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Yichen piggybacked him and ran swiftly.

Among the children his age or even teenagers, his physical strength and endurance were simply outstanding.

In a mad sprint, his nimble and agile feet quickly brought them out of the haunted house.

The crowd was also in chaos outside the horror attraction.

Amid the confusion, he caught a glimpse of the man pursuing them flitting in and out of the crowd.

With a start, he quickly took off in the opposite direction.

The man scanned through the crowd and eventually spotted the twins.

He hastened to follow them!

Yun Tianyou regained his composure soon enough and struggled to get off his brothers back.

Little Yichen, holding his brothers hand, saw the turning Ferris wheel not far from them and had an idea.

“Lets go.”

Before the Ferris wheel, there were two long queues.

Little Yichen, with his two VIP tickets, smoothly made it through the VIP lane with Youyou.

Together, they boarded the amusement ride.

The Ferris wheel slowly rose up with the two inside a cabin.

The older twin cautiously peeked at the crowd below through the window pane.

With his excellent eyesight, he easily spotted the man looking for them on the Ferris wheel with his head raised.

He was taken aback. This man isnt simple!

He was able to keep up with them under such a tumultuous environment.

Is his tracking skill that good

Compared to the look of panic on his brothers face, Youyou was sitting calmly on his seat.

He had already made a call to Li Hanlin and ordered a security team to secure the area around the Ferris wheel within the next five minutes.

Once he put down the phone, he sat in a corner with a deadpan look on his face.

Yichen turned around and saw his brother looking wan on the face with his pale lips.

He reckoned that the intense and nerve-racking chase earlier had exhausted his brother, though it might also be because he had not encountered such a dangerous situation before.

Hence, thinking that everything might have been too much for his brother to bear, he walked over and gently held the latters shoulder.

“Dont be afraid; Im here to protect you!”

While he was doing this, he also felt apprehensive that his brother would not accept him!

“You Protect me” Youyou lifted his eyes to look at him and deftly avoided his touch.

He seemed unmoved by his brothers desire to get close to him and kept his distance, instead.

It felt so foreign.

Little Yichens hand, which was suspended in mid-air, slowly clenched into a fist before he withdrew it sheepishly.

He could still feel the warmth of his brother lingering on his back and fingertips.

It was so real and warm.

At the thought, he held his wrist. This brother is difficult to get close to than I first imagined!

“How are you going to protect me”

Youyou could not help questioning the ability of this child standing before him.

He was in doubt if a boy this young and weak could protect him!

“Im stronger and taller than you.

I can definitely protect you!” Yichen stubbornly declared.

Youyou looked at him with cold and detached eyes.

There was a trace of alienation on his face, which clearly indicated his rejection of this sibling.

The him who was currently sitting had to lift his head to look at his brother who was standing tall before him!

Little Yichen was anxious to prove to his younger brother that he had the ability to protect him, but it sounded wrong when the words reached Youyous ears.

Is this child laughing at him

“Hmph! Are you boasting that you are taller than me now!”


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