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After a long silence, Alice sighed and said earnestly, “I had even thought of the possibility of creating a second personality myself.

At least I can explore Youyous world and find a more effective treatment for him.”

Gong Jie was aghast to hear this.

“Are you crazy!”

Hed never heard of doctors deliberately creating a second personality for themselves, just so they could treat their schizophrenic patients.

“Is that so strange Arent scientists all ridiculous lunatics”

The man studied her with a very odd expression.

Hed always known Alice to be crazy.

She was a mad woman.

The average person, perhaps, would assert that she was a cruel woman.

Whenever she felt sleepy during an autopsy, she would casually finish off a bottle of red wine.

In the middle of the night, one could find her examining a dead body in the morgue.

She was so obsessed with medicine that ordinary people could not understand her.

She was willing to sacrifice herself to cure Youyou What sort of joke was this

Gong Jie said, “You really are crazy.”

Alice, however, said disapprovingly, “Many professors who had created epic achievements resulting in medical miracles only did so through countless experiments.

Some experiments can be replaced by lab rats.

Some can be replaced by bodies voluntarily donated by the deceased.

However, in some cases, the vast majority of scientists will sacrifice themselves and use themselves as experimental subjects.

Many human subject experiments were conducted during the war.

They were cruel, but they also contributed a lot of information to human medicine.

Thats because some illnesses cant be overcome without going through multiple experiments.”

“So” Gong Jie narrowed his eyes.

“How do you create a split personality Its not as though just anyone can end up having a split personality or multiple personalities, you know.”

“Although people with dual personality or multiple personality disorder arent ordinary people, but then, they were actually ordinary people before they created those personalities, werent they”

Gong Jie did not want to hear her twisted reasoning.

“Shut up.

Anyway, the answer isno.

From now on, dont ever mention this again.”

Alice gazed deeply into his eyes and gave an exasperated sigh.

“Then I really dont know what to do.”

The man said nothing more.

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“Whats on your mind, Uncle” At the dining table, Little Yichen noticed that Gong Jie had been staring into space.

The boy snapped his fingers.

Gong Jie finally reacted.

His eyes came back into focus, the pupils as dark as ink, and he composed himself.


Just zoning out.”

On the way back to school from picking up Gong Fan and Little Yichen, he suddenly recalled what Alice had told him at headquarters.

His thoughts were weighing on him.

As Alice had said, split personality disorder was a terrible thing.

Youyou loved desserts so much, whereas Gong Fan politely declined all desserts.

Amazing, although the man felt sorry for him.

Close, yet it felt alien.

Now, except for Youyou and Gong Fan, everyone was in a strange space.

They want Youyous dual personality disorder cured and at the same time, they hope that the second personality, Gong Fan, can be retained.

Everyone wanted Youyou to be well, yet no one wanted Gong Fan to leave.

What a tricky situation.

Gong Jie cupped his chin in his hand and took a gentle sip of dry red wine.

Beside him, Yun Shishi studied him silently, but she understood what was troubling him.

It probably had something to do with Youyou!

Apparently, Alice had approached him.


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