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‘Zootopia was a well-made Hollywood animation.

The show was funny and featured adorable characters, and this made the show even more fascinating.

Fascinated by the show, every now and then, Little Yichen would laugh melodiously.

Youyou, in contrast, felt sleepy from boredom.

Unlike him, his older brother was not averse to animation shows.

He just thought that his brother would enjoy the show, so he accompanied him to watch it.

He nearly dozed off several times.

Halfway through the movie, just when the plot was getting heavy, he was startled by an unusual noise.

A girls muffled protest caught his attention.

The noise seemed to be coming from the front row.

He poked his head out in puzzlement, only to witness a shocking scene.

Sitting in the front row was a teenage girl around 19 or so, and beside her was a bald man in black tank top with a chunky gold chain necklace.

A long sinister scar could be found at the back of his head.

The man was vicious-looking, totally unlike a decent person.

With his shifty eyes, he screamed delinquent.

He could tell at a glance that he was not a good person.

It was wrong to judge people by their appearance, but the man was clearly up to no good; he was leaning sideways, his hand rubbing against the girls fair thigh.

The girl whispered in protest, “Dont touch.”

“Shh… Dont make a sound!”

In the huge cinema theater, where the lights were dimmed, through the big screens faint light, he could see the girls frightened look.

“Please dont…” The girl shook her head in rejection while trying to push aside the groping hand in her skirt.

Furious, the man threatened, “Shut up!”

As he spoke, a shiny butterfly knife appeared at his waist.

The knife glinted coldly.

The girl was so frightened she no longer dared to move and could only clench her teeth and weep silently.

Feeling wronged and scared, she repeatedly wanted to stand up and leave the place, but the man held her shoulders tightly.

“Play with me for a while!”

After saying that, the man pulled her into his embrace by the shoulders.

Uneasiness and fear were written all over her face, and helplessness and despair were clear in her wide eyes!

The cinema was full of people.

It was filled to the capacity for this show.

However, the person sitting next to the girl was indifferent to the happening.

As if very engrossed in the movie, he stared straight ahead and feigned ignorance.

Others were also shocked by the scene but dared not speak out and just opted to leave quietly.

In the blink of an eye, her surroundings became relatively empty; only the girl and the boy remained in that row.

The girl felt even more isolated than before.

Tears streamed down her face as she whimpered in fear.

She was so frightened that she started trembling!

“If you dare to make a sound, I cant guarantee what will happen next! Behave!” With that, he slipped a hand under her blouse, reaching for her chest.

Flustered, the girl moaned from time to time as she closed her eyes in humiliation and helplessness.

Is this a case of sexual harassment!

This term suddenly flashed across Youyous mind.

He was extremely ashamed of this behavior.

This man was probably a delinquent, but no one dared to do anything about it.


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