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Yan Bingqing was now absolutely livid.

If there were no one else present, she would let go of the reins on her emotions and teach this b*tch a hard lesson!

Still, with her rationality intact, Mo Yans advice clearly reverberated in her mind.

Mu Yazhe was present.

She needed to endure on account of him.

With that thought in mind, she tried hard to raise a stiff smile and bow her head slightly as she said, “Yun Shishi, I was wrong previously! I apologize!”

“The apology isnt sincere enough,” Yun Shishi lazily replied.

“I didnt hear you.”

She gritted her teeth and took in a deep breath.

The humiliation in her heart was almost at the tipping point.

“Im sorry!”

“Oh, dear.

I didnt hear you again.”

“Im sorry!”

“Your voice is still too soft.

Speak louder!”

The actress clenched her teeth and raised her voice a lot that it nearly caused the entire ward to shake.

“Im sorry!”

The other woman did not seem to have any intention of letting it pass so easily.

Her lips curled sardonically.

“Why is it that its clearly an apology, but from your facial expression, its more like you wish to make mincemeat out of me.”


“Yan Bingqing, no one is forcing you to apologize.

If youre not sincere, the door is behind you,” Yun Shishi slowly announced.

Mu Yazhe burst into laughter at that.

He knew in his heart that she had heard the actresss apology.

Still, she pretended not to have heard it.

She evidently wanted to get back at the actress for her previous grievances.

Yun Shishi herself knew that this starlet was being courteous to her purely on Mu Yazhes account.

She did not have that big of a face to make this pompous woman eat the humble pie and bow to her in compromise.

This was the character she had, though.

A real man must settle his scores.

Regardless of the methods used, how could she be generously forgiving to a person who had harmed her

Besides, Yan Bingqings apology was not sincere.

It was merely a show of politeness on the surface.

Deep down, she was probably clenching her teeth, wanting to torture her!

Seeing his woman trample on the starlet, the man knew right away that she was making use of his influence to cow her opponent.

He did not feel offended, though.

Instead, he loved the look of her bullying others with him as her backer.

At least, it gave him the feeling of being relied on.

The feeling of being relied on – not a bad feeling at all!

He liked this feeling very much.

He could not help but reach out to hug her shoulders.

Alas, there were still outsiders around.

If not, he would not bear it and kissed her cute and supple lips at once.

Yan Bingqing saw the loving indulgence he had for the woman in his embrace from his action.

In her heart, there was jealousy and hatred.

Such a man was exceptional – the crème de la crème.

The entertainment industry was not as simple as what the outsiders had imagined it to be; the stars working in it, all had influence behind them.

Although she had stunning looks, because she was not gifted and her acting skills were lousy, her popularity had always been lukewarm.

It was not until she hooked up with Yang Shoucheng in exchange for plenty of resources that she had her chance to make a comeback and become popular.

Coupled with the PR team behind Mo Yan, she was able to create an extremely remarkable image of herself.

Finally, she managed to become a first-tier celebrity.

Unfortunately, Yang Shoucheng was old and ugly, as well as very perverted.

He could not compare to even a finger of Mu Yazhe.

If she had the chance to hook up with this type of man, she would even wake up laughing from her dreams.


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