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Somehow, the dull and bland meal tasted unbelievably delicious in her mouth.

The man was a clean freak.

He usually hated skin contact with anyone.

Be it kissing or touching, he was utterly repulsed by any form of contact with another.

In contrast, he was thirsty for such intimacy with this woman.

Mouth-to-mouth feeding was originally the most primitive method of feeding.

Newborn babies did not have motor skills, so mothers would feed them food through such a way.

However, now, most couples found such a method difficult to adapt.

That piece of oyster was lost in his mouth earlier, but this woman very naturally snatched it from him sans the slightest repulsion in her eyes.

This form of intimacy made him feel a warm fuzziness in the depths of his heart.

He seemed to have a penchant for intimacy with this woman.

He had never felt such a desire before.

In that moment, something that was long frozen seemed to have been thawed.

He could not help but desire more of such intimacy.

Thus, when she reached out to snatch the cutlery from him, he shunned her hand.

How could he let her interrupt his pleasure

She glared at him in annoyance and solemnly announced, “I can do it on my own; I dont need you to feed me.”

“Ill feed you.”

“No, Ill do it on my own.”

“Ill feed you.”


“Ill feed you.”

She frowned in exasperation.

How was this man so hateful

He even took away her freedom to eat.

He, for his part, found her pouty look unexpectedly cute.

He loved seeing such expressions on her.

“Not eating”

He asked that when she went stiff in his embrace.

She was feeling piqued and wanted to pay heed to him no more.

She was petulant and sulky at the same time!

The man bowed his head slightly and asked, “Are you full”

She stubbornly pursed her lips with a little show of indifference toward him.

“Since you are full, its your turn to feed me.”

With that said, his warm hand slowly reached out for the silky-smooth skin under her skirt in search of her mysterious zone.

She hurried to stop his exploration in shock and asked with exasperation, “What are you doing”

“Eating you.”

“You… Just what goes in your head all day” She felt vexed at his ludicrous behavior.

“Its of how to eat you up.”

“…” She was left momentarily speechless by that and only answered a while later with a dark face, “I havent had enough yet.”

A d*mn, good-looking brow of his lifted as he sucked on a piece of steak in his mouth and leaned closer to her face.

She was past caring this time around.

She was simply too hungry.

Once a man grew hungry, he would not care for other obligations, so she simply held onto his shoulders and swallowed the food from his mouth.

He, therefore, continued to feed her in such a cumbersome way repeatedly.

Gradually, she got used to him feeding her in this way.

Just like an obedient kitten, she nestled in the mans embrace and accepted the food from his mouth without fear.

One after another, half of the delicacies on the table quickly disappeared in their mouths.

After feeding her the foie gras using his mouth, he seized the opportunity to kiss her again.

This kiss got out of hand, though.


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