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He sighed in frustration.

“Thats because great aunt is his deepest pain, so he hardly talks about her.”

After a prolonged silence, she popped a question.

“Brother, do you have a photo of her”

“… What are you going to do with it”

“Im curious! Ive never seen her before.

Hearing you say all that makes me want to check how alike we are in looks!” she replied with certainty.

He then went to get an album with the requested photo.

It was the only photograph of the Jiang sisters, Qimeng and Yishan.

At one glance, Song Enya noticed her similar facial features to Jiang Yishans.

If this photograph were to be shown to others, they would all mistake her as great aunts daughter.

She was entranced by the photo.

Did this mean that, from the very start, her uncle only doted on her because she owned a face akin to her great aunt

As she gazed at the photo, she reflexively touched her cheeks.

Suddenly, a strange and profound smile emerged on her lips.

She and great aunt looked alike; could this also mean that, at the very least, he would not hate her

Would she still have a chance then

Yun Shishi was simply a nobody.

He might pamper her a lot, yet she was ultimately his latest conquest.

While she might delight in his affection now, there was no guarantee that he would not cast her aside eventually.

As for her, Brother Mu would never cast her away!

She loved him.

Even if this was deemed as immoral, even if she did not get a proper title to her name, she was wholly blasé about that!

This face was a bargaining chip she held tightly in her hands!

She must take back Brother Mu from that womans clutches!

Song Enya puckered her lips tightly in resolve.

In the past, she did not know that she was in possession of such an overwhelming advantage!

What if she was just a replacement

What if she was just his spiritual sustenance

Regardless of her title and methods, as long as she could stay beside her beloved, she would swallow any indignation and resort to any means!

Song Yunxi was not the least bit aware of what his sister was planning.

Lifting the corner of her skirt, he fixed his gaze on to the gauze soaked with blood and his heart ached immensely.

“How exactly did you get this injury”

Returning to her senses, she spied her brothers fraught face with concern and promptly feigned indignation.

“Brother, someone bullied me!”

At her complaint, he was instantly enraged.

“Who bullied you”

“Yun Shishi! That woman hit me!”


Instantly springing to his feet in shock, a flare of fury glinted in his handsome eyes.

“Who is Yun Shishi How dared she bully you!”


The sobbing Song Enya repeated to him everything that had happened earlier today.

He was utterly infuriated this time.

His dear sister, whom he was usually reluctant to lay a hand on, was bullied outside and even returned with injuries all over her body.

How could he tolerate this

He clenched his fists tightly in fury and said through gritted teeth, “That woman is called Yun Shishi, right”

“Brother, dont get mad! She seems to be Brother Mus woman.

Although she is rather arrogant, she is still doted on by him.

Surely, she knows no fear! Dont stand up for me.

What if Brother Mu takes offense—”

“Its just a woman! The Mus may have influence and power, but in the capital, they must still give the Song family some face.

I dont believe that hell dare offend us for a lowly woman! Enya, dont get upset anymore; Ill get even with him for you!”

She hugged him in delight.

“Brother, youre the best!”


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