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Chapter 38: Yun Na’s star dream


The person that will direct this film is no other than the Gold Winner Award for Best Director Lin Fengtian, and the leading actor is determined to be the Superstar Gu Xingze.

This Superstar alone has a huge fan base that can support half of the box office.

If a newly actress can be selected as the heroine, surely she will be a big hit!

Lin Fengtian had won the best director award at the International Film Festival, so basically he holds the actress bright future.

How many female artists have to sharpen their minds, just to play with him.


At night, Yun Na also brought this matter.

At the dining table, she suddenly put down her chopsticks and seriously look at Yun Yecheng: “Dad, I want to discuss something with you, I hope you can agree with me!”

Yun Yecheng coldly glance at Yun Na, said: “What is it”

“I want to go to an audition in Universal Entertainment!”

Yun Yecheng did not understand and got confused.

“What audition”

“Dad, you don’t know Universal Entertainment has invested a movie based on a popular novel, they’re starring Superstar Gu Xingze, and now the director started an audition for the heroine.”

Yun Na paused for a moment, she suddenly proudly raised her jaw, her eyes were shining with lights of self-confidence.

“Dad, don’t you think that I am very suitable to be the heroine I’m also confident that the audition will be a success! This is a golden opportunity! If I passed the audition, I can be a star! By the time I made a name, I can make you and mom travel abroad, live in a good house and have a nice car!

Yun Na said and secretly look at Yun Shishi with disdain.

Yun Shishi only keeps her head down and eat her dinner, She doesn’t know what to think.

When Yun Yecheng heard her, he cannot help but frown.”Thinking all these, why not go look for a stable job”

“Dad! I have a face like a star, why would I look for an ordinary work ah” Yun Na was dumbfounded and said her disapproval.

Yun Yecheng sighed and shook his head, “Dad made you eat with a cultured job! Why don’t you take advantage of  your young age to go finished your university and then find a stable job don’t do these crooked ways!”

“Dad! Why are you so stubborn ah, what crooked ways The superstars are making a lot of money, ah! Just shot a movie and there are hundreds of thousands as payment” Yun Na rebukes his old-fashioned mindset.

Yun Yecheng keeps eating his food and did not speak anymore.

“Dad, don’t you think we’re living in a very poor place now Broken rooms, refrigerator, and TV! Don’t you want to live in a bigger house”

Seeing Yun Yecheng in silence, she continued her fantasy: “If I became a star, shoot a movie and made a lot of money! I will buy a big and stylish villa, you and mother just need to stay at home!”

While listening to her words Yun Li Qin smiled, her heart was filled with sweet honey: “Hey! My daughter is really good ah! Mother was so glad about it!”

Then, she turns her head on Yun Yecheng: “Yecheng, can’t you see your daughter being sensible Well, unlike some other people, not sensible at all.”

This was meant to remind Yun Shishi, then Yun Yecheng frown.

“Being a star … … Hey! Don’t you dare make trouble for me, I heard entertainment industry are very chaotic!”

Yun Na urge:”Dad! Other people said the world is in chaos! Bad guys are everywhere.

In fact, as long as you have a firm point, who’s afraid to go on crooked ways”


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