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It was originally a live broadcast of selling goods, but in the end, it became Xia Wanyuans online lecture hall.

When Xia Wanyuan introduced the cup, she did not only introduce the source of the image on it.

She could talk about the background of that era from the style of the images.

When it came to flowers and plants, she could also spread them out, from ceramics to clothes, culture, and military.

It was a piece of history, but once she spoke, it was all interesting anecdotes.

The number of people in the live-stream increased.

By the time Xia Wanyuan finished introducing the cup, the number of people online in real time had already exceeded five million.

Unknowingly, two hours had passed.

Xia Wanyuan put down the last luminous cup.

“Alright, todays live broadcast is over.

Lets meet again next time.”

The story suddenly stopped, and everyone woke up from Xia Wanyuans dream.


I havent heard enough.

Goddess, talk for a while more.

Lets buy something.

Ill buy whatever you ask us to, okay]

However, Xia Wanyuan had always been a person who would live-stream for as long as she wanted.

She never dawdled.

Amidst everyones reluctance, Xia Wanyuan ended the live-stream.

[ Amazing, others chase their fans for a live broadcast, but Xia Wanyuan doesnt stay no matter how they beg.

Boohoo, what should I do Shes so gentle, so beautiful, and so talented.

Does such a fairy really exist ]

[While youre crying, Ive already gone to place the order.

I knew that there would be no more stock later.

Those cups are already very beautiful.

After Xia Wanyuans explanation, I feel that theyre even more beautiful.]

[ I just have one question.

Can I get a wife with the cup Someone like Xia Wanyuan is fine.

Im not picky.


At this moment, an account that had been lurking in the audience suddenly replied to this comment.

“No, shes mine.”

The audience wanted to tease which fan was daydreaming again, but when they saw the account name,

Oh, Jun Shiling, 

The audience: Sorry to disturb you.

Were not worthy.

Shes yours.

Shes yours.

No one dares to snatch her from you.

In the end, Xia Wanyuans live-stream not only set a record for the number of people, but also a new record for sales.

There would always be an organization in charge of monitoring all kinds of data in a country.

On this day, the Chinese monitoring organization discovered that

Xia Wanyuan appeared once and could move the economic index on a small scale.

What excited them even more was that

After Xia Wanyuans live broadcast this time, everyone was clearly more interested in traditional culture.

The relevant officials had promoted for countless years, but they could not make everyone turn their gazes to those traditional paintings.

This time, even many unfamiliar paintings and paintings were familiar to everyone.

“Thats not bad.

We can work with Xia Wanyuan and see if shes willing to come to the official television station to lecture once a week.

Its equivalent to a cultural science genre.” The person in charge of the official television station suggested after watching Xia Wanyuans live-stream video.

“I think so too.

Xia Wanyuan has a good image and temperament.

Shes more charismatic than any teacher weve ever found in the past.” Even though they did not want to admit it, they had to recognize the reality.

Young people nowadays looked at faces.

Wherever Xia Wanyuans face went, the attractiveness reached 100%.

“I agree.” “And so do we.”

After asking for everyones unanimous opinion, the official television station officially invited Xia Wanyuan.

Compared to modern people,

Xia Wanyuan, who came from a thousand years ago, had more respect for traditional culture in her bones and valued the inheritance and transmission of culture more.

In her previous life, women could not be teachers, no matter how talented she was.

Now, her dream had been fulfilled.

Xia Wanyuan naturally agreed.

After coordinating the time with Xia Wanyuan, the official television station quickly released a relevant statement.

@ Official television station: “From eight to eleven every Saturday, welcome to @ Xia Wanyuans world.”

The moment the news was released, the netizens, who had been sad about Xia Wanyuan ending the live broadcast, were instantly filled with excitement.

[ Wow, wow, wow.

Six to eleven on Saturday.

Is she that amazing They gave all the prime time to Xia Wanyuan.

Shes the officials daughter, right ]

[Theyre definitely biological.

This is an official television station.

What can I say if they can give the golden date and time to Xia Wanyuan I can only say that you did well! Keep up the good work!]

[Im happy! Im going to find our television remote control that has been sealed for many years.

Who would have thought that I would look forward to a normal program one day]

At this moment, the original intention of the official television station was to borrow Xia Wanyuans power to pass down some outstanding traditional culture so that everyone could value what their ancestors had left behind.

