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“Thats enough, Eldest Madam.

You should explain your explanation to Old Madam personally at the family banquet tomorrow! As a servant, theres no need to explain so much to me,” Uncle Su said arrogantly, as he looked proudly at Kong Yue, his nose pointed so high that it was about to touch the sky.

Kong Yue looked at this mean-looking old servant and didnt say anything.

Her expression was still gentle and dignified.

It wasnt worth getting angry over such a person.

Butler Zhang, who was standing behind her, tried to lighten the atmosphere.

“Didnt we just hold a family banquet at the old mansion quite recently Why are we holding it again so soon There are no birthdays this month, right”

Uncle Su glared at Butler Zhang and said coldly, “The old lady is thinking about Sixth Miss, who has just returned home.

Whats wrong with welcoming her with a family banquet”

As he spoke, he turned to look at Kong Yue and softened his tone.

“In my opinion, Eldest Madam and Eldest Master were indeed wrong in this matter! Su Qing is a descendant of the Su family.

She has been lost for so many years, and now that shes finally back, she should at least go to the old residence to pay her respects to Old Madam and Old Master, right”

When Su Shui heard someone talking loudly, he walked down the stairs and happened to see a face that irked him.

“Turns out its Butler Su.

When I heard someone criticizing my mother from upstairs with such a domineering voice, I thought for a moment that it was my grandfather who came,” Su Shui said disdainfully as he leaned against the railings on the second floor.

Uncle Sus expression turned cold, as though he was choked by Su Shuis sarcastic words.

How could he be compared to Old Master Su

Su Shui was using the Old Master to pressure him!

Uncle Su glanced at Su Shui and suddenly chuckled.

“So, Fourth Young Master is at home too.

Old Master always talks about you.

Do go over early tomorrow and play chess with him!”

Su Shui nodded lightly.

“Got it.

Go back quickly after youre done.

The security around the old mansion isnt good.

You have to be careful.”

Uncle Su widened his eyes and looked at Su Shui.

He didnt expect the other party to not give him any face and treat him so perfunctorily.

He gritted his teeth and suppressed the anger in his heart.

Without saying goodbye, he turned around and left.

In the past, when Su Zheng, the eldest young master of the Su family, was in the old mansion, he was good and strong in every aspect.

After he got married, he gave birth to five sons, and all of them were outstanding!

However, it just so happened that all of them didnt like the people from the old residence, especially the servants from the older generation who were led by Uncle Su.

The Su family was a very traditional and old-fashioned family.

There were many rules, and every time Su Shui went over, he would get a headache.

In addition, there were always some insensible people wandering in front of him, making him even more unwilling to go over.

Kong Yue sat on the sofa and watched as Su Shui walked down the stairs.

She sighed and pretended to be angry.

“You silly child, why are you arguing with a servant like him We can just ignore him!”

Su Shui sat beside Kong Yue and replied, “Ive always disliked this mean old servant.

He only knows how to rely on the old madams power to suppress others.

Im really annoyed with him.”

It was obvious that Su Shui really hated Uncle Su.

He was so angry that he started talking more!

“What is the Old Madam trying to do this time Why does she always want to gather the troublesome Su family Does she still think that they havent caused enough trouble Which family banquet hasnt caused a huge commotion I think its better not to call it a family banquet.

Its better to call it a gathering to find fault with others and force others to accept certain things!”

Kong Yue knew that Butler Su would definitely badmouth her in front of the old madam again and fabricate stories about her.

However, when she saw her indignant and frustrated fourth son criticizing him, she couldnt help but laugh.

She winked playfully at Su Shui.

“I think youre right.”

The mother and son, who were whispering, leaned close.

Su Shui looked at his mother, who was smiling, and his lips curled up.

In the past, because of her family background, Kong Yue was looked down on by Old Madam Su for many years.

The old madam felt that with Kong Yues background, she was not worthy of Su Zheng, and had only plotted to get married to him so that she could climb the social ladder!

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