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Gong Jie became contemplative upon hearing this..

Alice changed the subject.

“Its not as if Ive had much opportunity to come into contact with patients like Billy.

After all, there are so few patients with that many personalities, but recently, I had the opportunity to take over a patient.”

“What kind of patient”

“An 18-year-old girl by the name of Lucy.”


“An English girl who grew up in New York.

I had been treating her for two months, then I discovered that her split personality had something to do with her childhood.”

Gong Jie listened solemnly to Alices analysis without interrupting.

“Three years ago, she was sentenced to 80 years for killing three students.

After the diagnosis, the lawyer overturned the charge on grounds of schizophrenia.

However, as you know, the legal process is particularly strict.

The lawyer is still defending her innocence.” Alice spoke of Lucy with some interest.

“Actually, putting aside her unfortunate experience, I think… shes the strangest patient Ive ever taken on.

For me, taking on such a patient fuels my desire to explore deeper.”

“What kind of patient is she”

Alice scribbled a draft and rattled it off.

“When Lucy was young, her mother went through two marriages before she met a man three years older than she was.

She married him, taking Lucy with her.

From then on, for ten years, until Lucy was fifteen, the man abused, ravaged, and violated her.”


“The crime she committed was that she murdered three seniors from the same school.

After killing them successively, she dumped their bodies into the sea.

When the case was going nowhere, she suddenly turned herself in and said that she had murdered the three boys.

However, at the same time that she turned herself in, she also accused the three boys of having gang-raped her twin sister.

When the police investigated the case to gather evidence, they found that her accusations were groundless.

They could find no evidence that the three boys had ever committed any wrongdoing against her sister.

Lucy had two cousin sisters on the maternal side and one cousin sister on the paternal side of the family.

All of them said that such a thing had never happened.

Nevertheless Lucy insisted that the three boys had violated her twin sister.

The fact was that Lucy didnt have a twin sister.

Even so, Lucy stuck to her story.

Later, during the trial phase, her defense lawyer proposed a psychiatric evaluation.

Following the procedure, the evaluation revealed her multiple personality disorder.”

“One of the personalities was her primary personality, Lucy.

The other personality was her twin sister, Luna.

The third personality was adetective who was her childhood sweetheart.

He was the one who finally exposed her and persuaded her to turn herself in.

There were three other personalities, three seniors from school.

She confessed that she came home from school one day and found her sister lying on the floor of the bathroom, covered in blood.

The floor was also covered in blood.

She took her sister to the hospital and learned that her sister had gotten pregnant unexpectedly.

In order to hide it, she secretly bought abortion pills and had an abortion at home.

However, she accidentally bled out and died from the miscarriage.

She became resentful and killed the three boys in succession.

Finally, her childhood sweetheart, thedetective, saw through it and persuaded her to turn herself in.”


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