They did not realize that Xia Wanyuans energy was much greater than they had imagined.


The movie “Eldest Princess” was almost done filming at the Beijing Film and Television Base.

Many people would use special effects for current movie backgrounds.

Xia Wanyuan did not reject this special effect that could shock ones eyes, but at the same time, she felt that the magnificent and vast background was actually more important.

No matter how good the special effects were, sometimes, they could not simulate the uncanny workmanship of nature.

In the next few days, Xia Wanyuan had to fly to the major scenic areas in the country with the production team.

Sometimes, they would ride on horses on the vast grassland in the morning and go to the steep mountains in the afternoon to film.

The journey was tiring.

Fortunately, the benefits Xia Wanyuan gave everyone were good.

Although it was hard, everyone was happy and did not have any complaints.

On this day, the production team came to a mountain in the south that was famous for its “dark danger”.

The mountains here were very complicated, and it matched the war scene in the movie where the Eldest Princess used the terrain to win with fewer people.

Since it was known for its danger, the production team naturally had to trek for a while before entering a more suitable filming location.

“Everyone, youve worked hard.

Rest for a while.

Well start filming tonight.” The director held a loudspeaker and spoke to the staff.

Seeing that everyone had set up the tent to rest, the director walked to Xia Wanyuans side.

“Wanyuan, what do you think If you feel uncomfortable, you must tell us.”

It was already very tiring to bring Xia Wanyuan out for outdoor filming.

When he left Beijing, the director felt that if Jun Shilings gaze was tangible, he would already be a sieve.

“Im fine.” Xia Wanyuan waved her hand.

She was spoiled by Jun Shiling, but it was not to the extent that she could not endure this little hardship.

Just as Xia Wanyuan finished speaking, the phone rang.

The director retreated tactfully.

It was obvious who had called.

After all, in the past few days, everyone in the production team had seen how Jun Shiling and Xia Wanyuan were inseparable.

Xia Wanyuan pressed the answer button and sensed the sneaky gazes of the surrounding staff.

Before she could speak, she already laughed in embarrassment.

“Didnt we just talk on the phone CEO Jun, youre so free.

Dont you have to work”

Jun Shiling said confidently, “Im in a meeting.

I asked them to stop for five minutes.”

“… CEO Jun, are you a child Youre so clingy.”

Jun Shiling snorted softly.

“Who asked you to be gone for so long Are you in the mountains”

“Were here.”

“Mm, pay attention to the local weather and observe the terrain more.

Ive arranged for someone to protect you outside the mountain.

Theres a flare in your bracelet.

Press that switch and the people outside the mountain will enter,” Jun Shiling carefully instructed Xia Wanyuan.

Xia Wanyuan touched the beautiful gem bracelet on her wrist and felt a warmth in her heart.

“Okay, I understand.”

“Mm, Im going to a meeting.

Come back early.”


After hanging up, Xia Wanyuan glanced at Lu Li, who was looking over curiously.

“Whats wrong”

Only then did Lu Li dare to lean over.

“Sister Xia, CEO Jun treats you so well.”

It was only at Jun Shilings place that Lu Li saw that no matter how busy a man was, as long as he wanted to, he could find a chance to contact the person he cared about.

Xia Wanyuan did not retort.

She only lowered her head and touched the bracelet on her hand.

Night fell and the mountains began to cool down.

The production team lit torches and began to prepare for this war scene.

However, halfway through the filming, a staff ran over in a panic.

“Oh no, oh no.”

The silent mountain was a little scary to begin with.

With the staff shouting, the directors scalp went numb.

“Why are you so flustered Speak properly.

Whats wrong”

The staff leaned into the directors ear anxiously and said, “Shen Ya is missing.

I heard from her manager that she was still around in the afternoon.

When it got dark, the manager went to the toilet and came back.

Then, Shen Ya was gone.”

“What!” The directors eyes widened.

“Then hurry up and find her!”

In the production team, what they feared the most was such a thing.

There would not be any jackals, tigers, or leopards in the mountains here, but it was late at night and a girl was wandering in the mountains.

If she missed her footing or something, the director shook his head and threw out the terrifying thought in his mind.

Since she was gone, the filming naturally could not continue.

