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Chapter 3622: A New Addition (238)

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“Hes only a child, you.

“A child” Gu Jinglian sneered.

“Hes no ordinary child!” He turned around and fixed his icy gaze on Youyous face.

“Hes a member of the Gong family, Gong Fan of Hurricane Group.

Hes no ordinary child!”

“Gong Fan” Chu He was surprised when she heard this name.

“Gong Fan…”

It was that child who had threatened to use her and Baby Chu as hostages, to force Gu Jinglian into signing the contract for Wirth!

So young He seemed so soft and cuddly.

How vicious could this child be

Youyou, however, was very calm.

He narrowed his eyes and said steadily, “Gu Jinglian, I dare you to lay a finger on me.”

Before he could finish his sentence, Gu Jinglian flicked his finger.

With a crisp snap, the finger hit the boys forehead forcefully.

Youyou experienced an exploding pain in his head as if he was suffering from a concussion, and he instantly felt dizzy.

His forehead was close to being shattered by the mans


Gu Jinglian said casually, “In the capital city, this is my territory.

Youre daring me to lay a finger on you.

What do you think”

Youyou, however, was not afraid at all.

He raised his leg and took aim at the mans weakest spot.

This move was considered ruthless, but Gu Jinglian had anticipated it and dodged in time! This child was vicious.

Was he thinking of putting an end to his lineage

Gu Jinglian would not let him off so easily either.

The man raised his leg and kicked his butt.

Youyou had nowhere to hide and suffered the solid kick.

He frowned in pain but did not show any signs of pain.

“Gu Jinglian! You…” Before he could finish his sentence, Gu Jinglian pinched his face and gave it a forceful pull.

“Ha, according to rumors, the vicious and merciless inheritor of the Hurricane Group, Gong Fan, is nothing without those mercenary troops and bodyguards.”

This little fellow was weak and arrogant.

Who was he trying to impress Showing off in his territory indeed.

Was he courting death!

In the hotel next to the plaza, in a room, a middle-aged man with gray hair lifted the window and sat on the windowsill.

He held a bottle of wine in his hand and was on the verge of passing out from being drunk.

If not for the fact that there were railings outside the windows, he might have lost his

balance and fallen off the building!

He held the bottle neck and took a big gulp.

When he opened his eyes again, there was a murderous look in them!

On the plaza, the dense crowd was noisy.

The multitudes danced to the music and was in high spirits.

However, the more lively the crowd was, the more indignant the man felt!

Just last month, he was fired from his job.

For most of his working life, he had been conscientious and dedicated to the company.

In exchange, he was fired from his job.

Without a job, his wife and child left him.

A few days ago, he saw his wife and another stranger walking on the streets.

They were

whispering sweet nothings to each other.

Only then did he suspect that his wife had betrayed him!

For so many years, he went through all sorts of hardships.

In order to support his family, he ran around every day.

In order to support his family, he almost exhausted all his energy.

What did he get in return! mn return, he was dismissed by the company and betrayed by his wife!

Even his son had refused to meet him.

He had wanted to visit him several times, but his son had avoided him – his own father, and had even said that he would never acknowledge him as his father!

What did he do wrong

What did he do wrong!


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