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He could easily see through her stubborn defiance.

This woman was obviously angry with him still!

From the look in her eyes, he could tell that she liked this pendant very much.

She was still waging a cold war with him.

He smiled mischievously.

“Since you dont like it, Ill throw it away.”

Before she could respond, he strode to the edge of the observation deck and hurled the pendant in his hand into the lake!

The observation deck was very close to the lake.

The strength of his hand was not to be underestimated as well, so as soon as it was thrown, the pendant disappeared in the blink of an eye!

She sneaked a glimpse and happened to catch this very action.

Her heart dropped, and not bothering to reserve her composure, she walked anxiously over to his side and peered in the direction of where he had thrown the jewelry.

It was nowhere to be seen!

Her heart fumed.

Angrily biting her lower lip, she turned around and pushed him hard.

“Why did you do that”

“Er What did I do”

He looked at her with an innocent face, as if he could not quite wrap his head around what he had just done.


Why did you throw my pendant into the lake Is that a joke” She was pissed.

“You said that you dislike it.”

His tone was hushed and his look was penetrating, silently reminding her of her earlier words.

She disliked the pendant, so he threw it away.

She was stuck for words for once.

“You threw it away just because I said that I dont like it”

“Since you dont like it, it loses its value.” The man raised his haughty chin as he declared this matter-of-factly.

He seemed to be telling her that that stunning jewelrys value was not measured by its cost but by her liking.

She did not like it, so the pendant lost its worth.

The loss of a worthless object would not be a pity.

She knitted her brows in deep forlorn and frustration.

It was true that she had said that she did not like it, but was it really what she felt inside

Actually, she liked that gorgeous pendant from the bottom of her heart; it was just that she did not want to forgive him so readily!

Why is he… so dense when it comes to reading a womans mind

The truth was that she really liked it.

Very much, indeed.

She could tell that he had taken much effort into selecting that jewelry for her.

Every angle of that pendant was delicate, be it the cut or the polished shine.

It must have cost a bomb, too!

He had carefully prepared such an exquisite surprise for her tonight; in any case, for her, what she really wanted was a statement from him about his last nights attitude.

Just a simple word of apology to her would be greatly appreciated.

He was too proud for that, though.

Now, he threw away an expensive pendant just from her insincere utterance.

More importantly, she really liked it.

She stared at him without expression.

In her anger and annoyance, she simply looked away from as she intended to ignore him for good!

She sulkily turned away without a second look at him.

Her heart was undulating tumultuously as she pouted and watched the calm lake surface.

He chuckled softly as he watched her behavior.

He walked toward her back and his long slender legs hugged close to her hemline.

She turned her head and gave him a warning look.

Her zipped lips and stern eyes seemed to caution him to keep his distance from her.

She was apparently still simmering with anger.

He let off another chuckle, knowing well that she was fuming now.

Instead of keeping his distance, he drew closer to her.

Bowing slightly, he rested his chin on her nape.

His breath blew warm on her cheek as he asked, “Why Are you still mad at me”


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