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Chapter 3488: A New Addition (104)

“Daddy! Youre home!” Baby Chu skipped into the room and clung on to Gu Jinglians thigh.

When Butler Fu heard Baby Chus voice, he was almost moved to tears!

An angel from above! Bringing him salvation from the abyss of suffering! Baby Chus appearance more or less diverted Gu Jinglians attention.

Butler Fu carefully freed Gu Jinglians fingers away from his collar.

Then, he took half a step back.

As he picked up the rag from the ground, Baby Chu exclaimed excitedly, “Daddy, Butler Fu showed me Daddys and Mommys marriage certificate! The photo was really well taken! But mostly its because Daddy is handsome and Mommy is pretty.

Wow! Thats a perfect match!”

What the hell!

Butler Fu was thunderstruck.

Behind him, Gu Jinglians expression darkened and his sinister voice sounded like it came from hell.



It was a mystery how such an old fellow could have such nimble legs, but in a flash, he was gone!

Gu Jinglian clenched his fists in anger, however Baby Chu toddled up to him with open arms for a hug.

“Hug, hug!” He whined, begging for hugs and pampering.

Gu Jinglians expression softened.

He bent down slightly and picked him up.

Baby Chu held his face and kissed him on both cheeks.

“Daddy is so well-behaved! Daddy is so awesome!

The man was stumped.


This was the first time he had been praised by someone to be “well behaved”.

And it was coming from a six-year-old.

Carrying the boy, Gu Jinglian sat down on the sofa, looking extremely sullen.

The thought that Butler Fu had completely ignored his instruction made him extremely angry.

He told the man to keep it away and not allow anyone to see it.

Yet, he had passed it around the moment he came home!

When Baby Chu noticed his gloomy expression, he patted the mans face a few times and asked, “Whats wrong with Daddy He looks very unhappy! Todays a joyous occasion, dont put on a bitter face!”

“A joyous occasion” Gu Jinglian grabbed the lads hand and warned him sternly, “Dont hit Daddys face.”


“Its disrespectful.”

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Baby Chu nodded as if he understood, then he puffed up his chest and said righteously, “Then Daddy is not allowed to hit me on my head in the future!”


Baby Chu replied seriously, “Because thats also very disrespectful.”


Gu Jinglian slapped the boy on his head.

Baby Chu immediately cradled his head and said angrily, “What are you doing”

“Youre asking for it”

“When did I ask for a beating What did I say wrong”

Gu Jinglian reminded him, “You may educate me if you are my father.”

Baby Chu, on the other hand, put on a straight face like a little adult and grumbled sullenly, “I do want to be your father, but unfortunately, I dont have the chance! However, if I really have a disobedient son like you, Ill definitely be so angry that my lifespan will shorten!”

The man was stumped.

He closed his eyes and clenched his fists, resisting the urge to wallop the kid.

Baby Chu continued, “You dont know how to cherish such a cute son like me.

You have to know that being my father is a blessing that youve accumulated over several lifetimes.”

Gu Jinglian was at a loss for words.

He suddenly pinched Baby Chus chubby cheeks and said icily, “Any more nonsense from you, Ill beat you up.”

Baby Chu cried out in pain and reached out to grab Gu Jinglians face..


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