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Appearing emotionless, Mu Yazhe carried Yun Shishi into the villa.

She tried to squirm out of his arms, but he was not having any of it.

His arms held her with such strength and steadiness.

A punch from him could puncture a hole through a blackboard; from this alone, one could tell that he possessed quite the prowess.

She lifted her gaze and was met with his arrogant jawline, which was taut and chilly.

As he walked toward the masters bedroom, along the way, the maids astutely gave way for him in fright.

They were experienced enough to read ones speech and behavior.

When they noted that their young masters expression was not looking good, they gave him a wide berth, for fear of incurring his wrath.

He hoisted her into the bathroom in the masters bedroom and placed her in the bathtub; her body then quickly sank in the warm water.

Measuring a meter deep, three meters wide, and five meters long, the bathtubs capacity was shockingly huge.

She was dropped into the bathtub only moments ago, yet the water level had already reached the top of her head.

As moisture seeped into her body, the lukewarm water flowed into her nostrils and the crevices between her lips and teeth.

Caught by surprise, she choked on a mouthful of water.

The man impassively watched her struggle for air before the bathtub as he sized her up from head to toe.

She was still wearing her clothes on set; it was a student uniform, consisting of a clean white blouse and an aquamarine pleated shirt.

All her clothes, which were now dripping wet, hugged her in all the right places, accentuating her dainty figure.

Since her white blouse was soaked, the lingerie underneath could faintly be seen.

Her impressive inner beauty was then exposed.

Right now, she appeared to be in quite a discomposure.

At a loss on what she should do, she stood there looking infuriated and embarrassed.

Staring at him with raging humiliation, her eyes became shrouded in mist.

His heart ached at the sight.

Somehow, he could not resist the urge to hug her.

His handsome orbs scanned her entire body before they landed on her two collarbones, which seemed to be chiseled pieces of jades.

As his vision caught hold of that milky white expanse and the smooth-as-jade pair of legs, his eyes burned with affection.

However, once his mind rewound to that glaring scene, once he thought of her lips, wrist, and body having been touched by Gu Xingze, and once he considered other men having a share of her…

He could not control his temper.

His piercing gaze was akin to a sharp blade, which appeared to be about to penetrate through her body.

He imparted her with some words.

“Clean yourself! Completely clean up where that man has touched you!”

Upon finishing his sentence, he slammed the door and made his way out.

Watching him slam the door, she heard a loud thud from its immense impact that seemed capable of shaking the very foundation of this entire bathroom.

That cold gaze of his just then had, undoubtedly, hurt her.

Did he dislike her filth

Did he dislike that she had been touched by another

Nothing happened between her and Gu Xingze at all!

He demanded her to clean herself, but what about him!

Could he clean every inch of his body that had been touched by Mu Wanrou

He wanted her to be squeaky clean, right Fine.

She would grant his wish!

Mu Yazhe headed toward the bar and popped a bottle of Lafite.

He took a sip of it, and a rich aroma entered his mouth.

He forced himself not to think about her, but he could not control his emotions.

CLANG! He smashed the glass on to the ground, as if this could help relieve his rage.

Alas, despite this, his fury seemed to still be present.

With a whoosh of his hand, the entire row of red wine on the table was swept to the ground; a total mess was made.

A trembling maid astutely came to him and quickly freed the floor of any shard of glass.

He rested on the sofa for a full hour, yet he did not see her exit the bathroom.

A thought suddenly came to mind and his heart thumped wildly.

Abruptly springing up from the sofa, he dashed toward the bathroom.


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