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Hearing that, Yaeger put down the hamburger that she took a small bite out of and wiped off the grease on her lips with a paper napkin, then looked at Mylene.

“Tell me the bad news first.”

Mylene was dazed slightly after seeing her gleaming plump lips, then regained focus.

“Sister, the bad news I’m about to tell you… don’t be scared after hearing it.”

“I’m your sister.

I won’t be scared.” Although Yaeger was not so arrogant that she feared literally nothing, only a few things could scare her by now.

Mylene placed her hands on the table and spoke solemnly, “Sister, I heard that you’re now targeted by the Hidden Clans.”

“Hidden Clans Is that some sort of movie” Yaeger tilted her head slightly.

“I’m not interested in being a movie star.”

“That’s not what I mean.”

“Then what is it”

“I’m talking about those illustrious clans that are hidden from the public eye.” Mylene said.

“The Hidden Clans you’re talking about, are they very strong”

“It’s not about whether they’re strong or not.

They’re just really kind of… Very mysterious, and very special clans.

They have countless Masters and a lot of Grandmasters within their ranks.

They’re also very influential.

So they’re very dangerous.” Mylene spoke solemnly.


“Sister, why are you laughing”

“I just thought about something happy.” Yaeger forcefully suppressed her laugh and spoke calmly.

Those so-called Hidden Clans sounded like organizations that would be trampled on by the main protagonist of some sort of crappy web-series.

“What are you happy about” Mylene tilted her head and asked.

“I’ve found an Unique Equipment.”

“Oh… What” Mylene couldn’t react immediately after hearing that.

Once she did, she instantly hushed her voice.

“Are you serious, sister”

Equipment in this game was very valuable.

Any decent Uncommon Equipment would be worth tens of thousands; prices of Rare and Epic Equipment were simply ludicrous.

Especially when it came to the latter, its prices were grossly inflated by now.

Of course, no matter how much people would pay them for, there were no Epic Equipment sold on the open market.

After all, a single Epic Equipment was enough to improve a player, and even a team’s strength, in a substantial manner.

Currently, only a rare few players owned Epic Equipment, not to mention Unique Equipment.

No, it was more appropriate to say that until now, only Yaeger possessed Unique Equipment.

Moreover, it was an unopened Unique Equipment Crate.

Meanwhile, when it came to the [Sword of Eternity], nobody knew Yaeger owned it.

“Of course it’s true.” Yaeger nodded.

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“Sister, you’re so lucky!” Mylene sighed.

She didn’t ask Yaeger details about that Equipment.

“Back on topic.

Sister, those people from the Hidden Clans are really dangerous! Why don’t you move in with me”

Compared to the Equipment in the game, she was more interested in making her lovely sister move into her home.

If they could sleep on the same bed and engage in some friendly gossiping before bed time, it would be even better!

“Those Hidden Clans that you speak of, I suppose they won’t expose themselves easily, right” Yaeger asked in curiosity.

She’d never stayed together with Mylene.

It would be terrible if her identity was exposed somehow.


Due to the treaty, they can’t expose themselves willy-nilly.

However, they could still become active in the outside world if their request was approved.” Mylene said.

“Do you know the reason why they’re targeting me”

Mylene shook her head.

“I’m not sure.

I’ve only heard some information.

I’ll only know the specific reason after my master investigates it.”

“In that case, then let’s ignore them first.” Since those Hidden Clans were restricted in activity, it meant they wouldn’t threaten her safety anytime soon.

Hearing this, Mylene couldn’t help but feel a little regret.

It would be great if she could take this opportunity and make her sister live with her.

“What’s the good news” Yaeger still had other business to handle later, so she can’t be with Mylene for too long.


The good news is that, from now on, you’re a contractor that works for the Ability Management Department!”

Yaeger frowned.

“Why the hell am I a contractor”

She had no intentions to be associated with the Ability Management Department.

“The so-called contractor serves the role of extra help.

Their actions won’t be restrained by the Ability Management Department and they’re also given special privileges that the ordinary person wouldn’t get.”

“Are there any obligations” Yaeger was intrigued after hearing that she wouldn’t be restrained.


Usually, when we encounter massive problems like when we’re dealing with powerful enemies, we’ll require extra help.

Then, we’ll request help from them and they are free to choose whether they wish to help or not.” Mylene explained.

“I see.

Then I’m fine with that.” Being a contractor meant that she could receive lots of extra privileges in the country.

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Mylene then explained in detail.

Now, Yaeger realized that one must reach the Grandmaster Realm in order to become a contractor.

She wasn’t a Grandmaster yet but was already recruited as one.

Hence, it was obvious to see that the higher-ups valued her greatly.

No, it was better to say that the Black Family valued her greatly.

The other illustrious families wouldn’t be that nice to her.

Especially the Dragon Family—they were already generous by not causing her trouble.

Of course, the Dragon Family had no intentions of letting go of her.

They’re just engaged in another conflict so they won’t have any time to deal with Yaeger for now.

“Sister, here’s your badge.

Oh, and your identification card too!” Mylene handed Yaeger a badge and an identification card laminated in plastic.

The latter examined her identification card and instantly breathed a sigh of relief.

It was because the name on it wasn’t [Princess].

Then, the corners of her eyes twitched.

‘What the hell Yae-hime’

“Because you didn’t tell me your original name, so I gave you a name myself.

‘Yae’ is derived from my brother’s name, and ‘hime’ is for noble ladies… Do you like it, sister” Mylene asked in trepidation.

“Why did you use your brother’s name” This name made her feel peculiar feelings.

It’s not because she didn’t like the name, she actually liked it.

But because her own sister had given her this name.

“Because… Because my brother had ‘Yae’ in his name.

If you’re the same too, then it’ll feel a lot closer to me!” Mylene said.

“In that case, why don’t you use part of your name”

“In that case… Wouldn’t it become My-hime” Mylene’s lips twitched slightly after saying those words.

She was holding back her laugh.

Yaeger felt speechless for a moment and also felt glad at the same time.

If she was actually given that name, it would be a tragedy!

Yae-hime… That’s a good name.

I like it a lot!”

Luckily, such a tragedy didn’t happen.

With a happy expression, Yaeger took her Ability Management Department’s badge and identification card.

From this moment onwards, her female form finally had an official name.

After some chit chat, Yaeger decided it was time to leave.

When she was about to say her goodbyes, Mylene glanced at her dinner platter and whispered, “sister, are you going to eat this hamburger”


My appetite’s been terrible lately.”

“Then… Then can I eat it” Mylene’s face blushed slightly as she spoke, “Sis-sister… Don’t misunderstand.

I just feel like it’s not good to be wasteful… And when I was a kid, I often shared my food with my brother…”

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“It’s fine.

Take it.” Yaeger smiled and gave her the hamburger.

However, Mylene didn’t receive the food.

Instead, she opened her small mouth, just like a baby bird waiting to be fed.

As a response, Yaeger cooperated and fed her the hamburger.

Mylene took a small nibble.

It wasn’t exactly tasty but she wasn’t bothered about that at all.

All she wanted was to eat something that was previously eaten by Yaeger.

After taking a bite from the place where Yaeger had eaten previously, Mylene’s heart started beating like crazy.

‘It feels… It feels like I’m kiss… Kissing her… Ah, I’m dying!’

At this moment, Mylene’s face became blushed and her body trembled slightly.

An intense surge of happiness exploded within her and spread across her entire body!


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