Initially, the production team was prepared to leave after filming, but now, it was an extravagant hope.

Everyone could only raise their torches and spread out to look for her.

Xia Wanyuan walked over and looked at Shen Yas manager.

“Where was the last time she appeared”

Shen Ya did not have many scenes in the movie, but in this war scene, she happened to play the wife of a general who had colluded with the rebel army, so they came to film the outside scene together.

The manager thought back.

“In the afternoon, after she was criticized by the director and you, she was a little unhappy.

I comforted her a little and saw that her mood had improved, so I went to the toilet.

When I returned, she was already gone.”

“What do you mean” The director was furious when he heard this.

No matter how straight he was, he could tell that his manager was hinting that he and Xia Wanyuan had forced her away.

In the afternoon, when they were filming, Shen Yas attitude was not good.

The director said a few words to her.

When it was time to act with Xia Wanyuan, because she could not withstand Xia Wanyuans aura, Shen Ya was a little lazy.

Xia Wanyuan also said something to her.

This was normal in the production team, but in this situation, the manager suddenly said this as if he was shirking his responsibility.

Shen Yas manager laughed dryly.

“Director, look at what youre saying.

Thats not what I meant.

Youre thinking too much.”

However, when he lowered his head, a haze flashed across his eyes.

Shen Ya was an artiste he had brought over.

Now that she was gone, if anything happened, how could he survive in the entertainment industry

“Hmph.” The director rolled his eyes.

“Alright, shes already gone, yet youre still pushing the blame here.

Arent you going to find her”

Only then did the manager turn around and walk away with the flashlight.

On the other hand, Xia Wanyuan stared thoughtfully at the managers back, thinking about something.

The director looked at Xia Wanyuan.

“Wanyuan, we cant film tonight anyway.

Why dont I send a car to send you down the mountain first”

The mountain was cold and damp.

The director was afraid that Xia Wanyuan would freeze to death.

Xia Wanyuan shook her head.

“Its nothing.

Ill wait with you.” Everyone was on the mountain, and she felt bad going down alone.

“That works too.” The director nodded.

“Lets wait here.

Ive already called the police.”

At this point, Xia Wanyuan suddenly thought of the bracelet Jun Shiling had given her.

She greeted the director and returned to the tent.

After pressing a protruding button inside the bracelet, a contactable screen appeared above the bracelet.

Once the signal was connected, someone on the other end spoke.

“Madam, what help do you need”

Xia Wanyuan searched for a photo of Shen Ya on the Internet and sent it over.

“Find this person and see if shes gone down the mountain.”


Turning off the button, Xia Wanyuan lay on the chair and rested for a while.

Halfway through, Lu Li walked in and secretly covered Xia Wanyuan with a blanket, then guarded her.

Time passed bit by bit.

Slowly, a white line appeared on the horizon and footsteps came from outside.

Xia Wanyuan opened her eyes.

She had not rested well and subconsciously frowned.

Outside the door, the directors loud voice came.

“How is it Have you found her”

“Director, the police have already searched for her with police dogs for the entire night, but they still havent found her.

Could this Shen Ya have secretly gone down the mountain”

At that moment, a reply came from Xia Wanyuans bracelet.

It showed that no one had left the mountain since the production team went up yesterday.

The director was extremely worried and could only look pleadingly at the police officer standing at the side.

“Captain Qin, what should we do Should we go down the mountain and search again”

Now, with every minute that passed, the directors heart sank.

He prayed that Shen Ya had gone down the mountain long ago.

If she was still in the mountains and they had not found her after a night, something might have happened.

Qin Bos sharp eyes swept across everyone present.

“Who was the last person to see Shen Ya”

Manager Han Qiu stood up.

“Its me.”

“Before Shen Ya left, was there anything wrong with her emotions”

Han Qiu glanced at the director.

“Yes, the director and Xia Wanyuan criticized her.

She said that she was in a bad mood and wanted to go out for a walk.

I persuaded her.

When I came back from the toilet, she disappeared.”

As soon as Han Qiu finished speaking, the rest of the production team began to discuss.

Qin Bo gestured for them to stop.

“Alright, lets go down the mountain and look for her first.

Everyone, dont make private guesses.”

Qin Bo and Han Qiu had already left, but the seeds of suspicion had been planted in everyones hearts.

