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4383 The Other Side 352

The young man clenched his fists tightly, and his vicious eyes slowly narrowed.

Relying on his memory, Youyou got to the room where Gong Fan had fallen.

He walked to the door and saw that Gong Fan was indeed on the ground.

He was shocked.

He first shut and locked the door before rushing over to pick Gong Fan up in his arms.

“Gong Fan, Gong Fan! Are you alright!”

He suddenly noticed a sticky mark on his palm.

His heart pounding, the boy looked at his palm.

It was stained scarlet.

Gong Fan was bleeding…

Heartbroken, the boy gently patted Gong Fans cheek.

“Gong Fan, are you alright Gong Fan…”

Gong Fans eyelids fluttered, and he finally opened them gently.

When he saw Youyous face through his blurry vision, he thought for a moment that it was the young man.

He became nervous and subconsciously wanted to defend himself.

“Its me!” Youyou identified himself to him.

Gong Fan was relieved.

“Its good that youre fine.”

“Dont worry.

Why would anything happen to me What about you Do you feel better” The boy was extremely worried, especially when he saw the blood that had stained his palm.

His heart was racing.

Nothing must happen to him!

“Whats going on Who is that person”

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Gong Fan licked his dry lips and said weakly, “I dont know… When I returned to my room… he suddenly appeared…”

Youyou frowned.

“Maybe… after I left, he snuck into this estate.

He… I suspect hes the personality who stabbed Mommy.

You have to be careful…”

Youyou nodded and held him tight.

“Gong Fan, nothing must happen to you! I wont allow anything to happen to you.”

Gong Fan chuckled.

“Idiot, I… Im just a little dizzy from the collision.

I wont die.”

“Really!” Youyou was skeptical.

Gong Fan looked at his worried expression and smiled despite the pain.

He looked calm.

“Its just a minor injury.

Dont worry too much.

Perhaps Ill be much better after lying down for a while.

Do you think the wound on my forehead is still bleeding”


“Then its alright, dont you worry.”

“Uh huh…”

“Id be lying if I said I wasnt worried.” The boy was holding Gong Fan and pondering where this young man could have come from when he heard Shanshans hysterical scream through the window.


Then there was the sound of heavy impact.

The boy was shocked when he heard this.

Gong Fan grabbed his collar nervously and asked, “Wheres Shanshan Wheres Shanshan…”

“Oh no…” Gong Fan immediately became vigilant.

“Dont tell me you left Shanshan downstairs alone”

“Ill go look for her right away! What about you, what will you do”

Gong Fan struggled to stand up.

When the boy saw this, he helped him onto the bed and instructed, “Take a break first.

Ill go downstairs and take a look at the situation.”


Its too dangerous!”

“Itll be fine!” Youyou said, “Alice said that even if anything happens to me in this world, Im the primary personality, I can never be destroyed!”

“… Okay.”

“Dont worry.

After youve gotten some rest, come downstairs and meet me.”

Gong Fan nodded.

“I understand.

Be careful!”

Youyou stood up, opened the door, and went out.

He looked around, and when he saw no one, he boldly rushed downstairs.

Downstairs, he realized that the door to the room where Shanshan had been was wide open.

His head buzzed as a thought struck him…


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