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At the level of consciousness.

“Why did you ask a human to help you” A charming voice sounded.

It was like a dream, neither real nor fake.

In the mysterious space of consciousness, the three broken parts of the peachwood sword were slowly merging.

When they merged, the three consciousnesses would also merge.

The consciousness of the broken blade was silent for a long time before saying, “Probably, just like how he randomly chose me from the peach tree and carved me into a wooden sword back then”


“I get it.

You randomly chose him, huh”

“It wasnt exactly random.

I never thought that he would be able to help me find the two of you.

It was just that back then, I felt that I wasnt going to make it.

There wasnt much hope left.

One of his pets just happened to need the Scalding Bright Flame.

It didnt matter if I lost it, but this is the only flame that can fight against the strange gods.

I cant let it die out.

After all, this was something that he had painstakingly found back then.”

“I see.

So you also didnt think that he would be able to help you successfully find all three parts”

“Mm… Although I dont understand, I feel that there is probably someone behind him who is secretly pushing the process.”

The consciousness fused, and the conversation went on as if it was talking to itself.

“What do you mean”

“His diary was found by the descendants of the Ming Family.

Moreover, the seal on the diary has already been broken.

The descendants of the Ming Family must have read the diary.

Since they have read it, then it is very strange that they do not care about what happened in the past or us pets.”

“The descendants of the Ming Family With whatever he did, spending decades in the dark fog, the humans should have long forgotten him, no”

“I dont know about that.

In any case, Im not too sure about his experience.

But for him to have connections with the descendants of the Ming Family… Based on my intuition, theres something fishy about the descendants of the Ming Family.”

The broken blades consciousness was somewhat erratic, “With just his strength alone, even if he could find our parts, it wouldnt be so fast.

Its only been a year now.

Moreover, his luck is extremely good.

He even found our former companions, like Xiao Yin and the others.

If he was lucky, he might have been able to find one of our bodies.

But in a short year, not only has he found all three parts, but he even found this place.

There must be something very wrong behind him.”


Its been so many years since anyone has come to this godforsaken place.

He gives me the feeling… That hes been here before I dont believe it he says that no one has told him anything behind our backs.”

“Blackie, Blackie, why arent you saying anything Hey, youre the only one among the three of us who demonized.”


“What should we do after the fusion”

“Lets help him deal with the strange gods outside first… The guy who sealed you is really powerful.

To think he would use such a sinister method to trap you here.”

“After that”

“After that It depends on his plan.

If Im not wrong, he must be thinking of letting us retain our strength.

After we get out, well definitely be surrounded by humans.

With our strength, well be able to escape smoothly.”

“Eh, why do we have to escape Why dont we let Blackie try Although its a little vicious…”

“And let there be rivers of blood while both sides will be injured To replay the tragedy from two hundred years ago Come on, the humans now are very powerful, alright The dark fog has been around for so many years, yet they havent gone extinct.

Do you think humans can possibly be weak If we were to really fight it out, we wouldnt be a match for them at all.

Unless we become a sharp weapon in the hands of others and borrow the powers of strangeness… Do you think its feasible”

“Thats true…”

“Besides, I think Wang Ye has is full of potential.

We wont have a beastmaster anymore, but with him, at least well be able to meet our former companions.

When the time comes, well give the matter further thought and discuss it later.”

“Big sis, weve been sealed for two hundred years, and were even accused of being the demon sword.

Arent you angry”

“Of course I am! Isnt that how Blackie came about The anger is all with it Back then, in a fit of anger, it seized control of my body when I wasnt paying attention.

It killed countless humans, making us truly guilty of the accused crime while it was at it.

Later, when it saw me, it even argued with me and tried to break my sword heart.

What do you think I should do”


“Lets not talk about it anymore.

Wang Ye probably cant hold on much longer, right”


Clear light caused cracks to appear on the light cocoon.

After an unknown amount of time, the sword light retracted and the light cocoon exploded.

A clear sword hum resounded through the ruins.

The space trembled, and tens of thousands of swords chimed in unison.

The pure sword intent seemed to be able to wash away all evil!

“Alright, can you still hold on here… umm…” Xiao Tao flew out of the light cocoon.

It had been a long time since it felt this kind of feeling.

It had a wonderful feeling of being reborn.

It had been thinking that after such a long time, Wang Ye who was outside might not be able to hold on any longer.

However, just as it flew out and was about to make a move to annihilate the enemies, it suddenly saw that in the distance, a giant bird covered in bright flames was stepping on a huge strange-shaped strange god, crushing its body.

The power of strangeness oozing from its body was burned to ashes by the blazing flames.

Below it, countless bodies of the strange gods were piled up.

The huge bird flapped its wings and wrapped the Scalding Bright Flames around the strange cores.

As if it was purifying it, it purified the strange cores into beautiful crystals and threw them out.

On the other side, there was a… A python that was also extremely large.

At this moment, it had its mouth open and was receiving the crystals that were being thrown over.

This scene was very similar to the players who would collect the loot after clearing the dungeon.

Xiao Tao was stunned.

What was going on

Was… was it over


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