For a moment, everyone in the production team was panicking, and the filming progress was delayed.

In the room, Xia Wanyuan thought for a while and contacted Jun Shilings subordinates again.

“Go into the mountains and look for the northwest corner.

Ask the local natives if there are any hidden mountain roads here.”

“Okay,” the other party replied and quickly cut the signal.

Xia Wanyuan walked out of the room.

Some people looked at her strangely.

After all, according to Han Bo, Shen Ya had run away in a bad mood because she had been criticized by Xia Wanyuan.

Although Xia Wanyuan was not the person who had directly caused Shen Ya to go missing, she was still considered an indirect murderer.

“Theyre so annoying.

Its obvious that Shen Yas psychological endurance is poor.

Besides, its not certain if its because shes in a bad mood.

I think that Han Qiu doesnt look like a good person.” Lu Li sensed everyones strange gazes and felt indignant for Xia Wanyuan.

Xia Wanyuan glanced at Lu Li.

“You dont like Han Qiu”

Lu Li nodded.

“I feel like hes not a good person.”

Xia Wanyuan smiled.

“Chen Yun shouldnt have called you stupid every day.”

Actually, Lu Lis perception was still quite sharp.

She also felt that Han Qiu was a little strange.

Qin Bo and Han Qiu did not return to the production team for the entire morning.

At that moment, the sun gradually rose and dispersed the fog in the mountains.

As time passed, the temperature became higher and higher, but everyones hearts became colder and colder.

An inexplicable anxiety spread throughout the production team.

There were many people in the production team, so there were always some people who secretly sold all the information in the production team to the gossip media.

Before the police could give a final conclusion, the judges on Weibo had already analyzed the case logically.

“According to reliable news, someone died in the production team ofEldest Princess.

I heard that it was because Xia Wanyuan scolded Shen Ya.

Shen Ya could not withstand the pressure and ran out herself, falling off the cliff and dying.”

[… Are you serious Dont talk nonsense about this, okay]

[ Im speechless.

Why does everyone have to drag Xia Wanyuan down If Shen Ya doesnt film properly, cant Xia Wanyuan say a word Are D-list actresses nowadays so precious Just because shes blind, shes unreasonable ]

[ I believe that Xia Wanyuan is not an easy person to approach.

She also ignores words.

She probably hit Shen Yas pride.

Someone died this time, right Lets see how she ends this.


There were many suspicions online.

For a time, Shen Ya became the center of public opinion.

Shen Ya, a small actress who had never been noticed by anyone before, instantly had millions of fans whose “heart ached for her” and felt “sad for her” after being announced by the marketing account.

The production team quickly responded.

The official production team of “Eldest Princess”: “Weve already handed everything over to the public security department.

Everything has its own official judgment.

Please dont listen to the rumors and spread them.”

However, the netizens could not care less.

In their opinion, the official production teams response was evasive and did not tell them if Shen Ya was still alive.

Many people who wanted to speak up for Shen Ya surged into the production team and demanded an explanation. Why did they lose her when they were filming a movie 

It was already past noon.

After knowing what had happened to Xia Wanyuan, Jun Shiling specially sent someone to help search.

Finally, at three in the afternoon, they found Shen Ya.

When he learned of this news, the director was so happy that he almost knelt down and offered incense.

“Where is she Where is she Quickly bring her over.

Were going down the mountain together.”

The other police officers looked like they wanted to say something but hesitated.

Only Qin Bo was very direct.

“When we found Shen Ya, she had already been sinking in the lake for a day and a half.”

As Qin Bo spoke, a subordinate carried a stretcher over.

A person lay on it with a white cloth covering her.

From the high heels, one could tell that this was Shen Ya.

The director was stunned.

“Whats going on”

Someone died from filming What should we do

Qin Bo gestured for his subordinates to carry her away.

“We still need to do a further inspection.

Ill take her away.

Go down the mountain quickly.

Were going to seal the scene.”

The police were very efficient.

Not long after, the entire production team was brought down the mountain.

Lu Li followed Xia Wanyuan fearfully.

“Sister Xia, why do I feel so frightened”

Although that Shen Ya was a little pretentious and domineering, this was a living human life.

It was too scary to lose it just like that.

Xia Wanyuan did not respond to Lu Li.

