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“I realize that you know a lot!” Little Yichen marveled.

“You seem to know everything.”

“When I make braised chicken wings, I remove the tip of the wings,” his brother added.

Due to his sensitive constitution, he had to be careful of what he ate.

Hence, whenever he cooked, he would pay attention to what was good for his health and what he should avoid.

As for his mommy, there was food she must avoid, too, so he was particular in this aspect.

Just as Youyou finished with a sausage, he caught sight of some service staff staring at them at a distance from his periphery.

He frowned with displeasure.

The older twin followed the direction of his gaze and was baffled to see a few peoples intermittent stares.

“Youyou, er…”


“Those servers are so pitiful.”

“Why do you say that”

His brother sadly replied, “Look at them; they must be starving because they keep staring at us!”

The younger boy was rendered speechless.

“Stupid! Theyre afraid that we dont have the money to foot the bill.”

“Thats petty!” The older boy suddenly pulled out a bulgy wallet from his backpack and placed it on the table.

The younger ones eyes gave a violent twitch.

“What are you doing”

“Im gonna pay the bill now, lest they keep the lookout.”

With that, he called out to one of them.

One service staff quickly approached.

“Hi, children.

Is there anything else you want”

“Im paying.”

“Huh” The staff was startled.

The boy cocked his eyebrow and said, “Get me the check.”

The staff quickly brought the bill to him.

“The total is 350 yuan.”

He nodded and opened his wallet.

Golden flashes seemed to shimmer all around them in an instant.

In his black wallet were rows of credit cards and a stack of banknotes.

At one glance, one could roughly estimate that there was a little over a thousand cash.

It was a mind-numbing sight, indeed!

This kiddo…

What a little Tuhao 1 !

And to think we are worried about their paying power!

Well, their worry was uncalled for, obviously.

The older twin took out 400 yuan and waited for them to return the change.

There was a one-eighty change in attitude by the time the waiter came back with the loose change.

“All of you dont need to worry that were here for a free meal anymore, right” He arched his brow in apparent disdain.

The respectful service staff was deeply embarrassed by his comment and apologized profusely.

Alas, the younger twin had no patience for them and merely waved them away.

As his brother kept his wallet, he asked all of a sudden, “Why do you carry so much cash with you”

“Oh, this isnt much actually.

Its for the sake of convenience!” his twin replied.

The credit cards he carried were in fact supplementary cards.

In reality, since he was not yet of legal age, the merchants would refuse to take his cards, unless the shops were operating within Mus commercial malls.

Therefore, he would always carry cash with him in case of emergency.

By the time the two little lads finished with their dinner, it was only half an hour more to their movie.

They somehow managed to catch it on time after a mad dash to the theater.

While this was not Youyous first visit to the movie theater, it was for Little Yichen.

Thus, it was hardly surprising to find him exceptionally excited.

He only got to watch a movie in his home theater most of the time.

In any case, the cinema had a better ambience to enjoy a show.

Because of that, the boy initially had a hard time sitting still when it began.

His brother had to reach out and gave him a knock on the head.

“Be quiet and watch the movie.

Youll be chased out if you continue fidgeting!”

The boy instantly quieted down.


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