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Those bosses were in distaste of autistic children.

Taken off themarket, he then vented his rage on to her physically.

He held malicious intentions toward her.

In fact, he laid his hands on her once before, but due to her violent defiance, he eventually dismissed his notions on her.

Later, the Yun family adopted her and donated an astronomical sum as charity fund to the welfare center.

“I swear I didnt do anything to her! As fortaking liberties, I only touched her hand…” He perspired profusely from fright.

The agent was disgusted by his confession.

He looked at Yun Tianyou, only to realize that the boys face had turned chillingly dark.

“You touched her hand”

A shadow was cast over his eyes and a smirk came to his lips.

“That hand of yours is truly filthy.”

He readily agreed.

“Yes, filthy! He he! Im taking your word for it – it is indeed filthy.”

“Since you agree with me, what should be done then” The little boy held a hand to his chin and drummed his fingers on the table.

“Dispose of it by yourself.”

His agent tossed a small blade to the criminal.

“Do it.”

“What… What do you mean”

“Discard the hand that youve touched her with,” Yun Tianyou emotionlessly commanded.

“…” Luo Hanjin was completely dumbfounded.

Was this child joking with him

How could such vicious words leave his mouth easily

Was he truly a six-year-old child

“Are you kidding me”

“The rules of this world are really fascinating sometimes.

You caused those children to have tormenting memories and be plagued by nightmares for the rest of their lives.

You may be in prison right now, faithfully serving your sentence to earn remission, but do you think that this is enough to repent for your sins”

The boy slowly stood up and sauntered over to the criminal.

All this time, he had been communicating his utter disgust for this lowlife via his eyes.

“You… I answered all your questions honestly! What more do you want from me!”

“What do I want I have this desire to dig your heart out to see for myself if it is truly black!” he stated flatly.

“Unfortunately, Im squeamish about filth.”

Stricken with terror at the boys words, the criminal became profusely soaked in cold sweat.

He did not dare cast doubt to the childs statement, for that might antagonize the latter into turning his threat into reality.

“Why Why are you…”

Something seemed to click in his mind as he dipped his head to take a closer look at the girls beautiful features in the picture.

His expression subsequently sank and he mechanically lifted his head in terror to meet Yun Tianyous face.

They looked similar.

The air between their brows was especially similar.

“She… Who is she to you”

“Do it by yourself so as not to dirty my hand,” was merely the boys indifferent reply.

“If I do it myself, it wont be as simple as breaking your hand!”

He jumped up in panic and, noting the boys dark and malicious gaze, he instantly felt tremendous fear course through him in great quakes!

He was not a believer of retribution.

Even though all his plans were exposed and he ended up being locked up in prison, with his sentence getting shortened each time he pulled a trick, he firmly believed that villains coming to a sticky end was simply a joke.

Retribution could come about, though.

Now, it did.

He could tell that this child was no simple character.

He shivered from head to toe as he sunk into absolute despair.

The agent showed him fake concern.

“Do you need my help”

“No, thanks! Ill… Ill do it myself!” he cried out, almost having a mental breakdown.

Luo Hanjins hand trembled as he gripped the handle of the knife and furiously stabbed the back of his hand with its blade!


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