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“Youyou actually despises that mommy is a dummy.

Mommy is sad.


He repeatedly begged for forgiveness.

“Oh, dear.

Gentler, gentler!”

She, however, did not let him off easily and even daunted him.

“Quickly praise mommy; say that Im smart!”

“Mommy is so smart!”

“Anything else”

“Mommy is a pretty goddess!”

“Keep going; keep going!”

“Mommy is the sweetest in the entire world!” He praised her wittily.

Only after those words had left his mouth did she decide to let him off.

She could not control her fingers from poking at his head.

“Consider yourself smart!”

“Oh, dear, mommy.

Hurry and eat; Youyou will go put away the laundry!” He rushed her at the same time he jumped out of her arms and stumped toward the balcony.

She lifted her chopsticks in satisfaction, deep emotions stirring within her.

Having a filial son around, everything would be all right!

Come to think of it; she was a little ashamed of herself.

Thus, after she was done having her dinner, she brought the utensils into the kitchen and washed them herself.

Youyou put the clothes in the wardrobe and tactfully entered the kitchen with a bench.

Placing himself beside her, he said, “Mommy, lets wash the dishes together!”


“Lets distribute the work: you wash the dishes and I wipe them dry.”


The mother-son pair chatted in a carefree manner while they washed the dishes.

Once they were done washing the dishes, the two sat on the sofa to watch some shows on TV.

This was when he thought of her movie.

Out of curiosity, he popped a question.

“Mommy, when is the movie you are starring going to begin filming”

“Its the day after tomorrow, I think!” she recalled.

“Well be holding a kickoff ceremony at Jinghua University.”

“Can Youyou tag along”


You have school,” she rejected unhesitatingly.

“Oh… Bad mommy!”

“You have school tomorrow; go to sleep.” She turned off the TV and carried him into the bedroom.

She then placed him in bed, the latter still looking annoyed.

He pouted his lips and was clearly unhappy.

“Darling, mommy has to work.

Since I cant take care of you, mommy will worry.” She coaxed him helplessly.

“Fine! Your darling will behave and go to school.” Although he was very dissatisfied with this outcome, there was nothing he could do.

Taking his time, he snuggled into the blanket and appeared to be in low spirits.

He wanted to be with her, or he would feel uneasy.

He thought, perhaps, he should confess everything to her.

That way, she could stay at home and not work anymore.

He would rather take care of her, lest she be treated with disdain or be edged out at work.

She could keep her from suffering alone.

He was worried.

How could he set his mind at ease when she worked in a place full of schemers and liars like the entertainment industry

On second thought, he was entirely clueless on how to divulge certain truths to her, so he eventually shoved down his throat his urge to confess everything to her.

Noticing his despondence, she gently kissed his pouty lips and comforted, “Dont worry too much.

Good night, darling!”

His complexion then seemed to lighten a bit.

“Good night, mommy! Sweet dreams.”

She turned off the lights and shut the door.

She then returned to her room and lay in her bed, yet for some reason, sleep completely eluded her.

Her phone suddenly rang.

Holding it up, she saw the lit screen flashMu Yazhe.

Caught in a daze, she recalled when they had bumped into each other at the hospital.

There was a lump in her throat even now.

She tapped the screen to reject his call in her frustration.

Within a few seconds, her phone rang again.

She hung up right away.


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