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Little Yichen studied the phone in his hand with interest; the screen displayed a dozen or so unread emails in his younger brothers inbox.

His younger brother quickly snatched his phone back with a start.

“Why did you take my phone”

“Im feeling bored!”

His brother looked at him wryly with his hands propping his chin.

“I have no one to talk to because your focus is on your phone.”

Youyous mouth gave a wild twitch; he really did not know what was there to chat with his brother!

Somehow, he could not find a common topic between them.

Despite that, he did not verbalize his thoughts aloud and only silently kept his phone away.

No matter how important these business matters might be, he could always settle them after dinner.

Thus, in this way, both just looked at each other without talking.

The older boy glanced sideways at the window and saw the busy street outside.

There were many people on the street right now; all seemed busy shopping.

Two children could be seen running and fooling around in the distance.

He stared at them until their playful selves disappeared in the horizon and gave a wistful sigh.

Seemingly recalling something, he suddenly lifted his head and excitedly asked, “Where shall we go after dinner”

“Back to the hospital.”

The reply from his brother was short and sweet.


The older twin visibly deflated, and he dragged his word gloomily; he propped his head lifelessly in his palms.

Compared to him, his younger twin was like a mature and trustworthy compatriot with his succinct explanation.

“We have to return to the hospital after our meal to accompany mommy.”

“But I wanna shop around,” his brother insisted.

“I rarely come out; I dont wish to return early!”

“Where do you wanna go”

“Amusement park!” Little Yichen retorted with sparkling eyes.

He had not enjoyed Fairy Tale Valley to his hearts content in his last visit, and he was dying to have more.

Regrettably, he did not get to try many of the theme parks rides and attractions.

His brother softly reminded him with knitted brows.

“Mu Yichen, you must consider time now.

The amusement park is already closed.”

“Oh…” His brother gave a dismal sigh.

Youyou held his chin and thought hard.

This fellow is really a kid, but then again, this isnt surprising.

After all, he is at the playful age.

He mustve hardly left his house.

Mu Yazhe is often busy at work and is rarely free.

He must be feeling neglected, so once hes out of the house, he isnt eager to return.

With this thought in mind, he suggested, “How about we watch a movie after dinner, instead”

“All right.”

The older twin nodded happily.

“Is there a good movie recently”

“Eh, theres one.”

The boy continued, “‘Its calledZootopia; have you seen it”


“This is a very interesting movie; Ill watch it with you,” the younger one commented.

His brother nodded.


With a smile, Youyou took out his phone and reserved tickets online.

This was a very popular movie, and the tickets sold like hotcakes.

In the end, he could only secure seats at the last row.

The meals were soon served after he secured the tickets.

The grilled fish looked enticing with its aromatic smell and meat skewers.

The older twin was drooling by then and could not stop himself from taking a bite at a chicken wing.

His brother warned him.

“Dont eat the tip of the wing!”

“Why” He stared at him quizzically.

“Thats because the tip of the wing contains toxins.

The wings of a chicken act as lymphatic drainage to drain out the toxins.”

The older boy listened with astounded eyes.

The younger twin caught his surprised look and furrowed his brows reflexively.

“Why Whats the matter”


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