She was thinking about herself.

The police were doing their best to investigate Shen Yas death.

On the other hand, the news of Shen Yas death had already spread throughout the Internet.

The treatment that Shen Ya had dreamed of becoming famous on the Internet was completed at the moment of her death.

Unfortunately, she would never see this scene again.

[F*ck, shes really dead Is “Eldest Princess”‘s production team poisonous They got her to the mountain to film in the middle of the night Is it on purpose]

[Hey, hey, hey, the person in front, everyone in the film industry knows that filming at night is very normal.

Otherwise, do you think we can rely on post-production to photoshop it into the day]

[So what if shes filming She clearly knows that the other partys mental endurance is poor, yet she still scolded the actors.

Are actors not worth anything now Now, shes scolded to death.

Its unreasonable for the production team not to be responsible.]

Instantly, the netizens were filled with righteous indignation.

It was as if they had seen Shen Ya being forced to death by the production team in public.

A large number of people surged into the production teams official Weibo and asked them to apologize to Shen Ya.

The production team had no choice but to seek help from the director.

The director was in no mood to care about this.

His heart was in a mess, and he began to reflect on himself. Did I say too much yesterday

“Sigh, I shouldnt have scolded her yesterday.” However, if he didnt scold her, the director wouldnt be appeased.

Shen Yas acting skills were really bad, and she did not listen to instructions, making the director furious.

Xia Wanyuan walked over.

“Didnt something happen to her after she was scolded”

“Huh” The director looked at Xia Wanyuan.

“What do you mean”

Xia Wanyuans eyes flickered.

“Dont blame yourself.

The polices results should be out soon.”

The director was filled with doubts, but looking at Xia Wanyuans cold side profile, he did not dare to continue asking.

He could only sigh in his heart.

After filming this movie, he was going to retire directly. Why should I film a movie All the actors were ancestors.

I could not hit or scold them.

If I scolded them, they would die. 

The director squatted in the corner and sighed.

However, not long after, Qin Bo arrived and saved the director.

“The results of the examination are out.

Shen Ya has a long history of taking drug stimulants.

We detected a high concentration of D-grade in her body.

On the night of the incident, she must have just taken drugs and was overly excited.”

The director was relieved when he suddenly thought of something.

“Then why didnt anyone notice that she was so excited There are so many staff in the production team.

She cant possibly run out herself, right”

Hearing the directors words, Qin Bo nodded.

“Yes, she really cant escape alone.

Han Qiu is her companion, and the same medicine was detected in Han Qius body.”

In front of so many people, there was another sentence that Qin Bo did not say.

That was, Han Qius body fluids had been detected in Shen Yas body.

The outcome of the matter was very clear.

After Han Qiu and Shen Ya took the medicine, they ran to a quiet place to have fun while everyone was preparing to film.

Unexpectedly, the road was slippery at night and the two of them were too excited.

Shen Ya fell off the cliff.

Afraid that the matter would be exposed, Han Qiu hurriedly returned and deliberately wanted to push the blame to the director and Xia Wanyuan.

The director probed, “Then Han Qiu”

“He has already been controlled by us and confessed all the facts.” Qin Bo was the captain of this city, so his words naturally represented the final certification of authority.

Although it was a pity that a life had disappeared, everyone in the production team was slightly relieved.

Fortunately, it was not because of a conflict that caused Shen Yas death.

If that was really the case, no one could bear the responsibility.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

The production team, who had been silent for a day and night, finally regained some liveliness.

“Alright, alright.

Thank you.

Ill go greet the others,” the director said and ran to the crowd, instructing them not to spread rumors.

In this corner, only Xia Wanyuan and Qin Bo were left.

Qin Bos gaze finally met Xia Wanyuans.

Her cold eyes seemed to be able to penetrate everything and reach ones heart.

Qin Bo smiled.


Jun, youre frightened.

This has nothing to do with you.

Well help you clarify.”

Xia Wanyuan looked into Qin Bos eyes.

Suddenly, her gaze shifted to Qin Bos feet.

He was wearing black leather shoes that were stained with a lot of mud.

“Captain Qin, youve worked hard.”

Qin Bo frowned slightly, but his expression did not change.

“Serving everyone is what we should do.”

Xia Wanyuan smiled in confusion.

