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She lifted her eyes just in time to see his handsome face inch close to hers.

His thin lips forcefully suppressed her protest by covering her mouth!

His behavior, akin to an injured beast, was out of control tonight.

It might be due to this day being his mothers death anniversary that, after paying his respects at the columbarium, he was unusually irked.

Earlier tonight, he took his car for a spin on the mountain to vent his frustration.

Unknowingly, he drove straight to her place after he left the hinterland.

By the time he became rational of his deed, the car was already stalled and parked outside her house.

Only then did he acknowledge that she had unknowingly crept her way into his heart.

He wanted to see her badly, but his pride would not let him admit defeat to a woman!

Thus, for the past few days, he had plunged himself into a heavy workload to distract his thoughts away from her.

Still, he thought of her each time he shut his eyes.

Whatever he was doing, her face would appear in his mind.

He had waited for her to seek him.

Instead, she had disappeared from his world without a trace!

Thus, when he found himself at her doorstep, he knew he had lost to her.

He was unable to withstand not seeing her.

His orbs deepened at this realization.

Without waiting for her reaction, his domineering kiss conquered her entire oral cavity!

Her heart jerked in shock at the ferocity of his kiss; it was as if he wanted to swallow her alive!

His cool lip flaps stuck heavily on hers, crushing her in the process.

He took this chance to forcefully open her mouth and suckle the sweetness between her teeth.


She struggled and resisted in vain.

His powerful grip was not something she could wrestle against.


The kiss ventured further in, almost to the extent of suffocation.

Just as she was close to passing out, the man pinched her chin to admire her ruddy lips, which were freshly assaulted by him.

His eyes expressed surprise when he brushed her hair aside with his slender fingers.

“Where are the earrings”

She breathlessly scrutinized his unhappy face and replied coolly, “I removed them!”

“Why did you remove them” he asked, somewhat infuriated.

“I dont like them anymore; thats why.” Finding his question ludicrous, she turned to walk away.

He reached out and tugged on her arm.

She fell backward and banged against the car door unsteadily.

He quickly pinned her with his broad frame against the car.

She helplessly looked up, only to see him shooting daggers at her.

“What do you want exactly”

“Are you still mad at me” he asked out of the blue.

Momentarily stunned, she looked away and answered, “I dont know what you are talking about.”

“Song Enya,” he explained, “is my niece.

Theres nothing between us.

If you have misgivings about our relationship, then let me tell you that its redundant!”

He had apparently put down his pride and dignity to explain everything to her.

If this was why she was upset with him, then he would clarify to her about his niece!


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