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Taking out the phone from her purse, a message appeared on her screen.

Sachiel Luo: Princess, It’s so terrible! T.T

Yaeger instantly replied after seeing the message.

Yaeger: What’s going on

Sachiel Luo: I feel so terrible, Princess!

Yaeger: What happened Why

Sachiel Luo: I don’t know how to express it.

I just feel terrible! Sob sob sob sob!

‘Is your period here’ Yaeger slightly tilted her head.

Although she was currently in her female form, she had no idea if a woman’s mood would become volatile when they were menstruating.

Actually, no.

She probably won’t even menstruate ever.

After all, she had the Celestial Bloodline.

Yaeger: You should take a break and take a walk outside if you’re in a bad mood.

She didn’t know how to comfort others so she could only respond this way.

Beep Beep!

She received a reply right away.

Sachiel Luo: I’m not going out since there are 10 bodyguards following me.

No, there are more than 30 of them by now.

It’s a torture to go out! Sob sob sob, Princess.

I’m so upset~

Yaeger: Are you still living in that suite

After some deliberation, she realized that she had been busy with all sorts of affairs ever since she was reborn and had no time to spend with Sachiel at all.

Now that she could afford some free time, she was thinking about compensating for it.

Although in this lifetime, their relationship would never be the same again.

‘Sachiel likes Yaeger, but Yaeger will never interact much with her.

So, Princess will have to be the replacement.’

“What a messy relationship.” Yaeger shook her head lightly.

Beep Beep!

Sachiel replied in an instant.

As expected of someone who was single since birth, her hand dexterity was incredible.

Sachiel Luo: Yes.

Princess, are you coming over Wow, I’m so happy!

Yaeger: Keep it a secret.

I’ll come here secretly and take you outside.

In the Presidential Suite of Rosen Hotel.

Sachiel’s hands trembled slightly as she held the phone.

She stared at the screen in disbelief as she breathed rapidly.

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‘Pr… Princess is coming to take me away! This… It feels so sneaky.

As if we’re eloping~’

She couldn’t help but blush after thinking about it and then shook her head heavily.

“Both of us are girls.

We’re not really eloping! Well… we’re just leaving sneakily to have some fun!”

Moreover, upon realizing that both of them were secretly going out in the middle of the night, her heart started beating madly.

“Agh! What nonsense are you thinking about, Sachiel Luo.

Princess just wants to take me outside for some relaxation.

Why is your heart beating so fast” Although she said that, she still felt an indescribable sense of eagerness in her heart.

Both of them were obviously girls.



It’s rare for such a thing to happen.

What should I wear for the occasion”

Lowering her head, Sachiel noticed her attire—a white short-sleeved T-shirt, and a white yoga pants.

It was incredibly plain and boring.

Such attire would never make her seem like a rich heiress, which she was.

Unlike Nangong, Sachiel adopted the minimalistic style in fashion.

The clothing she wore seemed very plain but they were actually incredibly expensive.

Nangong had commissioned every piece of clothing to be made with the best materials.

They were literally unique and irreplaceable.

“No way.

If I go out wearing these clothes, It’ll be a catastrophe when I stand beside her!” Remembering that Princess looked dazzling wearing a red dress when they first met, she couldn’t help but feel a little sense of inferiority.

Sachiel had almost never felt such feelings ever since she was born.

As the young lady of the Luo Family, which was 1 of the 4 Major Families in Roc City, she was privileged in every way and had no equal among her peers.

However, Princess had seemingly appeared out of thin air and came to her.

It was natural to feel inferior when she compared herself to the most beautiful woman on Earth.

“Agh!” Sachiel sighed lightly.

“Not only are you super beautiful, but you’re actually also a super prodigy from a super family.

I can’t win, I just can’t win.”

The rumor about Princess being a prodigy that hailed from an unknown Hidden Clan was already known to everyone within the upper-class’ social circles.

As she continued to display her outrageous talent, these rumors were slowly accepted as the truth.

Not to mention Sachiel, even Pixie had already believed it.

It happened because of one single reason: Any ordinary family would never produce a martial artist who had insane levels of talent.

(Yaeger: You wot)

“Oh no.

All my clothes are minimalistic!” Sachiel was depressed after ransacking her wardrobe.

“If I knew any better, I’d tell my aunt to prepare some beautiful and fancy…”

Before she finished speaking, a melodious voice was heard in the room, “You can just keep wearing those clothes.

It’s better to keep it natural.”

“Waaah!” Sachiel was so startled that she nearly jumped.

However, her massive shock instantly subsided after noticing that familiar figure.

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“Princess, you scared me!” She grumbled in a whisper.

“I’m sorry.

I jumped in directly because your window’s open.” Yaeger smiled.

“How are you so fast, Princess” Sachiel calmed down and asked.

“I happen to be close by.” That KFC store was indeed not far from the Rosen Hotel.

Although that only applied if someone had Yaeger’s speed.

By now, she would literally be as fast as a gust of wind if she traveled at full speed.

Knock Knock Knock!

At this moment, intense knocking was heard.

Then, a voice was heard.

“Lil’ Sachiel, are you alright”

Naturally, the person who spoke was Nangong, who heard Sachiel’s scream.

Sachiel was about to respond but she saw Yaeger pointing at her and then forming a cross with her hands.

Seeing such a gesture, she instantly understood it and then said, “I’m fine.

I spotted a cockroach just now!”

After some silence, Nangong spoke again, “I see.

I’ll arrange for someone to handle it tomorrow.

It’s already late, you should sleep.”

“Sure, auntie.

Good night!”

“It’s getting late.

Let’s move.” Yaeger spoke after hearing footsteps traveling further from the room door.

“But I haven’t changed my clothes yet.”

“There’s no need to change.

You can just keep this style.

It looks good.” Yaeger patted her shoulder and smiled.

Sachiel had the sort of natural and unadorned beauty, which was different when compared to Nangong.

Fancy and luxuriant clothing doesn’t suit her.

“Is that so” She covered her small lips and doubted.

“Of course.

What would I gain by lying to you”

“I suppose so.” Sachiel nodded and let out a smile of relief.

The faint sense of inferiority she felt slowly dissipated.

‘That’s right.

We have different styles.

What’s the point of comparing I should just be myself!

Besides, the young aunt and Princess like me for who I am anyway.’

After retrieving a plain white purse from her bedside, Sachiel glanced at Yaeger in anticipation.

“I’m ready, Princess.

Let’s go!” She walked towards the door as she spoke.

“We’re leaving from here.” Yaeger grabbed her hand and pointed to the window.

“Huh” Hearing that, Sachiel was instantly perplexed.

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Before she could even react, Yaeger carried her with a standard ‘princess carry’.

Sachiel was slightly heavier when compared to Yunuen.

However, Yaeger was completely unaffected by her weight all the same.

“Woah…” Sachiel was deeply shocked.

Like a drowning person, she instantly held Yaeger’s neck with both hands.

She was about to shout but stopped herself since she remembered something.

“Let’s go.” Yaeger let out her aura and levitated some miscellaneous objects.

Then, she held Sachiel tightly and jumped out of the window.

Under the moonlight, the dazzling beauty walked across empty air with a mesmerized girl in her arms.


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