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Chapter 282 Nothing Matters

For the next moment, many idle nurses came into the ward to look.

When they say Mu Yazhe, everyone’s eyes were shocked.

“Oh my God! He’s so handsome.

He’s so tall!”

“He should be one meter taller than me! His shoulder is higher than my mine!”

“Oh my God, I don’t know.

Does he have a girlfriend Who is that child Is it his son They look the same!”

As a result, the nurses looked back and forth between Mu Yazhe and Yun Tianyou.

The nurses felt skeptical, shock, disappointed and sad.

“He’s married”

“My God, the child look likes a six-year-old kid.

So, he should be.” 

A group of people keeps whispering to each other.

Although their voice is not loud, it was still disturbing to the little guy who was sleeping on the bed.

Youyou’s eyebrows slightly frown and pout his lips.

It seems he was really disturbed because he kicked the quilt in irritation.

Mu Yazhe was disturbed when he saw the little guy’s movement.

In an instant, his handsome face was covered in coldness.

Yun Shishi also saw the little guy’s reaction and felt a little distressed.

So, she went over to the nurses and said, “Excuse me.

Could you please stop whispering inside the room, to avoid waking up the child”

The intern nurse saw Yun Shishi in front of her.

In her discontent, she pushed Yun Shishi to the side and said: “It will be morning soon, we need to take the patient’s blood pressure before the next duty nurse come.

And aren’t you going to change room Waking him up is only normal, right”

“Yeah, that’s right.

Some parents nowadays are spoiling their child so much.”

Yun Shishi got angry: “Is this supposed to be a nurse’s attitude” 

“What do you mean” The intern nurse who was about to come forward unknowingly retaliated.

On the other side, someone immediately pulled the intern nurse’s sleeve, but said to Yun Shishi: “Hey, no need to say so much.

We just spoke a bit louder.”

“Hey, you Are you this child’s mother” The intern nurse suddenly shouted: “What does this gentleman’s relationship with you”

“I just heard her say that he is her university professor.

I also heard that news before.”

Someone said her speculation in a low voice: “No way, is this child the result of their secret affairs… …”

“Haven’t you said enough” Yun Shishi added in anger: “Our relationship has nothing to do with you, right”

As soon as her voice fell, she saw the intern nurse with wide eyes opened in horror and looking behind her.

Yun Shishi looked back and saw Mu Yazhe standing behind her.

He was impatiently and coldly looking at the crowd.

“Get out.”

There was a sharp sensation in his tone.

In just a few words, the crowd complete vanish.

A very neat and simple words.

Yet, the ward was cleared off.

Yun Shishi sighed and was a bit speechless.

The procedures for transferring to the other ward was promptly handled.

Not long after, the hospital director led two nurses to transfer the little patient and push the bed.

Yun Yecheng followed behind the hospital director, but before he left, he said to Mu Yazhe: “The sun is already shining, Prof.

Mu, thank you very much for visiting Youyou.

You didn’t rest for the whole night.

Please allow Shishi to send you off downstairs.”

Mu Yazhe looked at Yun Yecheng with cold eyes.

Yun Yecheng was shocked by this, after saying a few more words, he left in a hurry.

Yun Shishi told him that the man was her professor.

So, he said a few flattering words on the surface.

But, he is not a three-year-old child ah!


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