“Captain Qin, arent you going to investigate further Han Qiu doesnt look like someone who takes drugs, right”

The corners of Qin Bos lips twitched and his eyes were sharp.


Jun, youve been protected very well for a long time.

Im afraid you dont know much about peoples evil hearts.

Han Qiu only looks honest, but hes actually a drug addict who has been taking drugs for a long time.”

Xia Wanyuans gaze moved away from Qin Bos feet and looked at him again.

“Mm, people are sinister.

Its indeed not easy to see through them.”

Qin Bo met Xia Wanyuans gaze.

His eyes were firm and filled with loyalty, but there was sweat spreading on the seam of his pants.

After a while, Xia Wanyuan acted as if nothing had happened.

The corners of her lips curled up into a smile.

“Captain Qin, you and your subordinates have worked so hard.

I got someone to send them gifts.

Dont worry, they were sent according to the amount in your regulations.

They wont cross the line.”

“Then thank you, Madam Jun, for being so considerate of us.” Qin Bo crossed his arms and bowed to Xia Wanyuan.

“Youre too kind.” Xia Wanyuan smiled and casually glanced at Qin Bos cupped fist wrist.

There was a very inconspicuous dent at the wrist joint.

“Captain Qin, please.”

“Okay, call me if you need anything.”

Xia Wanyuan nodded.

After Qin Bo turned around and took a few steps, she suddenly said, “Captain Qin.”

Qin Bo turned around with confusion in his eyes.

“Whats wrong”

“Captain Qin, do you like BD watches” Xia Wanyuan asked seriously.

Qin Bo smiled.

“Madam Jun, you flatter me.

With my salary, I cant afford such a watch.”

“Its okay.

Captain Qin is a young talent.

You can always afford it.” Xia Wanyuans tone was sincere, as if she was really encouraging Qin Bo.

“Then thank you for your blessings, Madam Jun.” Qin Bo nodded, then turned around and strode away.

Behind her, Xia Wanyuan narrowed her eyes.

Jun Shiling often wore a BD watch, so Xia Wanyuan was very familiar with it.

There was a small special watch buckle on the lower right side of this brand.

If it was squeezed, this special-shaped watch buckle would form a small depression on the skin.

And the small mark on Qin Bos wrist just now was extremely familiar to Xia Wanyuan.

Jun Shiling had never worn a watch lower than seven digits.

According to what she knew, Qin Bo was a captain from an ordinary family.

Who gave him such a watch Or, who was giving him money 

“Sister Xia.” Lu Li had just finished a call with Chen Yun and explained everything to him.

Then, she clarified all the rumors against Xia Wanyuan on Weibo.

When she ran in to look for Xia Wanyuan, she realized that Xia Wanyuan had been standing there for a long time, thinking about something.

“Whats wrong” Xia Wanyuan pushed down all the thoughts in her mind.

“The director said that weve already taken half of the scenes last night.

The mountain has been sealed and we cant go up.

Well replace the rest with other scenes and leave here tomorrow.” Lu Li reported her schedule to Xia Wanyuan in detail.

“Mm.” Xia Wanyuan nodded.

“Go out and play tonight.

The night market here is quite lively.”

“Okay, but Sister Xia, arent you going out with me” Lu Li was overjoyed to hear that she could take a short leave.

“No, I want to rest.” She had not slept well last night and was dizzy from a lot of things during the day.

Xia Wanyuan wanted to stay alone.


After Lu Li left, Xia Wanyuan slept in a daze in her room.

She only woke up slowly at nine in the evening.

On WeChat, Lu Li had sent her many messages.

Xia Wanyuan returned a call.

Soon, Lu Li came up with food.

She had just returned from the night market and was carrying a pile of things and some snacks.

“Here, Sister Xia, eat.” Lu Li handed the chopsticks to Xia Wanyuan and arranged the food.

Xia Wanyuan happened to be hungry and slowly enjoyed the food in front of her.

Lu Li fiddled with the things she had obtained from the night market.

Xia Wanyuan casually glanced at it and saw something flash in Lu Lis hand.

She suddenly paused.

“Show me the safety talisman just now.”

Lu Li looked at her in confusion and handed the ancient talisman to Xia Wanyuan.


“Mm.” Xia Wanyuan took it and saw the familiar words on it.

She frowned in confusion.


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