we need to show ourselves in a position to lead.”

Mia sensitively sensed the flow of the slightly stinking story.

“Eh, um, what is that…”

“Simply put, every year, the exam scores for the student council officers are announced in front of everyone.”


Mia opens her mouth wide open.

“Well, that’s…, even if the score is good or bad”

“Yeah, that’s right.

Well, I think Mia-san will probably be fine, but I’ve been busy lately, so I thought I might not be able to study, just in case.

Oh, but my score is bad.

But, if it’s not so bad that you can’t advance, then there’s nothing wrong, so don’t worry about it.”

Rafina said with a smile.

But Mia can’t stay calm.

Because, even with this, even Mia has pride!

――Well, if I get a bad mark… Abel is kind, so he might think I’m in a bad mood, but if Shion sees… I’m sure he’ll laugh at me.

To say the least, it’s just embarrassing.

It doesn’t lead to execution, it doesn’t mean you’re caught in a dungeon.

“Better than the guillotine…” Those are magic words.

Apart from that, even if you fail something and get embarrassed, Mia’s best escape is to think that it’s better than the guillotine.

Well, there is…

Despite the fact that the student council as a whole has poor grades and has been scolding and encouraging them, the student council president himself has a bad score.

…… Well, even if it’s not bad, it’s not at all impressive.

What happens when that happens…

―― Now, it’s exposed! I’m too embarrassed to die.

Moreover, every year before summer vacation, the student council president has to give a speech.

Even if you ask Rafina or someone else for the manuscript… it’s Mia herself who reads it with a great attitude.

On the day when I got a bad mark in the last test even though I had to go to such a place…

――Th, everyone’s gaze hurts too much… It looks like I’m going to be pierced by a gaze that’s not comparable to the time of the presidential election!

Just because the situation is better than the guillotine doesn’t mean it’s something you can endure.

I didn’t want to expose myself to such shame.

In addition, if you take such a disrespectful attitude, how will Rafina, who gave you the chairman’s seat, react

“I think Mia-san will be fine, but…”

That smile scares Mia.

It doesn’t even matter whether it’s embarrassing or not embarrassing.

It is becoming a matter of whether or not to step on the tail of a wild beast.

Mia is standing on the brink of whether or not to step on the sleeping lion, Rafina’s tail!

――Hey, this, I can’t do anything bad!

Mia showed Rafina a relaxed smile,

“Of course! Of course it is.”

Saying it strongly, I hit my chest.

But… Cold sweat was running down her back like a waterfall.

“Ufufu, as expected of Mia-san.

Also, I’m worried about Saffias-san…”

After bowing to Rafina who muttered such a thing, Mia left the dining room like a rabbit.

This week is also a run-up period.

Chilling Mia at school.

In terms of ○○ story, up until last week was the Academy City story, and this week it feels like the “Summer vacation story prologue”.


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