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He stared at it raptly sans an expression.

His attention was completely drawn to it that he did not hear the door to the study room opening despite his acute senses.

A stifling, low pressure filled the entire room.

He fixed his eyes on the laptop screen and seriously browsed through the data displayed.

Sternness took hold of his rosy yet taut features, and fierceness shone from his frigid eyes.

Shortly after this, all the figures on the screen turned red.

He slightly pursed his pink lips, as if to indicate that his victory was within reach.

His fingers danced around the keyboard a few more times and characters constantly appeared on the screen.

Clack, clack, clack…

The tapping on the keyboard seemed endless.

Nothing else could be heard other than it.

He held his breath in deep concentration.

His eyes flared up as they hinted of mockery in that instant.

The data soon seemed to explode into unrecognizable codes, and the screen flickered to display the Pentagons main webpages protection system crashing.

Hurricane Groups iconic emblem suddenly appeared on the webpage, and Yun Tianyous taut features receded as an elegant smile formed at once.


You people think too highly of yourselves to even consider matching with me.”

He closed the interface and placed the keyboard aside.

Slowly lifting a cup of Ceylon black tea, he took a sip of it gracefully.

A tab of his video conference with Li Hanlin, which was at the bottom right corner of the screen, incessantly blinked.

Clicking on it, the screen changed to display a frame of Li Hanlin facing the camera with an utterly shocked look.

“Oh, god! Director Yun, how are you so fierce You crashed the firewall of the Pentagons webpage just like that!”

He was astonished to witness for himself the collapse of a heavily protected firewall.

The childs abilities were far greater than he had imagined.

The Pentagons firewall was tight.

Still, within a few minutes, he completely destroyed it.

How was he this vicious

How was he this unbelievable

How was this child so frighteningly powerful

The agent was already shocked speechless by the kids display of his skills.

“Ha.” A condescending smirk crept into his lips, and his eyes glinted with much derision.

“To me, the Pentagons so-called firewall is nothing but an empty shell.”

How dare they check and detain his cargo vessel

When did a puny Pentagon dare hack into his system, mobilize the staff at the port, and detain his cargo

This was undoubtedly a risky move for them.

Whenever a new president took command of the American government, he would attempt some foolish moves.

Thus, these newly ascended government officials dared provoke him.


Just great!

Since they did not follow the rules, he did not mind teaching them a lesson.

This transaction was of utmost importance to him.

While the Northern American market was not under his jurisdiction, he was in charge of this shipping route.

They dared block off his route.

They were clearly asking for death!

Considering that they were this bold to make such a move, they should not blame him for being vicious as well.

His successful attempt at breaking the firewall had probably left the Pentagon in shackles; the latter would likely require some time to bounce back from the damage.

Listening to his arrogant and insolent speech, Li Hanlin greatly admired him from his heart.

He even started to suspect if this child had undergone genovariation.

Constantly comparing oneself to others could truly make one angry.

He could not even fluidly type using the five-stroke input method now.

In contrast, this child could already crash the firewall of the Pentagons website within a short time.

Li Hanlin felt slightly crazed as he lamented the unfairness of life.


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