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Beijing Hospital.

Jun Shiling and Xia Wanyuan had just walked to the door of the operating theater when Shen Xiu walked out.

“Miss Weis injuries are serious.

Fortunately, she was sent in time.

The other doctors are doing the specific suturing work.

I came out to tell you about her condition first.”

“Thank you.” Jun Shiling nodded at Shen Xiu.

After reporting the situation, Shen Xiu went to the office and gathered the relevant people to sort out Wei Jins situation.

“Its okay.” Jun Shiling held Xia Wanyuans hand tightly.

“Look, Shen Xiu already said that theres no problem.”

“Mm.” Xia Wanyuan was only a little angry.

She had always been a protective person.

Seeing Wei Jin tortured to this extent, she felt that she had hit Zhang Yi too lightly.

Jun Shiling could tell what she was thinking at a glance.

“Be good, calm down.”

Xia Wanyuan yawned and buried herself in Jun Shilings arms.

“Im sleepy.”

The hospital had provided a special lounge for the VIPs.

Jun Shiling pulled Xia Wanyuan in.

“Lie down for a while.

Ill call you after the surgery.”

The surgery lasted for a long time.

It was not until dawn that Wei Jin was pushed out.

Her body was covered in bandages.

Jun Shiling woke Xia Wanyuan up and the two of them went to the ward.

Wei Jin half-opened her eyes and saw the tired Xia Wanyuan.

Her eyes burned.

In desperation, someone pulled me up.

Fortunately, Xia Wanyuan was my cousin.

Fortunately, I had met Xia Wanyuan.

Xia Wanyuan patted Wei Jins hand.

“Rest well.

Leave the rest to me.”

Wei Jin blinked gently.

When Jun Shiling brought Xia Wanyuan back to the manor, he bumped into the plaintive cameraman.

Only then did he remember that they were still recording the show.

Last night, something had suddenly happened and he had not had time to greet the production team.

[ Ahhh, Im waiting for someone to die.

I want to see Xia Wanyuan, I want to see CEO Jun.


[Can I wait for a little cutie Where did my little darling go]

In the live-stream, the audience was already extremely anxious.

They were shocked to see the tired Xia Wanyuan.

Where did Xia Wanyuan go Why is she in such a bad state 

Jun Shiling pulled Xia Wanyuan in and instructed Uncle Wang, “Bring Xiao Bao back from Old Masters house and let him play with the audience.

Madam wont be on camera today.”

“Yes.” Uncle Wang received Jun Shilings instructions and hurriedly sent someone to the courtyard to pick Xiao Bao up.

The old master doted on Xiao Bao and secretly stuffed him with many snacks.

The moment Xiao Bao got out of the car, many sweets fell out of his hat and pocket.

Xiao Bao was so frightened that his eyes widened.

He secretly looked around and did not see Jun Shiling.

He patted his chest.

“I was scared me to death.

Fortunately, Daddy is not around.”

What he did not know was that his actions had already been recorded by the cameras and sent to the live-stream.

[ Ow ow ow ow, little dumpling, I really can!! Youre so cute! ]

[CEO Jun knows us too well.

In order to let his wife rest a little more, he caught the little dumpling back.

Hahaha, I think this exchange is okay.

I can watch the child play for the entire day!]

[I really want to kiss the little kids face.

Ah, I smell milk.

Its too cute.

If I die, what can I eat to give birth to such a cute little baby]

Xiao Bao sensed that a camera was following him, so he leaned forward.

His exquisite facial features were reflected on the camera, making the audiences hearts soften.

“Grandpa Wang, where are my daddy and mommy” Xiao Bao wrinkled his nose and sniffed.

He could smell the fragrance of his mommy. Mommy must be back. 

“Madam is resting upstairs.

Young Master instructed me to let you play downstairs alone.

When its time, do your homework yourself.” Uncle Wang looked at Xiao Bao lovingly.

“…” Xiao Bao puffed up his face.

“Grandpa Wang, can you not mention your homework Ill go up and see Mommy first.”

During this period of time, Xia Wanyuan had been busy with work and Xiao Bao had not been able to see her much.

Now that Xia Wanyuan was finally at home, Xiao Bao had to visit her no matter what.

“Little Master, Madam is resting.

Be quiet.”

“Mm!” Xiao Bao nodded, then took off his shoes.

Wearing a pair of socks, he carefully stepped on the floor and walked upstairs, afraid of disturbing Xia Wanyuan in the bedroom.

[Is such a cute and sensible child distributed for free by the country I just want to ask where to get it.

Ill line up now.]

[ Little warm man, you still know how to take off your shoes and look for Mommy.

Youre afraid of waking Xia Wanyuan up.

My eyes turn sour.

The little kid must love Xia Wanyuan very much, so he knows to take good care of her at such a young age.


[Stop talking.

Im in the delivery room, waiting for a position online.

How can I give birth to such a cute little child]


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