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Chapter 293: Warm home


After pushing the door, a warm apartment house was revealed.

Mu Yazhe walked in after Yun Shishi.

But, as he stepped, he felt space inside was extremely narrow.

His face immediately revealed a dissatisfied look.

This apartment is too small.

However, for Yun Shishi and Youyou, it can be said that this apartment was quite spacious.

Compared to the second-hand apartment house of the Yun Family, this apartment has two bedrooms, one study room, and a ten square meters living room.

So for them, they are living very comfortably.

It was only Mu Yazhe, whose a tall man, felt that this apartment was extraordinarily cramped.

Standing in such a small place, Mu Yazhe felt very restrained.

Yun Shishi entered Youyou’s room and hurriedly prepared his change of clothes.

The rough texture of the hospital clothes can irritate the child’s tender skin.

So, sleeping with it was not practical.

Although Youyou didn’t complain, Yun Shishi noticed in a glance, that his wrist has rashes.

Her heart immediately felt distressed because of this.

Although the clothes she bought for Youyou were not expensive, they were specially selected according to their fine texture.

Youyou’s constitutional health was weak, so she was very careful with every detail about him.

While waiting, Mu Yazhe curiously “visited” every corner of the small apartment.

He started on the left side, where a small bathroom that looks like a fish tank was placed.

Mu Yazhe walked in with a frown and almost hit the wall above the door.

The space inside was too small.

Beside the toilet, there was an old washing machine and a grooming station.

As he walked inside, his knee hit the washing machine.

Mu Yazhe tightly frowns his eyebrows.

He was extremely displeased, so he loses interest.

The reason why Mu Yazhe compared this bathroom to a fish tank, was because there was a wall type aquarium in the guest hall of the Mu Family’s villa.

So, it can be said that their aquarium was indeed much larger than this bathroom.

People live much worse than a fish

Mu Yazhe went to the kitchen next.

However, the first thing he noticed was the two bear aprons that were hanging on the wall.

One small and one big.

This scene looks very warm in his eyes.

On the door, there was a pinned “to do list” paper.

Out of the seven days in a week,  Youyou took care of their meals for five days.

While Yun Shishi was responsible for the meal every Saturday and Sunday.

Mu Yazhe couldn’t help but feel interested in this.

It turned out that his little son knows how to cook.

A six-year-old kid can cook I wonder what kind of dish he can make.

On the right side, there were two bedrooms and a study room.

As he walked into the study room, Mu Yazhe was very surprised.

Inside, there was a fax machine, a printer, a mahogany desk, and a high-end computer.

The mahogany desk has a safe locked.

On top of it, there was a pencil case and a stack of drawings.

Everything was well-organized.

What he didn’t know was that everything in the study room was arranged by Youyou.

So, it looks like his small office.

In peacetime, Youyou takes care of himself.

Yun Shishi never interferes with his activities.

Mu Yazhe looked at the drawings on the table.

As he curiously looks at them, Mu Yazhe couldn’t help but choke.

These stack of drawings are toy designs

Each design was meticulously drawn and look very unique.

So obviously, it was made by an excellent and professional designer.

Mu Yazhe felt somewhat uncertain: Why is there such professional drawing designs on that Little guy’s table 


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