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Chapter 962: Scolded the Deputy City Mayor


Xi Ping Third Middle School field.

Dong Xuebing had a foul mouth, and Tom, Dick, or Harry was an insult to all the leaders there.

They were furious.

Deputy District Mayor Chu shouted.

“How dare you say that”

Dong Xuebing glanced at him.

“Who are you Why do you care about what I say”

Feng Jie stared at Dong Xuebing coldly.

“Director Dong, whats the meaning of this”

“Oh, you know me” Dong Xuebing feigned ignorance and looked beside him.

“Who are these people”

Zhuzhu, Fei Fan, and the rest were dumbfounded.

They wanted to laugh but dare not.

Their bodies trembled from holding back their laughter.

“Director, this is Mayor Feng.” They knew Director Dong might not have interacted with Mayor Feng, but he should recognize him.

After all, they were working at the same place and should have met before.

They understood Dong Xuebings mean character, and he was taking revenge on Deputy Mayor Feng for disrupting their investigation.

Dong Xuebing blinked and asked.

“City Mayor Feng Which Mayor Feng”

Fei Fan coughed.

“He is our citys Mayor Feng.”

“Oh, I remember now.” Dong Xuebing went over and shook Feng Jies hand.

“Oh, you are City Mayor Feng You should have told me earlier.

We have never met before, and I thought you were a construction worker….

Ops… sorry….

I am not good with words.

Please dont be offended.”

Construction worker!

You thought the Deputy City Mayor was a construction worker!

Zhuzhu, Ning Shaoyang, and the rest almost fainted.

Liu Hanqing choked and started coughing.

Feng Jies face changed.

“Fine… fine….

Director Dong!”

Dong Xuebing laughed.

“Look at you.

Why are you getting mad I could not control my mouth and could not stop rumbling.

Oh, why are you here”

A staff behind shouted.

“Mayor Feng is here for an inspection!”

“Thats great.” Dong Xuebing laughed.

“We are here for an inspection too.

Lets inspect together.”

Dong Xuebing was a hooligan in the government service and was not afraid of anyone.

Others might be afraid of Deputy City Mayor Feng, but not him, despite the wide gap in ranks.

His wife, Xie Huilan, is a Deputy City Mayor too, and Feng Jies position could not suppress him.

He was no longer the low-ranking and head-bowing government staff a few years ago.

Furthermore, Feng Jie was here to create trouble for him and question his subordinates.

He also competed with Huilan for a place on the City Party Committee.

Feng Jie had only heard about Dong Xuebing, and it was his first time seeing his working style.

He had never met anyone so aggressive in the government service.

He was not used to it and did not want to argue with Dong Xuebing.

Feng Jie was furious and walked away.

Dong Xuebing smiled as he looked at Feng Jie and his men walking away.

You all are too green to be quarreling with me.

Zhuzhu and Fei Fan looked at Dong Xuebing impressively.

They felt embarrassed after being questioned by Deputy City Mayor Feng, and Director Dong chased them away in a few minutes.

They could never learn this skill.

After they left, Dong Xuebing said.

“Continue with the investigations.

If we cannot do it secretly, we will do it openly.

Anyway, our identities are exposed.”

Zhuzhu asked.


What about Mayor Feng”

“Just ignore them.” Dong Xuebing said.

“Tell anyone who has a problem to look for me.”

At this moment, the two security guards at the entrance walked over.

They stood there and watched them warily.

They seemed to be instructed to watch them.

Dong Xuebing looked at the security guards coldly.

“Carry on with your job! The Commission for Discipline Inspection is investigating a case.

What has it got to do with you!”

The security guards stopped and dared not go closer.

They stood some distance away, looking at them.

They saw the Deputy City Mayor and their Xi Ping District Deputy Mayor getting chased away by this guy.

“Director, we are continuing with our work.” Fei Fan said.

“Go on.

Be alert.” Dong Xuebing said.

Fei Fan and Zhuzhu had gone on a mission with Dong Xuebing, and it felt good.

They do not need to worry about offending anyone during the investigation, as Director Dong would shoulder all the blame.

They only need to focus on their job.

It might sound like a minor issue, but previously, the leaders they worked with feared offending others.

Everyone continued with their investigation.

Dong Xuebing followed behind, looking around.

He overheard Feng Jie, Deputy District Mayor Chu, and their men talking in front.

“How long will it take for the school buildings to be completed” Feng Jie asked.

Deputy District Mayor replied.

“The building in front is almost completed except for renovation and painting.

The building beside is still under construction, and it should be ready around the end of next month.”

Feng Jie nodded.


What about the work quality”

“Dont worry.

We had been monitoring it closely.” Deputy District Mayor pointed to some construction material on the ground.


These are the materials we use and are the top-grade materials in our country.”

Fen Jie picked up a piece and nodded.


You all must ensure the quality.”


Thats for sure.” Deputy District Mayor Chu laughed.

“We dont dare to joke around with the building quality.”

“Lets continue.

Lets go to that building since it is completed.”

Dong Xuebing felt they were doing an act, and the conversation was meant for them.

Top-grade materials! Bull**! He had checked the materials last night and did not believe them.

Feng Jie had come here to put on a show.

He was the one who informed the local government about the anonymous report on substandard construction materials.

Deputy District Mayor had sent his men to replace the substandard materials with higher-quality ones before Dong Xuebing, and his team arrived.

All the substandard materials Dong Xuebing saw last night were gone.

F**k! You all are trying to cover up!

Feng Jie….

Did you throw away your principles and morals for a spot on the Party Committee

Are you unaware of what was happening and thought the local government had done a good job!

Dong Xuebing did not have a good impression of Feng Jie, regardless of his thought, because he knew the building would collapse.

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